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  1. Yeah, thank God i use my battlepoint for tanks and not cheesy kills. I'm sure your battlepoint have never extended above 500 anyway so there is no point of me talking to you about tanks. ''Grammar lessins'' The irony of this, donkey of the day.
  2. Then why didnt they make the stress test open? Instead of the close ''800 players'' stress test the had? The bleeding player base is the result of such mistake that could have been avoided
  3. Aah, my bad, i forgot people like you need cheesy drone's for their kills. I'm sorry
  4. Still should be fixed. The Objective area is bigger than on single dot to spawn you at. If the tank driver know where we spawn its good for him but the game shouldnt spawn you at the same location time after time when there are other places in the objective area it can spawn you. Hence why they themselves are saying they are going to fix it.
  5. Yeah, but that means the game would spawn you Infront of an enemy Leo or 1 meter away from an enemy aiming down sight?? Because this is actually how the game spawn you in without calculating where enemies are located around. I can't even hold count of the amount of times the game spawned my INFRONT of an enemy tank. Not behind, not around the tank but INFRONT of it. The spawn system as a whole is garbage
  6. Ehm, maybe, it's not easy to see where it's coming from???? You think people that use the drone fly straight forward Infront of you??? And don't flank with it? How can I accuratly shoot something that small coming at the speed of light????? Also, you do know the sound in this game is kinda bad making it hard to hear where the drone is coming from?
  7. I know right? The player swear in game while killing people but swearing in the forum is not allowed. Some people make ZERO sense with all their nonsense contradiction
  8. Cheese kill streak and i would rather die to an RPG than the kamikaze drone
  9. I should leave? what are you doing in my post then?
  10. Maybe so they can see it and fix it quick? You know, make it priority number 1 now that people can actually load in game? But whatever, what do i care. There will always be another game around the corner. Spawn system so bad like this make new players quit. New players quit/refund the game = dead game. But you are right. I should sod off.
  11. I know right? When the game wasn't populated? When people could connect to game and such? Who would have thought the forum was a better place that time and not now when the free force of people that have the game now exploit everything that brings terrible time for the receiving one?
  12. You mean after 22 hours of playing? You know even better by that horrible guess there, you tried at-least. And if anything, i actually farm enemy team by spawn camping them, it is that bad. The map with the market (with lots of staircase) is the worst one of them all. Its not like im talking out of my ass. I have been on the receiving side and i also spawn kill enemy team and this game have the worst spawn system ive ever seen. Ultra garbage and should be fixed asap because its -.-, a -.-, fucking -.- shooter. Even worse is spawning on the objective and dying instantly because the game fucking spawn you 1 meter away from the enemy out of all places in the room.
  13. I dont care about rework, Spawn system so bad like this IN A SHOOTER should be priority number ONE. Basically fixed before anything else. Dont need a whole rework to fix such bad spawn unless you want a quick dead game
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