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  1. The other thread is getting long so here's a comprehensive list of weapons that people have suggested so far, plus some of my own additions, organized by weapon type and with appropriate hyperlinks. Countries denote country of manufacturing origin, not current usage. [Disclaimer: None of these are guaranteed to make it into the game! This is merely a list of modern firearms that are not in the game currently. Basically just an ideas trove for the devs. Ultimately, we should not expect the devs to model and add literally every single gun and its variants; there's also little to gain from the game having 10 versions of the M1911 or 'generic pump action shotgun'. That being said, there are a lot of cool guns out there and I hope to shoot a lot of these in WW3.] Assault/Battle Rifles: M4A1 + AR15 variants and parts, LVOA series, SAI GRY, Carbon 15 etc (USA) SR47 (USA) AS Val (Russia) SCAR L/H (Belgium) FAMAS (France) FN F2000 (Belgium) FN FNC (Belgium) Galil ACE (Israel) HK417 (Germany) K2 (South Korea) AN94 (Russia) G3A3 (Germany) MTAR21/TAR21/X95 (Israel) CZ Bren (Czech Republic) L85 (UK) ARX-160 (Italy) Remington R5 (USA) SA58/FAL (Belgium) OTs-14 Groza (Russia) SG550-556 (Switzerland) QBZ-95 (China) Sako M95 (Finland) XM8 (USA) Gilboa Snake (Israel) VHS-2 (Croatia) AK5C (Sweden) Steyr AUG (Austria) Howa Type 89 (Japan) AMD-65 (Hungary) Honey Badger (USA) HK433 (Germany) Magpul ACR (USA) Kel-tec RFB (USA) A-545 (Russia) Sniper Rifles/DMRs: AS50 (UK) VSS (Russia) RSASS (USA) SKS (Russia) Remington MSR/M2010 ESR (USA) Blaser R93 Tactical (Germany) L96/115/AWM/AWP (UK) ASW338LM (USA) Barrett M82 (USA) Barrett M99 (USA) Barrett M98 Bravo (USA) AX50 (UK) DSR-1/50 (Germany) FN Ballista (Belgium) PSG-1 (Germany) SR99 (Israel) SV98 (Russia) Dragunov SVDM (Russia) Dragunov SVU (Russia) SR25/M110 (USA) M40A5 (USA) FRF2 (France) PGM Mini-Hecate (France) TPG-1 (Germany) M14 EBR (USA) WA2000 (Germany) DVL-10 (Russia) ZVI Falcon (Czech Republic) Cheytac M200 (USA) VKS (Russia) GOL Sniper Magnum (Germany) AMR2 (China) JNG90 (Turkey) MSG90 (Germany) DTA SRS (USA) McMillan CS5 (USA) Steyr Elite (Austria) Steyr SSG08 (Austria) OSV-96 (Russia) Lynx GM6 (Hungary) Beretta Corvus (Italy) Carbines/SMGs/Machine Pistols: AR57 (USA) PP-19 Bizon (Russia) P90 (Belgium) MP5 (Germany) Glock 18 (Austria) Beretta M93R (Italy) K1A (South Korea) AKS74U (Russia) Cx4 Storm (Italy) QCW-05 (China) CZ75 Auto (Czech Republic) Calico M960 (USA) VB Berapi LP02 (Malaysia) Vz61 Skorpion (Czech Republic) CZ Scorpion EVO (Czech Republic) MP7 (Germany) UMP45 (Germany) Uzi (Israel) Mac10/11 (USA) PP2000 (Russia) FMG9 (USA) Spectre M4 (Italy) SR3M Veresk (Russia) MP9/TMP (Austria) Kriss Vector (USA) K7 (South Korea) UDP9 (USA) CBJ-MS (Sweden) Minebea M9 (Japan) Magpul PDR (USA) AUG Para (Austria) LMGs: LSAT (USA) M240 (Belgium) M249 SAW (Belgium) Negev (Israel) Ultimax100 (Singapore) Ares Shrike (USA) RPD (Russia) M60E4 (USA) Kord (Russia) Stoner 63 (USA) HK23 (Germany) Shotguns: SRM 1216 (USA) MTs255 (Russia) Striker (South Africa) M1014 (Italy) FN TP (Belgium) SPAS 12 (Italy) SPAS 15 (Italy) Fostech Origin-12 (USA) AA12 (USA) Kel-Tec KSG (USA) MAG7 (South Africa) Crye SIX12 (USA) STF12 (Italy) M26 MASS (USA) UTS-15 (Turkey) USAS-12 (South Korea) Pistols: Makarov PM (Russia) Maxim 9 (USA) AMP Automag (USA) Five-seveN (Belgium) Kriss KARD (USA) P320 (USA) MP412 REX (Russia) Chiappa Rhino (Italy) Colt Anaconda (USA) M1911 (USA) USP (Germany) Desert Eagle (ISrael) M92 Beretta (Italy) Walther P30L/P99 (Germany) MP443 Grach (Russia) Explosive Weapons: Panzerfaust-3 (Germany) AT-4 (Sweden) SMAW (USA) XM25 (USA) M72 LAW (USA) M203 (USA) M320 (Germany) EGLM (Germany) GP-30M (Russia) SA18 Grouse (Russia) Stinger (USA) Javelin (USA) Milkor MGL (South Africa) RPG-32 (Russia) HK69 (Germany) M93 Hornet Mine (USA) BONUS: Attachments: Trijicon RMR sight Trijicon ACOG sights Magpul MOE stock Magpul Angled Foregrip G36 default optic/carrying handle Various PDW Stocks Beta-C drum magazine Taped magazines Magazine clamps Osprey pistol suppressor Shotgun suppressors
  2. I've played shooters for over a decade and I don't think I've ever seen a 'realistic' implementation of 1x optics yet. Nobody ever tries to properly simulate looking through one of these sights with both eyes open. I've used EoTech holographic sights in real life and the difference is just astounding. If this game could pull it off, that would be yet another interesting way it differentiates itself from the crowd. NOT EVEN ARMA GETS THIS RIGHT! On that note, I just want to say that I didn't actually expect a developer to read my post and respond, so thanks! Wish you guys the best, I think this is a really interesting project and I hope it you guys have a bright future with it!
  3. If you've ever used red dot sights IRL you would know that the in-game depiction of red dot optics is entirely off. Video games rarely if ever get red dots right and usually use some shitty DoF effect that they put in the wrong place, etc. As it stands, WW3 deals with 1x sights in the generic way, just slapping them on the screen with zero distortion. This results in some sights being incredibly bulky and annoying to use. They're obtrusive. Moreover, they do not accurately reflect how these scopes actually work. If realistic red dots were implemented in WW3, the scope housing of the sight would be very blurred out/transparent because you use red dots by looking PAST them. The end result is essentially a floating reticle in midair. It would look a little something like this except with the sight housing even MORE transparent due to the way your eye works. I think reworking 1x optics to be more realistic would improve the immersion and realism factor while making gunplay more fun. Thoughts? If you don't want this, please share why! This isn't a case of "this game must be realism simulator". It's more like, this will make the game itself more fun AND it just happens to be realistic. Think about it: Right now, the ONLY red dot type sight worth using is that square one with the really wide lens. It's the least obtrusive sight by far. Making 1x scopes more realistic would allow you to use whatever you want essentially.
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