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I'm a Texan and I recently enlisted in the Marines and will ship out around February. I decided that before I go, I should play some video games and enjoy my freedom while I still have it. I just happened to come across the WW3 trailer while researching the real possibility of a World War 3 the VERY DAY that WW3 came out on 10/19/18.

I bought WW3 on Steam for $28 on 10/20/18 the very next day, and even spent hundreds of dollars to upgrade my PC's graphics card and RAM just to play it better. Years ago, I was a massive fan of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and 3, as well as Call of Duty: Ghosts and I would spend all day playing those until their population died and their lobbies became filled with hackers. I've been looking for an exciting modern shooter to fill the void ever since, but all the Call of Duty franchise wants to release now is cartoony, futuristic, sci-fi fantasy games lately which isn't my style at all.

WW3 has proven Itself to be everything I've ever wanted from a shooter and more! I became such a massive fan that I joined the forums to keep up with their updates and see what the developers are like. I love how the game gives you the option to wear Marine Corps insignias ranging from the standard EGA, to Marine Recon to Marine Raiders, we can also choose to wear Marine Corps Marpat camo.

This game was released at the absolute perfect time for me and has helped keep me inspired and motivated to go to Boot Camp.

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