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  1. Crinn, you did such an excellent job of explaining things. I am quite satisfied with your answer. Thank you for the effort you made in explaining things to us.
  2. I've got months of pre Steam ROE under my belt and I can assure you it ran very smoothing for me with rare exceptions (most toward the end before they took it offline). And I was playing on Asian servers! Not once did the game ever stutter unlike PUBG which is plagued by it even though it's a "finished" product. Anyway, I was just making a suggestion to look at the Quicksilver game engine as it might be less costly in the long run. Only the devs would know how to answer that.
  3. Wondering if the devs have taken a look at it. Might be less problematic than the U4 engine. Just look at how well Ring of Elysium runs (even when it was in its alpha stage) vs PUBG which uses the U4 engine. I've no idea what the investment would be vs your current one.
  4. As it is you have to keep redownloading and completely reinstalling either the main game or the test version every time you want to switch. Very inefficient. Thanks.
  5. Is there a way to cut down that time to under a minute or is it just an UE4 problem? Thanks.
  6. Didn't see the key binding for it. Also, is there a way to create a marker on the map like in PUBG etc. ? Thanks.
  7. I'm Gamesturbator. I'm 51, have neurological stuff going on so I'm terrible at games as I have no reflexes or pattern recognition to speak of. Let me be your squad leader! :p Loving this game even though I just played part of one round!
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