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  1. No, just no. Singleplayer Bots are optional. If you don't want them don't play singleplayer. Thanks to bots you can still enjoy some older shooters like BF 2, can you say the same about WW3 once it will go offline?
  2. Damn, that must be really hard stuff if even you have something to worry about. Also, do anyone else think it is kind of fishy that they pull it off from steam for now?
  3. It is kind of astonishing that so many of you fail to get what I mean. With feedback I don't mean any hitmarkers or kill notifications, I could not care less about them. I mean the feedback you get while playing the game, the feeling of the gunplay itself. Right now it just doesn't feel right. The animations don't convey any weight in the guns and the current gun shot sounds lack some punch.
  4. No, it's not the damage or the game logic. It's pure visual feedback. I don't mean it as in counting bullets but the "feeling" of the gunplay. And no man, you can stop with your "git gud". There are more reasons to notice improveable things than simply lack of playtime or skill.
  5. I agree, gunplay definitely needs more "punch". All the stuff needed is there but it feels off. There is missing feedback. I don't know, maybe it is the sound, animation or a mix of both.
  6. This question got me thinking about gunplay in general. Do you guys plan to overhaul the shooting/recoil animation, too? Most of the time people percieve the feeling of the guns more than the actual stats etc. Some better audio-visual feedback would be really nice.
  7. Here we go again. Please reread what I mean with those attachments, it seems like you missed my point completely. As it stands, the bars do a poor job of explaining how your gun will behave. So, wanting to have something explained properly or proposing a good designed ui which would improve the game imensely is "I gave u mahney - now please me"? Okay, boomer. A simple "NOOB" won't disprove my points. Like I said, if you can't take critique, then leave. Honestly, you make a clown out of yourself. I mean those people on Steam, or OP here, who have not lost a single bad word about the devs but simply criticize the current content. No, spotting is bugged, it sometimes simply does not work. it does not place a marker.
  8. And again, I don't see why you have to bring up your tutorial again. Settings should be as clear as possible, if people need to look up a tutorial for them, you messed up somewhere. The point is not "There is a tutorial for that" the point is, it is not explained well enough. When someone points it out, it will eventually get improved. You answer on the contratry does the opposite. Define more? This changes are meaningless if they are telegraphed poorly. There something called "UI" that should explain this things. If people tend to miss this, it is poorly designed. It has nothing to do with "You are not good enough" etc. I mean come on, you have for example multiple types of grips. Yes, there are slight differences between the types but what are the differences in one type of grips? Why should I change bodyparts besides looks? How much impact does weight really have? Is there any benefit for swapping my sights besides clearer ADS view? Do attachments have any downsides? Or is a fully decked out gun, better in every possible way than the stock version? This is the stuff that players want and need to see. Like I said, if it is not explained well, nobody will notice this. Besides, attachments were kind of broken. You either had some, it did not even matter which one you picked, and any gun was an acurate laserbeam even in full auto, or you had none and had some actual enjoyable guns. The point here is not "attachments vs no attachments" but "attachment1 vs attachment2". So, you insult random uninvolved people, even in completely different topics, because some other guys insulted the devs in the bugreports? No man, there is no difference. You are on the same level as those guys.
  9. Dude, I think you don't understand how a game is supposed to work. Something as trivial as settings should not need a tutorial and be as clear as day light. And even if the game is in early access, players should not need to study it for hours before even knowing what is going on behind the curtain. Honestly man, you are only trying to invalidate any kind of criticism both on Steam and here on the forums. I don't know whether you are 15 years old or just immature but most people you are insulting have some valid points, there is no need to act like an asshole. Heck, you are even insulting people on simple suggestions. I said it many times to you on Steam already, you are turning people away. The community is already pretty small even without your efforts and the game is desperately in need of more people providing feedback. But thanks to you we slowly get the reputation of beeing some kind of fanatics, not allowing to say anything remotely negative about this game. I mean what do we have now? Yes, we have a solid foundation, a couple of good maps, that have still some problems, though. We have good customization, which is pointless however, since most weapons and vehicles don't really feel that unique and more like a copy with different visuals. And no, some tiny percentenges don't count. Most of the attachments on bodyparts are just useless. We have an pretty bad ui in terms of user experience. We have qustionable performance. We have bugs, that were in the game for some time already. We had a switch too an really ugly hud. And we have clunky movement, that, however, gets fixed in the near future. You know that is true, yet you insult and belittle anyone pointing that out as if your perfect little bubble that you live in is about to pop. Please do us all but mostly yourself a favor and stop looking at suggestions and critisism if you can't take them well. You are ruining the day, for all people involved with your attitude, including yourself.
  10. As far as marking goes, it is supposed to mark the location of the enemy not the enemy itself. It is not supposed to be sticking to them. As for the rest, yeah, I can see your point. Especially on the HUD.
  11. Honestly, I dont like the new HUD at all. It may have more information but it is overloaded and too big. What was wrong with the old one? It was minimalistic and sleek, which fitted the type of game WW3 is.
  12. Oh no, this was not directed at you or anyone else in particular. It was just an observation tossed in by me. I completely agree that challanges should be something fun and unique to do.
  13. I would not go to much out of my way to introduce new challanges. My point is, they have to fit into the narative which WW3 has. WW3 relies somewhat on teamplay so giving out challenges that prefer a lone wolf kind of gameplay or not focus on the objective would be counterproductive. Battlefield 5 has exactly this problem where some assigments require you to ignore the rest of the game completely.
  14. Why do we need this if we already have the C4?
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