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  1. Feels good, the Vepersnerf was well needed and I am seeing a lot more guns starting to pop up. Performance seems about the same with me but I never had much issues tbh. Vehicles seem to try and pop out when they get stuck on geometry which is nice but I wish it would do it a bit faster! I am getting sick of TDM though... I freakin hate how you guys made this mode... why didn't you make it so the two sides start and stay on 2 sides of a map with 2 alt spawns if one side gets camped? Right now it feels just as bad as COD with enemies popping up EVERYWHERE. Just do it like Battlefield used to, tickets gameplay on normal maps. Or if you want concentrated fun, do as I said and make it so the two teams fight on a longer and narrower field but have two alt spawns. This would let a natural front line happen and it would encourage teamwork and teamplay. Oh... could you guys remove this silly newspapers flying around or whatever that keeps happening? These things look ridiculous and just serve to distract and annoy.
  2. This isn't too bad of a nerf for me personally. The only time I ever used the smoke was when I got into trouble with other vehicles and when doing this I was usually running my butt off back to base anyways.
  3. I would really like the ability to do quickjoin while excluding Team Death Match from my search. Now, why? Because Team Death Match is terrible, I can pull massive KDR's and there is fun and PURPOSE to playing the conquest mode, spawns aren't perfect but they are FAR better and it doesn't feel like just a COD clone. Team Death Match COULD have been fantastic if Farm51 made the two sides have their own bases and fight in a front line on a map, instead we get these random as heck spawns that throw enemies behind you, you in front of a group of them... it turns into a cluster heck with no direction or flow. I am glad you guys are bringing more gamemodes but Team Death Match is just horrible as is, I would like to actually play a game that isn't just... COD. The whole reason I got this game was that it wasn't just another COD, which even Battlefield has begun to devolve into mechanically with the damage system. So this mode is just utterly disappointing and its a major pain in the ass to sit down and want to play THIS game and you just get thrown into a mode where enemies spawn absolutely freaking everywhere and there's no way to take and hold areas etc. Thus, a filter would go a long way. People who just want to play a COD game with this damage model could get what they want later when there are multiple maps, and people who want to play the game that had so much promise and to offer cane continue playing conquest mode.
  4. Every game no matter what has hackers, and this game honestly is a lot better than some AAA releases I've seen.
  5. Nice it looks like the Veper 12 is getting addressed, won't know how it is after this patch until I play (sloooow internet takes me about 2 hours to get 4gb) but hopefully, this nerf brought some sanity into the Veper 12. We seriously need them to address the TOR though, able to destroy tanks, LAV's, one shot infantry etc... seeing people jumping and no scoping with the damn thing when it's a .50 cal is just ridiculous. Needs to be a bugger to aim while standing and force you to crouch while reloading it.
  6. Seems about normal for an EA game tbh. Each big patch will bring spikes back. So long as the pop is above 1000, that's pretty good.
  7. Yeah typically if I'm in the LAV I'm the one moving our infantry up alone, the tank with the right vision is the same way so long as the guy knows to swap to his machinegun between shots.
  8. I've taken multiple tandems in my LAV, the tank is a whole other story. Mines on a losing team thats getting pounded requires a tank to drive straight up to their spawn or where they are holding and start camping so I'm going to say they aren't "OP" what-so-ever, they are a check balance for when a team is spamming the hell out of vehicle. TOR is ridiculous yeah but any tanker with therman/infra are going to wreck you as soon as you poke your head out.
  9. Yeah they can be laggy or really hard to see from time to time. Direct sunlight completely washes them out if you are coming from a dark area which is... neat, but leads to some crappy situations.
  10. Gonna give you a big N.O good buddy. Vehicles are almost always limited to the WINNING side, which is ridiculous. So there needs to be some easy and extremely effective means to deal with them. The tanks are the appropriate response tbh.
  11. The tanks are alright just needs to not be limite dto the winning side.
  12. Would be pretty cool, hopefully they get enough time to actually work on it. As a new team though it could be pretty rough for them to make the female models too, sucks but it is true that it would take quite a lot of work. But it sure would be cool to see.
  13. Another bolt action to replace it is perfectly reasonable. L96 would be a wonderful addition which is a .308 and can have straight pull bolts on it, the G22 is a variant of the L96 with the same round as the G29 if I'm not wrong. Hell, there's a huge variety of additions, I'd personally like to see more AR's too such as the FAMAS Valorise or something that's not an AK in a dress... literally, 80% of the AR's are just AK's. But the TOR as it is, is pissing players off and makes no sense. It is more effective against armour than rockets for instance. It's so heavily spammed that players are seeing this thing in the death feed almost every death and it's not being spammed because of it's well balanced... a lot of people are lugging both the Vor and the Veper 12 around which is just cheese on cheese. These two weapons need some fixes, really-really needs them.
  14. I honestly don't see too much cheating at the moment, but I am annoyed that apparently my... RGB software is a cheat?
  15. @Evaris Oh no you're right, but I meant gameplay terms we are "assuming" that plate can stop 7.62mm. When in actuality you'd be pretty damn lucky to walk away from that. The same thing with helmets, you would never expect one to stop any sort of round other than... well I guess the Ronin is supposed to be able to resist a variety of calibres? Not sure I had no experience with it and it wasn't even a thing when I was in, but yeah these helmets we are wearing int he game right now could barely resist 9mm at distance, mostly meant to protect you from falling etc and the off chance of debris and possibly shrapnel. And for sure the Veper-12 should be fearsome up close, its sort of pathetic how crappy the MCS is in close ranger vs the Veper 12... but the Veper 12 out damaging 7.62/5.56mm assault rifles, lmg's, and even sniper rifles at 40-100 meters is just ridiculous especially when about 60 meters the Veper 12 fires a perfect torso-sized cone. It makes no sense in a gameplay aspect and sort of unrealistic even in a reality take on it, though reality should definitely be sacrificed for fun... there's nothing fun with the Veper 12 as is. The TOR is a seriously sticky wicket, I get that people want them to deal with tanks and the like and that's valid. You should be able to crouch aim and hit optics, but a reload with it should be pretty length unless you are prone. Standing and firing it should just be not a real option, gameplay wise or reality wise. People are jumping and scoping in then one shotting people with the darn thing for hecks sake, that's pretty silly.
  16. I've actually handled that same rifle and did my years in, how bout you? As said, the average person or even soldier are not going to be hitting crap all swinging that weight around or the recoil of it, especially not on the move. An exception proves the rule, my friend. I can bring up a few dozen videos right now of trained marines, army, CAF, etc all jokingly firing the .50 at a standing position and not hitting crap because of the unrealistic expectation of anyone outside of roid rage actually being able to handle this thing. It just sounds like you want to continue using one of the worst designed weapons in terms of game design, and one of the most unrealistically handled .50 cals in a game I've ever seen. The man in that video is a well-known beast of men beyond the par of any average soldier.
  17. ... I have, no idea how anyone would ever come to the decision either of these were a good idea to implement in the fashion they did especially when they seem to be talking about nerfing all AR's... jeez. Vepe 12 This is a shotgun that literally outdamages rifles at 60-70 meters, often causing one shot kills at these ranges and frustrating the every living hell out of players all over from every server. If you did a weapon poll I am betting that the Veper and Tor would no doubt be the most used guns because they are cheesy, cheesy and just overpowered to the extreme. The Veper 12 has a very easy fix, increase the spread at 20-30 meters to the projectiles so you aren't firing a man-sized grouping at 60 meters. This thing fires as fast as you can pull the trigger and out damages AR's, being former service I can tell you that this weapon is just bullshit in its current form even in real life performance. If we're going to assume that plates can actually stop a 7.62mm round (very unlikely btw, you're lucky if it doesn't just travel through and helmets provide almost zero bullet protection) then the 12 gauge that the veper 12 is firing should have almost zero chance at penetration at these ranges or even getting through kevlar past fifty meters because that's very close to how ineffective it is against any form of armour. But even in a game balance and design direction, this thing makes no sense. I don't see how Farm 51 feels AR's need a nerf while this thing is quite literally the worst balanced gun I've seen in a game to-date and that's including BF3/4 shotguns that could be snipers at 400 meters with a slug. Tor I understand you guys went to ranges and had consultants from the military? I am going to ask you... who the &%#@ told you that they could fire a .50 caliber rifle on the move without throwing your shoulder out is a complete shitter. If you want someone who won't bullshit you I know about a dozen guys looking for military consultation work on these kinds of projects including one with heavy experience working with TV and other media. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gyjo5BObCPE Being able to HIT something with one of these while standing is a feat on its own, do you not realize you are literally lugging around damn near 22 kilograms (though the Tor looks like it might be lighter which will be WORSE for recoil) which is NOT something any normal human being could ever do even standing still to fire these things, again, is a feat on its own if you hit something. But moving could literally throw your shoulder out. There's a reason this guy is done after two shots, having fired a .50 cal properly I can tell you, you feel each shot. If someone is moving with a TOR, this thing should be swaying like a mother, if they are STANDING, it should be swaying like a mother, and bolting this thing should take having to crouch, put the rifle down, and then bolt it. I don't care how much of a badass the guy who told you guys this was possible thinks he is, no one is bolting this rifle without dropping its muzzle down or more likely dropping the whole rifle out of his hands and likely damaging it. Also, why in the hell is a .50 cal damaging LAV's!? I saw two teamates with TOR's take out an IFV in only 10 shots... you know how many shots a .50 cal should take to actually disable a LAV? It should NOT be possible, not from a realism standpoint or even a gameplay standpoint... knock our their optics, that's cool and realistic, whack out components mounted to it? Oh heck yeah that's really nifty from balance and realism! But you have basically made the TOR into a Railgun with zero recoil and no consequences to using it over top of ANY other sniper rifle. It invalidates the G29 etc... this thing is ridiculous and being former service actually turned game developer... this thing, and the Veper-12, make zero sense in either aspect. These two things are just horrificly "balanced" if you can even call it that, and don't hit on the "semi realistic" gameplay you are trying to create either.
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