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  1. Now, I don't know if it's because of my terrible monitor and/or game settings, but I believe that at least for me, the weapon flashlights seem useless at night. It's annoying because I expect to be able to use them to illuminate dark places, but they only seem to do the job for me in day time. I believe this may be related to game engine mechanics, but I'm not entirely sure. Then again, it could be because some parts of night-time maps seem to be lit, but even in places of night time maps that have little to no light, my flashlight isn't as effective compared to the day time maps. I wonder if this is something you're able to fix.
  2. Rivy

    Soldier quotes

    I've also heard someone from another thread complain particularly about the poor quality localization of the Russian language interface, claiming that it's been pulled off of Google Translate. Relating to this, I would like to know if such an issue is apparent too during gameplay with the soldier quotes, especially for languages that aren't English or Polish. As someone who has been learning some Russian, I am curious to know about the accuracy of the Russian soldier quotes mentioned during gameplay. One notable phrase I've heard is "здесь патроны", whenever I hand out ammo in the game. At least according to some Duolingo lessons (and a few other places I've browsed online), a more appropriate phrase I think would have been "вот патроны". Does the World War 3 game community have any comments on this?
  3. I don't know if it's just me, but ever since the free weekend or at least 0.6 in general, I feel like that every Warzone game I step into I lose or just do very badly in. This could either be because I'm just a bad shot , because there are a lot of new players in this game since the first sale or there are significant balancing issues that exist the game. Then again, I do prefer to have a more individualistic play style and this might affect gameplay. I've uninstalled the game for now (not the PTE), maybe to take a break from it all.
  4. Rivy

    New sounds

    Maybe they were keen to promote Polyarny and thought enough players knew about Warsaw or would be bored by that. Then again, about half of Warsaw gameplay takes indoors, and this game has a ton of vehicles and strikes to play with.
  5. I reckon there's considerations to be made for time zones and how fast people can download the game. But wow, that soon? I find that rather unexpected, but great work nonetheless.
  6. As I mentioned in the feedback thread, I like the sounds themselves (except for two), but I think they're not right for this game. Those sounds are more deserving I think for a sci-fi or cyberpunk game. I know modern warfare uses computers a lot, but they're not glamorous compared to how those UI sound effects make them out to be like.
  7. On 0.6.10: I'm glad to see another battle rifle included in the game. The M417 does look expensive (and rightly so, because it has even lower recoil than my previous go-to gun, the Beryl 762, which now has rather strong recoil I think on full auto) - however, it has a slower fire rate compared to the SCAR-H, but a quicker reload time too. For some reason, I was able to get this gun at half the price though. Was this for PTE purposes? One thing I've noticed easily has been the UI sounds - I like a few of them by themselves, but I believe they sound too out of place for the game setting compared with the previous UI sound effects used. I understand that modern warfare makes extensive use of computers and electronics, but to me, these new sound effects make me feel like I'm playing a cyberpunk sci-fi game. A few sound effects I don't like in particular are the sounds used for marking objectives and selecting items in menus - the former to me sounds a little bit unpleasant and the latter, to me, reminds me too much of the same thing in Modern Warfare 2 I like how packs with resources are spawned around the map - I can see how it can encourage more individualistic gameplay though, but it's nice if you're unwilling to cooperate with your team, or your team or squad all just happened to have the wrong gadgets at that moment (namely your team or squad has drones, claymores and mines, which are all still useful too). I also like how RPGs now require the use of equipment packs to be restocked - this can serve classes that are more dedicated to a demolitions role and reduce unnecessary RPG spam overall, since equipment packs also restock grenades (I don't know if this is deliberate, but ammo packs also restock grenades if your other guns are full). As for the giftcode system, I'm not sure how I feel about it. I don't think this is something I see myself getting into ATM. I do hope that the developers use this cautiously, lest this turn to another title like that published by EA, Ubisoft and/or Activision, who want to turn games into mere money-making software. I would also like to remark that the revised crosshair in the M145 scope makes it harder to use in brighter areas I think. Overall, keep up the good work, The Farm 51
  8. It's only in the PTE at the moment. It's rather expensive too, at 20k cash.
  9. Rivy

    Soldier quotes

    They're in the Chirper posts for the Cities: Skylines thing.
  10. I am aware of this, but what if you wanted to see the progress of someone in a match or whatever?
  11. I have used exactly that to mask the stuttering. Why did I lock my game to 35 FPS in the first place? To have a more consistent frame rate, and because I thought it looked far more realistic than 60 FPS in my opinion (probably because growing up, I haven't really seen many things requiring a 60 FPS frame rate, also I guess as a console gamer too). But I can see your point - excessive motion blur can be bad for combat effectiveness. However, I'd rather put up with that much of the time over stuttering, which I find really distracting.
  12. I've seen many games implement this already (e.g. Fortnite, PUBG, League of Legends, Squad etc.) - is this a lower priority feature at the moment? It would be nice to know for other players (of World War 3) and for those of other games to know where you're at.
  13. I am not sure about this. For one, it could try and motivate players to play better, but for another, it can wrongly reward those who exploit and/or cheat, or be somewhat unfair if there's a huge skill gap between the teams. What do the devs and the community think? If they agree with it, do they have ideas on how it could be implemented?
  14. I do notice that I can play a bit better with settings turned down, but the changes are still insignificant. I've played with the game locked at 35 FPS and motion blur enabled, and have still managed decent performance in those games.
  15. Rivy

    Soldier quotes

    Awesome and sneaky on the part of the devs. The last time I believe I saw overt references to other IP when playing games was in Cities: Skylines, with references to Half-Life (Freeman) and even Doom (UAC).
  16. Rivy

    Soldier quotes

    I like the quotes you have added - some are useful for gameplay, such with soldiers expressing their request for ammunition, health or capturing an objective. Some are just downright hilarious, e.g. "fuck you in particular" and "still alive, fuckhead!", the latter after being hit by a grenade. One quote that I am confused with is this one: "there used to be a sword like that". I find it quite peculiar because I don't see any bladed weapons in this game. I'd love to know where this came from, if it references anything in particular.
  17. I would hope that players would at least acknowledge they aren't paying anything for this experience except their time (if they have a decent rig for this system already). I've heard many complaints about the poor balance and/or optimization of Polyarny on other threads.
  18. If you have a dual-monitor setup and you're playing on the West side, this is like one of the only valid ways to play the game ?
  19. I hate the DMG's recoil pattern and increased reload speed. I find myself using the gun as much as I use pistols, since they're about as effective as each other in combat - the pistols' only other setback is semi-auto fire. I also do agree that the armor feels meaningless.
  20. I'm 21 years old, so close to that peak. As for my health, I could do with better exercise, sleep and hydration (although I admit I'm unwilling to improve on sleep out of my hate for this time zone and other unrelated reasons), and my mental health seems to be in a bad state too - I can ignore stuff that's worrying me in real life while playing games, but I've generally been quite anxious a lot of the time, sometimes for certain situations I do have legitimate concerns over. The lower TTK on average may also play a role too. My current go-to weapon, the Beryl, hasn't got so many substantial changes, but I'm trying to play with different guns in case I feel like that gun becomes unusable for me due to its dynamics or from data wipes. If there's anything I can't get used to, it's the reload time of some guns that aren't light machine guns, the lack of damage and/or the excessive recoil for others.
  21. I've noticed that probably since from possibly between the 0.4-0.6 patches, I can't seem to stay alive as long as I believe I could. I don't exclusively blame TTK tweaks on this, though. Reasons include: Influx of new players: there could have been more new players who are far more proficient in first person shooters than myself that have joined this game. This is despite me having played first person shooters for years. Networking issues: I think this has been a rather common complaint from everyone ever since this game entered early access. Other issues include hitreg and TTK. Possible existence of cheaters in the game: I've seen pirate copies of this game come up on a non-Google search engine. I guess some users here feel really cheated to the point that they believe piracy is justified, or they're just cheap and don't really care. I can understand their intentions, but at least they're not giving money to a bigger company that cares far more about their profits than their IP and community, and they should consider that first. The existence of pirate copies of this game leads me to think that incidents of cheating are possible at least in theory, as both would exploit the limitations placed unto this game - i.e. you have to buy it through Steam in order to even play it, and with conventional hardware, there are things that are impossible to do. My own lack of skill and poor reaction times: I have been out playing other games. I admit I wanted something to do between the long wait between 0.5 and 0.6, but that wasn't as big of a concern for me as events unrelated to World War 3 that pushed me out of the game for a while. One of those games included a PvE shooter through a GTA V mod, so my reaction times have increased. My reaction times have possibly also increased because of a somewhat poorer health from - I don't feel as alert as I maybe used to when I played earlier versions of this game. I think this is annoyingly a thing for me - the longer I play a game, the worse I tend to get with it either out of boredom, out of frustration or something else. Then again, my key issue is being able to stay alive in the presence of enemies even if I play the objective, which has been a constant and almost never-improving issue for me. Weaponry: Something that still mildly frustrates me is the effectiveness of the weaponry based on its caliber - with a few exceptions, 7.62x39mm appears to me to be the most effective caliber for basically any purpose. I consider 5.56mm rounds to be better mostly than pistol caliber ammunition, especially considering that they are usually placed in assault rifles. Their only advantage compared to pistol caliber ammunition IMO is their long range capability - with pistol caliber ammunition, I'd have to compensate for gravity to a greater extent. Otherwise, both 5.56mm rounds and pistol caliber ammunition seem almost equally as good as each other at short range as long as both are in firearms capable of fully automatic fire - pistols to me are almost pretty much useless. I don't want to be stuck with a few specific set of firearms in case they get nerfed IMO to the point I find them difficult to use effectively in combat and I'm left being laughably ineffective at combat. I wonder what you guys think of this, especially regarding point 4 where I tend to start getting sloppy at shooting after a while or generally not really improving.
  22. Inspired by the above thread I have read, where the beginning of the match is far too predictable for the end in many cases, I propose a balancing measure. I propose that in Warzone matches, the winning team needs an additional soldier in order to capture objectives - for instance, if one team is winning and is attacking an objective, at least two soldiers from that team are needed to claim that objective - objectives cannot be claimed when only one soldier from the winning team is present, even if no opponent from the losing team is present at an objective. The losing team only needs at least one soldier to claim it back. In the case that the winning team outnumbers the losing team by a significant amount, more soldiers from the winning team are needed to defend an objective. For instance, if the winning team has 16 soldiers, but the losing team has around 10 or 11 soldiers, 3 members of the winning team are needed to (re)capture an objective at the same rate that one soldier from the losing team can. To further illustrate examples, in the unlikely scenario that the winning team has 16 soldiers, but the losing team has around 4 or 5 soldiers, 4 members of the winning team are needed to do the same. I'm not sure how well this will balance the game, or if it will even serve the intended purpose. This would still make organized players who are part of a clan or whatever fight effectively. At the same time though, it would encourage more individualistic players who are on the winning team to work harder with their team and/or squad to ensure their objectives are defended. I admit I have thought of this based on my rather recent experiences of playing Warzone matches, where I have trouble staying alive when either playing the objective or simply just coming across enemies (more of this on another thread - I don't blame all of this on TTK tweaks from recent patches). I also admit I prefer to play in a more individualistic manner, too. If I am on the winning team, in many of my experiences, it's either because it's as a result of good team work from the squad leader, or as a result of enough players being able to capture and defend enough objectives closer to the start of the game. I wonder what the World War 3 community thinks of this.
  23. If only more small developers could pull off this move
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