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  1. I think smaller mags should be just benefited with some stats, like less weight and faster reloads or maybe more overall ammo. For example you would have 2x60 drums or 5x30 mags. So you would trade your overall available ammo for greater capacity.
  2. You know that many people, also wanted helicopters ingame. Removing it would not be any better.
  3. That's why I'm pledging for proximity warheads. They should work on all vehicles and lock on/explode if it is close enough to one but do less damage than a standart missile.
  4. Great job, attacking the whole community just because people disagree with you will certainly sway the odds in your favor. The world doesn't revolve around you, grow up.
  5. Dude, you forgot the brackets [example].
  6. Well, the devs mentioned it only shows the direction where you have been killed from, which, like I said an experienced player already knows most of the time. I personally don't care about it's addition, so I'm fine with both having and not having it. Look, how about we just see how it will work ingame and discuss this afterwards?
  7. Honestly even now an experienced player knows were he's been killed from. So I don't really know where the problem is.
  8. I tried the PTE and I am still not able to rebind prone on "y" (german layout) because I cannot rebind the menu on it.
  9. Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Some attachments are nobrainers right now, giving them unique up- and downsites will improve the system immensely. Right now every weapon behaves roughly the same if you slap some attachments on it.
  10. I don't talk about a redicoulous amount but some little noticeable sway.
  11. I personally like the idea of an increased spawn timer more but I would not mind reverting to the old system.
  12. Why didn't you say something like that from the beginning? What you say right now is very different from posting a video about spawncamping, without any context. While I don't agree with you comepletely, I can at least get behind your opinion right now. I don't mind the spawn rules, I think they are fair. As for speed, the problem is not the speed itself but, in my opinion, the lack of a downside. How about a simple stamina system that won't slow you down but instead increase your weapon sway if you sprint too much? It would not hinder your mobility but you'll have a bad time hitting something, if you don't watch your movement.
  13. Yes, you can. Look at the video, for example. All players were just clumped in one spot. That is neither tactical, nor teamwork. The slow gameplay with frontlines, you praised, was only there because everyone was at one side's spawn and couldn't go further. Granted, the oponents could go for the other route, but that doesn't change the fact that most of the video was spawncamping, nothing tactical. Honestly, you just found a very bad round where one side could not even put up a good fight.
  14. Tactical, slow gameplay? Teamwork? Dude, they basically spawncamped the enemy. There is nothing good about that. Put your rose tinted glasses off and look at it again.
  15. I think we just need some kind of soft counter. How about adding proximity based missile launcher? It should lock on to any vehicle if it comes near it. The radius should not be too big, there needs to be at least some kind of challange with it. However it should deal less damage than a normal HE missile. I tought about 4-5 hits to kill a heli with it. Since the devs don't want to add a specific counter only for the heli, this could be a valid option, as it can be used against any vehicle and we would have another new shiny weapon.
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