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  1. This is one hardbass song I really like: Quite apt especially with the introduction of British hardware and uniforms in this game.
  2. Rivy


    I think they didn't want something too distracting.
  3. Rivy


    I like the music they use in their YouTube videos, but I think the music they use in the game makes sense, even though I'm not a fan of it. They want to give it a sense of it being rather serious I believe. I play my own music to alleviate this issue.
  4. Tested for English and Russian language commanders (so this will likely be an issue for all supported audio languages as well), when the commander says "Area Alpha/Bravo/Charlie/Delta has been overrun by the enemies" when the enemy has only taken only ONE of the two objectives. This is currently the bug I find most annoying. The G36 fire selector bug has been fixed - granted, that appeared to be simpler to fix. This was another bug that annoyed me.
  5. Great work as always! Love the performance improvements (it's barely been an issue for me now on my system) and other bug fixes (especially with that G36). It's great to have new content to mess around with, as always. I have noticed though that Smolensk seems to be done in a lighter shade of green than in concept art though. I have mixed feelings about this, although it's nice to have a fully developed nature map done with Unreal Engine 4. I do commend the revised layout for the map though, so that action in my experience has been less concentrated on one zone (Zone Alpha tends to lack action, but I find it better than two zones in the first version of Smolensk being devoid of action). I love seeing full servers again as well, and although I do want a chance to play with a large amount of people, I hope more take interest. New guns The introduction of the M4 MWS has also introduced a conundrum for me - I like it, because it is an easy to use gun for many situations, with a decent fire rate and decent accuracy. What I don't like about it is its long reload time for a 30-round assault rifle, especially compared to even the AK-15 and derivatives (the M416 IME also has this issue with reload time). This leads me to prefer the MSBS-K for its faster reload time and overall similar handling to the M4. What I mostly dislike about the MSBS-K is its firing sound as it seems to sound fake and cheap to me, but I'll need to find out how it sounds with a suppressor. The SA80 looks like an expensive gun to own if you want performance improvements with it, since you need additional money to change the handguard in order for it to accept certain attachments (like a flashlight and a grip). I hope that pricing in this game will be reworked - this gun has proven that the "bodyparts" section of the gun customization options is NOT cosmetic unlike for other guns. I would also like to see the "bodyparts" section also improve gun stats, such as with adding stocks for the DMG and improving recoil and/or accuracy. I've noticed that there's no option to save gun customizations - I hope they get fixed soon. I can live without it but they have been convenient for me. Mechanics The lower ammo pool has made me consider also the guns that I should choose as well. since I now more frequently find myself needing to refill on ammo. I think this brings on a good element of challenge to the game and helps encourage better trigger discipline (not that that matters, I guess, but for those who want some immersion, I believe this is nice), or otherwise better teamwork. I am thinking though about how an increased amount of ammo boxes on a map will impact performance, especially on lower-end systems. I like the maps having grids - I believe this has been something I requested, although I'm not sure if this will be apparent to players as to whether these grids are useful to them, like in PUBG (they show 100 metre increments). I do agree with someone in a post (don't remember which) on the commo-rose system. The fact that it's two-layered seems a little cumbersome, especially for a faster-paced game like this. I think it should be revamped to encourage more tactical use; even though players can press numbers as shortcuts with the commo-rose menu, they're hard to reach unless one has a numpad and/or certain gaming mice. I find comfort at least in being able to mark an empty zone as having enemies by double-tapping the spot button (I've bound it to Left Alt, normally, it's X). I like that the repair kit repairs vehicles like in the base - it would encourage them to stay in the battlefield for longer, provided you have a team who will work towards repairing it. Conclusion I do hope the Steam discount (which makes the game similar in price to Cities: Skylines when it was also on sale, and possibly similar to CS:GO before it was made free to play) encourages more people to play the game. I love that this game has proven to be a viable Battlefield alternative. Its quality has been stellar, and the mechanics and content make the game more interesting as well.
  6. I think this is more likely to happen between application starts, but I'm not entirely sure.
  7. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: When I use a loadout with the SA80, if I try to change the barrel length, it always changes back to medium when I switch loadouts. I believe it may be more likely to happen if I try to add a handguard to it in order to accept lower and side attachments, and possibly also when adding a suppressor. GAME BUILD ID: 3715425 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Create two loadouts, both with the SA80 as your primary (untested for when it's a secondary). On each loadout: Change the barrel to a short or long barrel. Add a suppressor. Replace the handguard to one that can accept side and lower attachments, and change the barrel back to either of those lengths if necessary. Add a grip or a bipod. Exit gun customization - when switching between the SA80 loadouts, one can see that the barrel length reverts to medium length. The player should instead expect to see the barrels to retain the length they have specified for their SA80 customizations.
  8. 60 FPS is better, but I can tolerate these slow frames. I'd rather not have sudden stuttering. This is also an issue for GTA V as well, but that game is better at lower settings than even this game is in Moscow TDM at the lowest settings I give it.
  9. I believe so, especially on Moscow TDM with a Ryzen system. I have used a pre-Ryzen non-FX system however, where performance was worse.
  10. Generally alright with me on a Ryzen 5 2600 and an RX 570 8GB, although I have to lock the frames down to 35 FPS and add motion blur for more consistent frame rates and disguise the stuttery movement of sub-60 FPS footage. Moscow TDM is where my system struggles, as more often than not, it reaches below 30 FPS.
  11. Rivy

    0.5.2 TTK

    Whatever the TTK, I just want headshots to keep killing as instantly as they would from like 0.4
  12. I will reiterate that Discord's ineffective blocking feature could be to blame for this, but for a game that is already facing bad press from consumers online due to its many gameplay issues, it should probably avoid being in the crosshairs of other sources. The moderators have intended that users avoid discussing political issues, and gender could arguably be a sensitive political issue these days (even though in the eyes of certain people, it shouldn't be). I would like this game to set an example for first person shooter communities, because it's already somewhat infamous for harbouring an audience with highly repressive views towards society. If this game wants more players, then it needs to be a little more open towards players and should avoid controversy on various subjects until it is big enough to handle them (i.e. greater than the 11k players who bought this game). Personally, I don't want any more reasons to lose faith in humanity; I've decided to take a break from the community, from Discord and the game for this reason and to deal with IRL stuff.
  13. I would blame Discord for their weak blocking feature. It's practically useless.
  14. I envy your skills, but then again, you're using a rather overpowered gun (although I think the MG5 is rather useless if ammo conservation and stealth were the name of the game) and a setup that can handle 60 frames in most of the battlefield. I try not to complain about hackers since such reports can be abused. Hackers do seem to stick out fairly obviously for gameplay (Warmode and Modern Warfare 2 were my worst experiences with them), but then again, this game has so many bugs it can be blamed on insufficient bug reports or whatever.
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