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  1. Grey Wolf Jack

    Semi-Auto Fire Underpowered?

    I played WW3 again and was trying out semi-auto. I believe they've updated it and it's perfect! I had no issues, I was kicking ass with a scoped semi-auto G38. It feels effective now. Was there a very recent update?
  2. Grey Wolf Jack

    problem with login and negative comments

    How does a game fully restore it's reputation after a rocky launch? WW3's launch reminds me a lot of Kingdom Come: Deliverance's launch. An indie game in early access with a very rocky launch that gets stuck with 'Mixed' reviews forever. I hate that. There should be a review reset after 6 months if the change log is showing consistent progress.
  3. Grey Wolf Jack

    Semi-Auto Fire Underpowered?

    When and when not to use full-auto/semi-auto.
  4. Grey Wolf Jack

    continuous 24/7 server

    Whoever reaches 3000 first gets a grand scheme point bonus to their East/West team and then the points reset and it goes again?
  5. Grey Wolf Jack

    continuous 24/7 server

    I do like zis idea! I could fight all day without end!
  6. Grey Wolf Jack

    Semi-Auto Fire Underpowered?

    An easy way to buff semi-auto to be on par with full-auto is to completely remove all RNG only from semi-auto; you wouldn't have to nerf full-auto at all. Then you've got yourself a threat. I think that's been my main issue at longer ranges when trying to use the G38 as a DMR is the random shot patterns combined with lower firing rate was decreasing my hit chance and kill time. I remember playing Rust back when the AK only had vertical recoil and no shot deviation besides a 100% consistent bullet drop. You put a scope on that thing and.. Oof... Headshot city. Nobody could touch me on a battlefield server, while tap-shooting I was consistently tagging heads at 300m on running and zigzagging targets. I'd like to mention though that the running speed on Rust is always consistent from player to player, so leading is easier. In WW3 people have different weight loadouts which complicate the leading game if you don't have much time to observe your target.
  7. Grey Wolf Jack

    Female soldiers

    That's going to be on the Roadmap I believe.
  8. Grey Wolf Jack

    T-72 and not T-90?

  9. Grey Wolf Jack

    ARs felly cruddy, unaccrurate and all around bad on 0.2

    RNG is such a big no-no for me. There's got to be a better answer.
  10. Grey Wolf Jack

    Your Greatest WW3 Moments

  11. Grey Wolf Jack

    Small Issues

    These aren't quite bugs, but: The "M4 Pistol Grip" is misspelled as "M4 Pistol Griprip" The 6th Equipment Loadout Slot in the customization menu is missing Battle Point rewards. It only has 1 BP slot when there should be 4 BP slots. I'll keep you updated.
  12. Grey Wolf Jack

    Big thanks to the devs

    This game is absolutely astounding. It has everything I've ever wanted from the Battlefield and Call of Duty franchises of the past decade and more, but without the bulls#@t! I hate Killcams - This game doesn't have them! I hate Nonsensical Character Customization - So far, every clothing and armor option is realistic and fits the theme of the game! I love Drone reconnaissance - This game is loaded with drones of all types and has made reconnaissance incredibly useful! I love remotely detonated C4 - This game lets you carry 3 C4 and they're really fun and powerful! I love Smoke Grenades - This game lets you carry 3 smoke grenades and they're extremely useful! I love Weapon Attachment Options - This game goes very in-depth with weapon attachments! That's just to name a few amazing qualities this game has, and it's not even finished!
  13. Grey Wolf Jack

    Semi-Auto Fire Underpowered?

    I just want semi-auto and full-auto to be on equal terms. I feel like full-auto is fine as is, it's smooth and easy to control so anyone can pick up a gun and have fun. However, if we are able to exchange cartridges I believe tweaking the mechanics in such a way to ensure 7.62 rounds are much more viable for semi-auto and 5.56 is much more viable for full-auto is a good way to go so everyone can get what they want. I like semi-auto for ammo conservation factor, as well as having a smaller noise profile, and it forces me to stay calm and take careful aim in any and all situations. I feel like using semi-auto in video games for so long has made me a calmer, more focused person in real life. Woo!
  14. Grey Wolf Jack

    Weapons wish list

    It'd be incredibly difficult to add Terry Crews to this game without a lot of unrealistic nerfs.
  15. Grey Wolf Jack

    Defensive Battlepoints streaks

    The only BP carepackage I would like to see added is a pallet of MRE's. In all my time playing I haven't fed my character once! I'm getting worried about him.