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  1. Hi Dev's just want to bring to your attention there's like 12 Asian servers which have all the maps and just 3 servers for Aussies / New Zealand which play the same two maps Dev's we really need Map Rotation to keep the dream alive! Hitting Continue; Map goes for 2 maps then rotates to new map or Dev's just rotate after each round Or ! Vote map after each map Ping for the Asians servers is > 250 for Aussies worse for New Zealand players, while Aussie based servers are < 60 https://steamcommunity.com/app/674020/discussions/0/2530372519570467146/
  2. This Xmas tree in game thing, kinda shows the thinking of the Dev's is directed at COD kiddies I'm rapidly loosing faith that WW3 will be anything but a clone of COD for the kiddies, as TDM has already shown.
  3. Weirdly last night playing the new Smolensk Map WW3 sent me back into the game, first time this has happened! And "Continuing" should be BIGGER, "Continuing with last Map & Players" after that round ended I was thrown back to the Warmap like every other time before.
  4. Grey Wolf ? or the Big Bad Wolf .. ' petroleum jelly ' ....lol
  5. TDM is splitting the player base, and it should not be the default option, put it on a sub menu in a different room, far far away
  6. The Team Death Match is at odds with the 'battlefield' feel that WW3 was about. That been an open world map, a true battlefield mode, with all the tech you see on a modern battlefield. As a sniper I see no benefit in TDM , as the game play is COD in nature. Please focus on Maps that have a true battlefield experience for us older players who are not COD kiddies :) Also allow Players to stay in game after the 'battlefield' map has finished , maybe a votemap system, for the next round. As an Aussie player trying to find 'battlefield' maps with enough players on for large gameplay is hard enough without been thrown back to the Warmap after the round as ended, and having to pot luck again with player numbers and ping. Keeping the players from the previous 'battlefield' map is a better option.
  7. Clearly the idea of K/D data been used to find hackers , upsets you
  8. Your got problems if all you do is go around to incite arguments and to insult
  9. You're been insulting and I was trying to keep it simple for you, by using the term BELL CURVE as you clearly don't understand , that a k/d data, can be used to see trends and then used to see who IS hacking and I'm no kid, so enough of this... And you cant get past your own statement, which is your idea of a “cheater” is a player with a high k/d. that Ive already explained a few times now.
  10. I'm not looking for an argument over this , it really basic stuff using k/d to see a trend, it is data , and any data set can be used in a bell curve, the more data you collected the better.
  11. No its statistic, Binomial Distribution , science :)
  12. No mate , that 's not what I mean , I said keep the k/d data , so over time Dev's can see the trend, those who are hacking will of course have a higher k/d to the average. Then the De'vs can investigate those players more closely, And I not talking about spikes , someone having a good run , or been good at the game, those players will still have dips in the k/d.
  13. Been killed a few times by that evil drone , only managed to shoot it down once , really happy it cost a lot :) A little horror is War goes a long way to keeping you on your toes
  14. Short and to the point, I think Diesel like most of us in OCD region really like WW3 , but would like it even more if Oz & NZ had a server as well. and could just hit the "Join any game" button and get good pings.
  15. True , yet the Squad based system and a no k/d bragging rights, in the players score, is something the Dev's want for this game. For that end what Ive written is more a suggestion for the future direction of this game. You may have missed this in another quote above , but this touches on what we are discussing here, expect in the link below I didn't mention penalties for not obeying orders
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