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  1. I struggle to stay alive. Honestly I may just go back to Planetside 2 where invisibility is a thing.
  2. I'm voting this in case the devs aren't going to be very open to big changes, but I can still take answers from anyone. This looks the easiest to implement IMO. I do think the locations might need to be updated since they can be camped eventually, but IDK.
  3. I'm not sure if this is going to be exactly an overhaul because I may still consider keeping the mercy respawn system that losing teams will have, but I do want to at least add something to it. A problem with a lot of matches I'm seeing is that gameplay very quickly becomes uncompetitive because one team is able to capture the majority of objectives earlier than the other, or there can possibly exist a skill gap or a ping advantage between players, or poor teamwork on the part of some team players. Players should try to work as a team and with their squads, but sometimes this can prove fruitless especially when the other team has greater skill or happened to join the server early in larger numbers. For instance, West team could have earned so far 250 points from capturing objectives, while East team could have earned around an excess of 3500 points, with under 15 minutes of time to spare. I believe these gameplay situations are as common as or sometimes slightly more frequent than more competitive scenarios (where one team can be stuck earning under 1000 points or even nothing, and the other usually up to 2000 or 3000 points before their enemy team can catch up over a majority of the match's play time), and this is affecting my enjoyment of the game quite significantly. A solution I have come up with is to allow squad leaders to create mercy spawns anywhere in the map (but at a certain distance away from the objectives) for an unlimited number of times; this will work akin to the Tactical Insertion perk/equipment in the Call of Duty games. This should happen only when the difference between the team's points reaches 1000 or more points (this number can be changed if necessary, but I think no more than 2500 points). When the difference between the team's points are narrower than that number, this ability must be disabled - players would no longer be able to spawn on them and squad leaders cannot place any new mercy spawns. I would like this system to be applied in addition to or instead of the current mercy spawn system, which can be memorized easily after a few gameplay attempts across the maps.
  4. I don't know if this is still being considered, but maybe reward players with a higher XP/cash bonus too?
  5. Looks like a gun I could get into - I really do want a middle ground between 5.56 and 7.62 from a gameplay perspective, and I believe Battlefield 3 did this with a gun before too (the ACR).
  6. As far as I know, the marking system was deliberately changed to make it less noob-friendly. As for everything else, I kind of agree. I don't feel like I can be too attached to the guns, but I don't want to choose any gun because they all seem to suck in some way. I think the SCAR issue has been patched as of writing this post. As for squad gameplay, I guess it is an issue because there's a lack of it. Granted, even then sometimes I suck even if I play with a squad because I'm either outgunned by cheaters as you say (some are just some very dedicated players who aren't afraid to waste ammo and merely take advantage of the smooth gunplay of this game), or not enough come in to the party soon enough to win the game in time. I do wish players had more faith in this game, simply because it's the only viable large-scale modern warfare shooter we have. PlanetSide 2 (yes, it's a sci-fi shooter, but it has similar gameplay) stinks because of the dated engine, dwindling player numbers and the terrible grind for class-agnostic weapons and other stuff (probably spent the second most on microtransactions in that game from sheer impatience, behind only GTA Online); Battlefield and Call of Duty stink because of the grind for guns (get X number of kills or XP with a gun to earn Y attachment for it) and the fact one has to buy DLC for new maps in Battlefield (the vanilla maps in Battlefield get boring very quickly). Not to mention the countless sins Activision and Electronic Arts have committed from their own greed, and the poor example they have set overall for the games industry. I could play Arma or Squad instead, but those games feel too much like serious RP servers to me. I more prefer the shooting and customization aspect of military shooters and not so much the actual military theme (which I find difficult to relate to) or tactical aspect to them (I just like a big playground, partly for realism and hence how they're a little more believable, I don't like to think too much unnecessarily in what is ultimately an environment I want to escape to). I also prefer to lone wolf games for personal reasons but I do want an online experience to feel less lonely.
  7. I just want another 7.62 (or equivalent) bullet hose that isn't just the MG5, intermediate or otherwise :p
  8. I'm 22 as I write this but my mind is in a dark place a lot of the time. That and my body clock's terrible, which has been this way long before this game came into being. There's also real life stuff that's bringing me concern but all I want to do to cope with it is simply try and play games or put off stuff to do.
  9. I don't know but sometimes the longer I play the worse I get after a time I am really good. I think it may be also down to the fact that I'm feeling tired and stressed and generally uncomfortable.
  10. I started to suck at it, even individually. Team play is important but sometimes it's important to be able to do well yourself. I couldn't stay alive long enough. I am getting on and off with the game.
  11. I now agree. Ground War feels like a meat grinder although I guess part of it is from larger player count. It's also down to the largely individualistic nature of Call of Duty, and that that game hasn't really done long range combat much.
  12. I hear they're at least using Linux servers to improve online performance.
  13. Thank you for letting me know about this. This didn't seem too obvious for me; I thought that that message was more for how many squads are actually attacking/defending the objective, not ordered to.
  14. I know this could cause some visual clutter especially if implemented incorrectly, but I'm wondering about showing possibly in the chat at least where team mates from different squads will capture points (if they've done so). Although the game is a military shooter, I like that it gives you the flexibility and freedom to not follow orders. At the same time, however, I feel like players could be missing out tactically and allowing enemies to simply capture their way through without enough cooperation from the players, if too many players of different squads go for one point while being completely unaware of another being easily taken by the enemy. I believe that VOIP is implemented, but it's restricted to squad or proximity only right now (I'm not sure), and typing isn't really viable in situations where gameplay has to be a bit more fast paced. Like how squad commands and comments show up in the chat, I wonder if the same could be done regarding where other squads in the team are going to capture.
  15. Now, I don't know if it's because of my terrible monitor and/or game settings, but I believe that at least for me, the weapon flashlights seem useless at night. It's annoying because I expect to be able to use them to illuminate dark places, but they only seem to do the job for me in day time. I believe this may be related to game engine mechanics, but I'm not entirely sure. Then again, it could be because some parts of night-time maps seem to be lit, but even in places of night time maps that have little to no light, my flashlight isn't as effective compared to the day time maps. I wonder if this is something you're able to fix.
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