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  1. Well aren't you an epic player, This is obviously my feedback and not yours, so how about you fuck off? Edit: Thanks for your 1080P and 1440P opinions like that has anything to do with a 4K monitor. But okay.
  2. a nametag above friendlies when they're on site even if you're not aiming at them would be nice! That little marker that is currently placed doesn't help much especially because sometimes it takes a bit to appear and by then a teamkill is being made. Also, I play on a 4K monitor and the stuff is hard to see lke A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 is super light, a darker/different way of knowing those locations would be nice. Is there a way to keep a mini-map open showing friendly locations and sectors? So we don't need to open the big map to check that info out?
  3. What would help as well is, if you like the game, leave a positive review. The game was killed by people reviewing an EARLY ACCESS game negatively on Day 1 because of some errors... It's EARLY ACCESS. I don't understand why people would do that.
  4. West coast has always been the best at everything ;)!
  5. JG | Luxe

    How old are you?

    Damn we're all old in here >_<!
  6. JG | Luxe

    Say Hello!

    Hey guys! Just purchased this game and I'm looking forward to playing with you guys! :)!
  7. Interested in this. Are there any plans to add Steam Achievements to this? Would be fun and more than likely to attract more players.
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