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  1. yeah, it should also include M1A2, type-99a2, MBT-80, AMX-40, Merkava MIII, t72b3 and so on. I do think they are just the same, works just fine BTW, T-90 was named as T-72bu, it's a variant of T-72 and was renamed for some reason (go check the wiki)
  2. for so many people carrying an anti-tank mine, i could not even drive out of my spawn, at least there should be some signal or flashing light or at least it looks like a mine. but that damn thing just look like a pack, i've once stopped in front of a pack to check what that is, and then i drove onto that thing and got killed, that was really frustrating. if not to nerf the mine, at least give drivers a second chance, or allow us to customize the tank at some cost that could survive one hit from the mine. AT mine mainly focus on the caterpillar track rather than the bottom of the tank, while when the track is destroyed, the crew survive and it could be repaired, AT mine is so strong in this game that it's just to OP for tanks to survive.
  3. Well, do you actually think that in 2036, roc+japan+Korea is actually able to occupy mainland China? As Americans may not want to have a thorough war with PRC. Who knows how many Chinese carrier fleets will there be at that time, and there’re nukes both side.
  4. Well, I'm experiencing the same issue as you. but this has been reported and I'm not sure if this is going to be fixed in the upcoming patch.
  5. i don't know if you have heard of a game called Red Orchestra that game is so realistic that people need to run ten minutes to the battlefield. If the game can't be more realistic, then why not BF1 or COD?? I play this game is for the realistic stuff.
  6. in real life, machine guns are more effective suppressing the infantry, while in ww3, there's really no one using a machine gun. i do think that a machine gun should be taken care by a sniper, rather than a gunner. and thus making smokes more useful, making snipers less OP for they have more specific targets to deal with. PS: I didn't mean that the game is necessary to be 110% realistic, I just don't want LMG to be something like an SMG with more bullets, it should play a role as a suppressing weapon at long range, not something like an AR or SMG that you can carry and rush into buildings. e.g. CSGO, people hardly use LMG for the recoil is too big, trajectory uncontrollable, and not effective at long range. that's what I am trying to say.
  7. Are snipers OP?? not really, just a smoke and an RPG would be it if not, fire two RPGs towards them. the only problem is that nobody is actually carrying a smoke grenade, you are always using grenades for fun. wake up, in a large battlefield, smoke is the thing for you to carry, not a grenade or flash. BTW, I do think that tanks are OP, they just come into my spawning point and kill me the moment I respawn, really frustrating.
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