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  1. If you did add purchasable in-game currency, it ought to be named "Blood Money". That'd at least sound pretty cool.
  2. I meant the Gadget drone specifically. The mini-copter thingy. That's my 2nd favorite gadget, but once again there's no point in bringing it when I could just spam X through my scope and get the same effect while also being less vulnerable and bringing a First Aid Kit instead.
  3. First it was female infantry, and now it's 50 cal sidearms. WHEN WILL IT END?
  4. I'm really, really itching to bring a Mini Drone and C4 into every match instead of just health all of the time. Maybe I should hire a medic friend to play with for now. C4 is by far my favorite item, as I have my best and most glorious WW3 moments with it; however my K/D goes down drastically with it in exchange for t3h lolz. I can't stand how there's no point to not bringing health because it's the only way to survive multiple firefights. I also can't stand how there's no point in even bringing a drone because people can just spot enemies all by themselves now. Now everyone can be the "Reconnaissance guy" and it feels so much less special. I really liked being the 1 retard with the drone spotting for my team like a champ, but now everyone does their part to spot the enemy. Lame!
  5. I firmly believe the current Thermal Scope effective "white hot" range should be extended 20 meters on all 3 scopes. That would be perfect.
  6. I also want a 2mm Kolbri pistol. and a super powered pogo stick.
  7. I want a .22 caliber bolt action rifle and a John Deere Tractor.
  8. The team composition should be 100% Attackers at the start of the match. Then become 80/20 Attackers and Defenders once you claim half of the map. Towards the end 100% Defenders could make sense if your team managed to take every point and all there's left is to do is thwart attackers.
  9. The team should be divided 80/20 Attacker and Defender with 80% of the team simultaneously Attacking the same Capture Points together. 20% of the team should be Defending by picking off enemies near the allied Capture Points. Picking off small groups of 1-3 enemies trying to take an allied Capture Point can make a big difference down the road if the teams are of relative equal strength and skill. A Defender's job is to do their best to prevent/and or slow down back-fill until the Attackers have completed taking all other objectives and can then also rush in for Defense as well. Defending is also just stalling so the enemy team doesn't capture themselves a brand new spawn that could lead to the attackers getting quickly flanked or divided, but the vast majority should be Attacking. The Defender stalls the enemy team from taking allied Capture Points, but once there's only about 1 Capture Point left to take, then the Defender group should regroup with the Attacking group and form a blob of soldiers. Defenders shouldn't be stagnant either, they're pretty much Attackers except they run around re-assaulting their own Capture Points that are currently under attack. Defenders have to be really good at quickly surprising enemies trying to retake allied Capture Points and fighting while outnumbered. Lightweight Snipers and flankers probably make the best Defenders. *Edit* Capture Points.
  10. By M9 did you mean Beretta M9? That's Italian but purchased and used by the US Military. But yes, a Night Map game mode where there are Night Vision goggles automatically equipped, but toggle-able would be amazing. It'd be a battle between Night Vision goggles and gun flashlights. With flashlights you can blind guys who have their night vision toggled on (even yourself to a degree), but with only flashlights you'll also see less.
  11. The US won the Vietnam War and managed to get a peace treaty signed with the North Vietnamese leader in 1973. The US then removed the vast majority of American troops from Vietnam. Nixon then shortly after had his Watergate scandal and suddenly the peace treaty was treated as null and void and the North Vietnamese started fighting again. The American people absolutely refused let the government send troops back to Vietnam to retake it, and thus it was viewed as a loss. The US won the Vietnam War in 1973. Then shady politics smeared mud all over the victory. At least during the war the US Military managed to form the United States Navy SEALs, develop our snipers and special forces schools and doctrines, got to clean out a bunch of old WW2 gear, and managed to develop and refine new weapons and tactics which has served our nation well in every conflict ever since. Also, the Soviet Union went bankrupt funding the North Vietnamese fight against the US. All in all, it was by far mostly battles won, valuable lessons learned, and a grand scale global strategic victory that too few people understand.
  12. I want a grenade launcher with a machine gun attachment.
  13. If this game was a finished AAA product, it might've easily been $60. You bought it for $28 or less in a discounted Early Access state. When the game is finished, you'll have saved $32 because you invested in an awesome game early. Why don't people see that?
  14. I too have the same issue for a while, I'm not sure if it's a bug or being enforced for the sake of performance.
  15. What a coincidence, I was just about to like your post and then realized that... I didn't want to.
  16. Come now. You're like that even before the enemy UAVs go up.
  17. @TZoningHard @HALCON4 Unlike cool skins, I do not buy your reasoning. The only micro-transactions I make are for non-pay-to-win indie games, and I have full faith in The Farm 51 in keeping the micro-transactions completely non-pay-to-win and strictly aesthetic. I see micro-transactions as charitable donations that reward me with cool aesthetics. The best sort of Instant Karma, eh? I spend an average of $10 a week on skins for Rust (New batch released every Thursday) and I really, really enjoy each and every skin I get. That's as much as the average person spends on McDonald's in one sitting.. maybe even less, except these non-edible skins are non-toxic and actually make me and my friends happy for longer than 30 minutes (I can skin objects for my friends to make bases/weapons/outfits look cooler indefinitely). Not only am I supporting the Rust developers, but I've noticed that ever since they started making money from skins, that they've been cranking out updates at crazy speeds. The extra resources have really sped up development. Overall, there is literally no downside to cheap, purely aesthetic, and non-pay-to-win micro-transactions. Other than completely broke people getting jealous when seeing other people wearing the skins they wanted of course. I 100% think that the skins should be kept cheap, which I think may be your biggest issue as well as mine. Rust skins typically range between 99¢ - $1.99 for each skin upon first release, and that's when I buy them. After 1 week, the market decides whether or not they increase or decrease in value. Being able to purchase appropriately themed skins for your uniforms, face paint, weapons, vehicles, gadgets, grenades and BP rewards would be a very fun and effective way for players to help out The Farm 51. If this bothers you on a 'but bro, I'm pro-player and this new camo skin is too hard to see.' level, then there should be a setting to disable skin visibility just like they have in Rust. There is no real downside here, and in my opinion this indie game's success and survivability in a competitive video game market like Steam should be more important to all of us than your 100% absolute personal happiness. Though I am very sure The Farm 51 will find an excellent compromise that you'll be fine with in the end.
  18. Scuba gear with long flippers that slow you down as you walk. I don't necessarily need water, I just need to look like a humanoid Duck. A Duck outfit. An "It the Clown" uniform skin. Blow darts tipped with LSD to make your enemies trip balls. Claymore mines. The ability to be the one in the jet or helicopter doing the airstrikes. Tear gas grenades that make your screen water up and your character starts coughing. Tripwire Boobytraps of any sort. Deployable barbed wire. A glass jar of Africanized bees. A tactical crossbow. A combat knife for stealth kills. A Taser as a silly melee option. Pepper Spray as a silly melee option. A quacktical Rubber Ducky as a silly melee option. A badger duct taped to a stick as a serious melee option. A catapult to deploy myself into combat. A rangefinder to know the exact range of an enemy. A "Joker" from Batman uniform skin. Mime face paint. Clown face paint. A thin steel wire to decapitate people driving at highspeeds on quads. A cop car to drive and pull over tanks with. Give enemy tanks a parking ticket as they try to cap objectives. That'll show 'em.
  19. I've been crashing and lagging a lot. I haven't had an enjoyable match in over a 1-2 weeks. But I'm a super patient guy with lots of wonderful Steam games to play, I have a house full of cool things to do, and a life full of odd adventures to keep me busy. It's exciting just knowing the game is progressing and keeping up to date on the forums.
  20. I'll still fly to Poland and give each and every one of you a kiss on the cheek if you want me to.
  21. He's 100% right about the helmet sounds of other player's helmets being very loud. I don't even wear a helmet! I just wear a boonie hat for maximum lightness and I randomly hear helmet *TINGS* all match long and they make me nervous too, haha.
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