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  1. Welcome to WW3 v.3 ... Yeah you can't avoid the terrible matchmaking, in 195 hours of play; I've played 3-5 fully populated (64 player) Warzone large games. Since the .3 patch you're lucky if you get a 10 vs. 10 warzone game. But you can play TDM while wearing a in game xmas sweater, so it's not all bad.
  2. Killed it for me, played a little over 5 hours since .3; was quite enjoying the game until .3 with 195 hours in game. Bought Squad on sale at the start of the month, loving it; 76 hours in game so far (only had 2 crashes in that 76 hours)... WW3's going to have to do something pretty damn special to make me want to play it over other games now though, was expecting a hot fix by now tbh too. The fact that the devs left the game in its current state over xmas and still haven't released a hot fix despite most of Europe being back at work for almost 2 weeks is disappointing and has made me lose some faith in the devs.
  3. It was the first time I'd switched team but I thought it might be... I just couldn't resist 4000BP for switching to the team that was about to take the lead, karma I guess... and a bug obviously.
  4. 0.3 in a nutshell... *I made a little spelling mistake but I ain't re-rendering and reuploading over 1 letter
  5. I don't think my client had any descriptions during the 0.2.2, I appreciate your comment though and get what you're saying. Seems bad tbh that a single RPG that can be freely and constantly resupplied quite quickly MIGHT destroy pretty much any vehicle SOMETIMES.
  6. I can only presume we're all being trolled now right... Right...
  7. Well you know it's bad when people are saying BfV has better vehicles than WW3
  8. @DoctorMcBatman wasn't we commenting about something like this earlier... ????...
  9. This is kinda what I'm saying though. The devs have repeatedly reminded the community that it's a marathon not a sprint, yet here we are with a build that has more features/ content than the previous build and was seemingly rushed out for the holiday season; but is less stable and has more bugs than the previous build. I'm just finding it tough to be positive right now when I've had a lot more crashes in the around 5 hours I've played of 0.3 compared to the handful of crashes (if even a handful) I had in the 40-50 hours that I played 0.2
  10. Yeah the answer you got isn't very well explained, so basically if a RPG is fired within a certain range of the vehicle the APS will do sweet FA... The description of APS should at least explain this in the config screen. Well I guess no one can complain that vehicles are too hard to destroy... even though they do. 1 freely available tandem RPG does the job, even if the vehicle has armor upgrades and APS.
  11. Is APS intended to fail and not provide protection against projectiles fired within a certain range? Don't get me wrong the guy firing the RPG did everything right and the clip somewhat demonstrates why you shouldn't park a vehicle on an objective without adequate infantry support, however as a vehicle driver; when you have APS equipped you expect it to serve its purpose and rely on it doing its job as described on the loadout screen. Meanwhile @TENb fires 2 tandem RPG's, 1 into the rear of what looks like a standard MBT and gets nothing... 0.3 is a horrible patch all round and that's me being nice and diplomatic about it
  12. Yup, obviously; don't you... Do you think it's good to have such a small playerbase split between different modes? Also the devs say this on the store page "Right now our main focus lies on refining and balancing Warzone mode." Does this mean they consider Warzone to be balanced and refined as they've added a new game mode. How can they refine and balance things if the things they're trying to balance are fundamentally broken in the first place.
  13. @ranmoru456 I respectfully disagree with you on the TDM thing, in my opinion the devs should of got the original Warzone maps and everything that goes with the Warzone game mode working properly before adding other game modes, splitting the already small playerbase, and splitting their limited resources across not only existing bugs & issues but also with issues introduced with the new game mode. Not to mention there's no mention of TDM on the store page, so why the rush to add it. Regardless of TDM, given the choice I'd take 0.2.2 over 0.3.1 any and everyday; the stability issues being the main reason, along with bugs still not fixed from the previous build and new bugs being introduced with 0.3; next patch can't come soon enough.
  14. I ONLY play Warzone, TDM shouldn't even be in the game imo; at least not when there's so many bugs with the core game that need fixing. It's not really a performance issue or a lack of performance, it's just there's no performance increase; fps is fine and was fine (I meet and exceed recommended system requirements), STABILITY is the big problem for myself and many, many others since 0.3. and the fact that there's only 254 currently in game (the lowest I recall ever seeing it) with a 24 hour peak of only 554 probably reflects this and the issues people are having since 0.3. Doesn't matter how improved performance is if the game constantly crashes. You'd think 2-3 months after EA release the devs would at least be able to provide us with a stable client over the holiday season. 279 hours is a fair amount of hours, would of thought a player with that much experience would of left more feedback or posted here more than 39 times.
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