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  1. Thanks, for adding it to your post.
  2. The same goes for the Scar, I wish they had used the original stock.
  3. I don't know if making it optional is a good idea. I think consistency is the key here. Either we go for it and make it mandatory or we leave it out. My point is, if you add something like this as optional, you loose consistency. It would seem like there is no direction in this game.
  4. No, they do. I could destroy enemy mines with HE shells on a IFV and I also had enemy tanks destroy my mines. It just doesn't work consistently, like mines themselves.
  5. Actually, this not a bad idea. I would increase the price to 1500 at least, though. I think 1000 is to cheap and pretty spamable.
  6. Actually this is a nobrainer. Let us call our team for some repairs, right now most people don't even think that you can help your teammates in that way. It should be done like every other call but instead of one person getting the task on the log all players within a certain distance should get it, so it gets noticed. I know that the repairtool is kind of slow but it is really useful if someone is kind enough to repair your optics or the rcws but like I said, almost nobody does it right now.
  7. Creating a further point of interest worth fighting over? One side wants to protect it, the other wants to destroy it. Sounds nice.
  8. I just wanted to ask if it is intentional that, a heli just continues to move if the pilot looses the connection. Right now you jam that thing and it just keeps moving full speed whereever it was heading before.
  9. PartTimeAHole

    Say Hello!

    Hello person that I have definitely not seen before.
  10. I would prefer it like it is right now. WW3 is not a milsim and I think it should stay that way.
  11. No, I'm not the only person who can be right. The point there. Is, we both provided anectodal evidence. As far as I'm concerned we both are right. I'm just giving my opinion on this, based on my rounds with the heli. You made it sound like your round was the rule and everything else the exception, though. Unlike you I've had round where Tanks/IFVs changed the battle. However, this also only happened, because my team didn't want to mess them. Heck, I've even had a single sniper turning the tides. There will always be people, who wipe the floor with anyone else, this has nothing unique to the heli. I think, a tandem should one hit them as well. And maybe they should stop moving once the pilot lost connection during a jam. It's really a pain in the butt if this thing ist still moving full speed.
  12. I would not say all pilots I met were incompetent. I just say, that in those rounds my team wasn't afraid of shooting at the drone. Most of the times when a heli was destroying us, nobody wanted to fight it in the first place. People notice that cheeky bastard and get demoralized, that's why they are getting wrecked. The hitreg issues were mostly fixed, so there is no excuse for not putting some bullets in it. You don't even need any special weapon, a couple of people shooting lead are sufficient If the heli is inbetween 6 people and not under fire, it's not the game's fault.
  13. Harder than it would be for people to behave like adults. Like Ragir said "Just don't be a dick", it is very easy to avoid that.
  14. Well, I had enough rounds where this thing could not even spawn properly because it was dead as soon as it was seen. Or rounds where this thing was completely useless, because it got scared away by 3 dudes shooting at it. Honestly, if people would stop crying and started to shoot at that damned drone, there would not be a problem at all. In my opinion the heli only needs some small adjustments.
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