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  1. @Otama "has had one of the best game launches for an Early Access game release. " Really mate, maybe for you but not for thousands of others. Steam removed it from sales for a short while because of all of the launch issues and refunds. I think all of you BLS [CENSORED] are fulll off it. Stop being a bunch of suck holes and give proper suuport to the AU community that want this to work.
  2. We understand this but there are clans out there like .mR|, BLS and many more that are willing to purchase servers NOW!
  3. Of course my post is passionate but I am also correct and you yourself know this. Tthey need to give us 3rd party servers or this epic game with great potential will die off. I'm sure I've seen you around somewhere on the battlefield but I just can't put my finger on it, I think maybe on my clans server once or twice. You're obviously not FPSG and I just checked the server list for BF4/BF3 and can't find a server with BLS tags. FPSG has the BF4 monopoly and you're comment about being a community leader in oceana did make me chuckle. Talk it up some more mate. Pleas don't think my last remark is an insult, it's just friendly banter.
  4. "one should ask why in the world the devs didn't plan for 3rd party servers from the start." A most excellent question and an excellent post, thank you from the bottom of my fps gaming heart!
  5. LOL ok, I called him "[CENSORED]" because he assumes all admins are abusive and that purchased servers will "drain away" players, from where? Poland? Russia? EU? My opinion is he is a "noob" for assuming so but I'll keep my promise and will be more careful in future posts. The reason why I say "THE FARM MUST" is because I know the game will die off, 100% gauranteed if you do not give PC Gamers and Clans the option to run our own servers and fill it on a regular and constant basis. Surely you want a strong and dedicated community and we want to be apart of it, you do not want "casual players" as they have a short attention span and are not committed. Look at CS:GO and even the Rainbow 6 community. and compare them to the disgusting BF1 stats from when it started to what it is now on all platforms because they changed the format and shat on all the pc gamers and clans, BF5 will not be any better, it is the end for DICE/BF. Please forgive my abrasiveness as that is not my intention, I sincerely want this to work and I know what will help. I will send another email to the investment branch and maybe they will respond this time. Best Regards MaxMaron.
  6. I understand and maybe it is a loss in translation as I did not find his response respectful but I will curb my responses in the future. I also sent an email to the investment side of your website but I never receeived a response in regards to investing in ww3. As an FPS gamer who has his finger on the pulse on the FPS /Clan gaming community in Australia THE FARM must give us the option for 3rd Pary Servers with Admin Command and control, I sincerely mean this from the bottom of my heart for not only your benefit but ours as well. I want WW3 to be around for as long as possible with the largest community.
  7. Also there is more than enough of Australian, New Zealand, South Pacific and South East Asia who will FILL THE SERVERS!! I know this from years of experience so don't worry your little head little boy as there will be plenty of gamers to go around. WHEN CLANS realise that WW3 is PC/CLAN friendly, more and more people will purchase WORLD WAR THREE because they do want to go back to what made PC FPS gaming the best platform on earth!! Clan Scrims, Competition Ladders and intense, enjoyable combative gaming!
  8. DEAR THE FARM, THIS beautiful game that a lot of us have been waiting for will die off quickly if we cannot RENT OUR OWN [CENSORED] SERVERS!! You have only started to fill the empty void left open by battlefield and cod faggotry! DO NOT go the way of DICE/EA who spat in the face of ALL PC GAMERS that made them!! THE FPS and CLAN COMMUNITY DEMAND THIS!!! It will keep the FPS community alive for years instead of months !!!! Believe me when I say you are cutting the throat of your cash cow before it even has a chance to grow, shame!
  9. DEAR THE FARM! THIS beatufil game that a lot of us have been waiting for will die off quickly if we cannot RENT OUR OWN FUCKING SERVERS!! DO NOT go the way of DICE/EA who are pond scum!! THE CLAN COMMUNITY DEMAND THIS!!! It will keep the FPS community alive for years instead oif months !!!!!!!
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