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  1. from my experience, im getting higher maximum and average FPS, but when having frame drops its still the same as before around 35-40 fps.
  2. im in the middle of Canada, MB. i get around 100 ping and its ok to play around
  3. Just a recommendation can we have two copies of WW3 just like Ranibow 6 and PUBG,etc. so that we dont have to download the whole game each time we switch between PTE and live.
  4. Devs are reducing the match time but increasing the score you can obtain. and this will allow you to use your gadgets or killstreak more frequently
  5. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): The camera is weirdly positioned when driving the tank in Seat 1, if some player jump into your tank, and it get worse if they left the tank. Also unable to change view anymore with default "V" key GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): PTE build - First release STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Drive the tank, another player get on the tank aswell, then left, you can still drive and hear your tank Resolution: Get out and then back in fixes the problem
  6. so what dev said is that the global progression system will be based on factions, east and west. your earning from each match will be used to contribute to your faction and give extra bonuses etc... not sure in detail but east and west is not just a team
  7. tandem is just so good aginst vehicle, dam i love those rockets
  8. since this game is in early access, server accessibility will be limited. maybe in the future if there is enough support from Brazil players (enough player count to justify the cost) then it will come. but now, i dont think there will be one in the near future especially in current early access state
  9. only buff i think LMGs need is to be able to deploy their tripod on objects when standing or crouching. that recoil reduction is really effective if get the chance to use it
  10. yes and yes. but auto balance need to be carefully implemented because we will have world map progression systems based on East and West teams.
  11. by the way, where should i shot my AP rounds against tanks? sides or rear only?
  12. as long as they are not as mobile as in BF games, it can be ok? or maybe too agile from the amount of RPGs
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