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  1. Rivy

    0.5.2 TTK

    Whatever the TTK, I just want headshots to keep killing as instantly as they would from like 0.4
  2. I will reiterate that Discord's ineffective blocking feature could be to blame for this, but for a game that is already facing bad press from consumers online due to its many gameplay issues, it should probably avoid being in the crosshairs of other sources. The moderators have intended that users avoid discussing political issues, and gender could arguably be a sensitive political issue these days (even though in the eyes of certain people, it shouldn't be). I would like this game to set an example for first person shooter communities, because it's already somewhat infamous for harbouring an audience with highly repressive views towards society. If this game wants more players, then it needs to be a little more open towards players and should avoid controversy on various subjects until it is big enough to handle them (i.e. greater than the 11k players who bought this game). Personally, I don't want any more reasons to lose faith in humanity; I've decided to take a break from the community, from Discord and the game for this reason and to deal with IRL stuff.
  3. I would blame Discord for their weak blocking feature. It's practically useless.
  4. I envy your skills, but then again, you're using a rather overpowered gun (although I think the MG5 is rather useless if ammo conservation and stealth were the name of the game) and a setup that can handle 60 frames in most of the battlefield. I try not to complain about hackers since such reports can be abused. Hackers do seem to stick out fairly obviously for gameplay (Warmode and Modern Warfare 2 were my worst experiences with them), but then again, this game has so many bugs it can be blamed on insufficient bug reports or whatever.
  5. I can foresee some people complaining of censorship, but those memes they chose did touch on sensitive and political topics which this game shouldn't get too involved with if it wants to see more players. It's already getting a lot of flak for a variety of gameplay issues. Best of luck to the devs out there.
  6. Thank you for trying to make this game more open to potential players, not just the typical audience of first person shooters that give the genre a bad reputation. Issues surrounding gender and sexuality are highly sensitive right now and shouldn't be a topic of jest, and graphic depictions of suicide as well.
  7. I want to expand on this topic further based on what I have found. Again, I find no fault with the developers - I commend their effort to create a high-quality game that is able to contend almost exactly with existing triple-A titles, without inheriting the greediness of the publishers of those games. My frustrations are more directed towards players off the battlefield. Should the reputation of first person shooters sink further if it turns out that such games appear dominated players who are not accepting of the rights of certain social minorities, such as that of LGBT individuals? Should the reputation of indie developed and published games be tarnished by being financially supported by fans who may vote to limit the freedoms of women and certain other social minorities in a civil society? Should indie games be the next targets for bad press, and triple-A games be shilled for diversity while ignoring their greed? The users who uploaded the images may consider those a joke, but for certain wider audiences, this would drive them to rightfully further condemn the game for its community. I want to keep playing this game since it's one of the few titles I can genuinely enjoy without spoonfeeding a company that listens only to money and completely disregards user suggestions and complaints. However, I do not wish to condone any of these repressive views regarding gender and sexuality, and I don't think I would like to continue playing this game if doing so would empower such individuals. The purpose of indie games should be to empower consumers. It should be reprehensible to have an indie game be supported by individuals who want to enforce highly repressive norms on gender and sexuality. I want to make this post before I make a similar comment externally from this forum.
  8. Will the headshot damage multiplier still remain high enough for players who want more instantaneous kill times?
  9. I guess they'd bless the squad using it with ample cover from the enemies with all the smoke they create.
  10. I don't know exactly what they are, but wouldn't they just be smoke grenades with rotors and a fragrance? Seems too OP for me.
  11. I may second this, because that part of the map appears neglected due to it only being featured in Warsaw Large. I'd also like to see the mall in Moscow have some attention as well. Even then, at least for the train station in Warsaw, I doubt it will be added without change, as I've noticed that it lacks cover, and the developers seem to prefer putting lots of cover in a game map in order to make the game feel a little fairer and to prevent the game from being a "spray and pray" affair.
  12. Try putting the game on windowed and then back on full screen (not borderless first, since that may do nothing). Sometimes I get performance issues which largely fix themselves with doing this. If not, I hope the developers look into this.
  13. I forgot to give my details @Ragir: Discord: rivyusa#9568 Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198105572967/home
  14. I will say that Electronic Arts could have averted this crisis entirely, had they included playable female soldiers in Battlefield 4. I can also see more people opting to play female soldiers for more than is realistic in the near future, compared to male soldiers for both aesthetic and functional reasons - "smaller hitboxes".
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