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  1. DayZ entered Beta yesterday or something, 5 YEARS AFTER EA RELEASE. Sit down, Calm down, And good things will come in time.
  2. Locked to 60 @ 1440p max settings running 1080 and 6700k, Don’t have many dips unless multiple explosions going off at once.
  3. One thing everyone seems to forget is that negativity and negative sentiment tends to echo louder then the praise and positivity. I was told this when researching used cars, People with issues will always post online in forums about them, But you won’t get people who have zero issues posting positive stories online. I think 6+ months this game will be placed perfectly to disrupt the gaming cycle, We’ve got an amazing base game with features we havnt even touched on yet (the team supplies and other menu options that currently don’t function). Once these and things like the progression system come in which will give players more incentive to continue playing where currently unless you love the game and can accept its flaws and just want a good shooter there’s little point to playing it. Im one of those who love it, Nothing since BF2 has felt this good, Hell I used to play BF Play for Free because there’s been a gap since BF3 that finally looks to be filled.
  4. Islands Of Nyne was a scam from the start, First was a Kickstarter, Then steam greenlight for early access, If those money grabbing tactics didn't scare you off the overwhelmingly negative reviews on steam should of. WW3 shouldnt be held to the same light as something that kickstarted and still needed more money after so ”hey lets just early access this thing”. I get being skeptical about new IP from unknown developers, But let's take a look at WW3 compared to any number of cut and paste games that are clear money grabs (Romeros Aftermath anyone?) The issues facing WW3 are basic simple issues most games face at launch. It's not like we've got a problem with the handcrafted engine they spent years building only to have the limitations only discovered after launch (The division anyone?) I got faith in Farm51, They wouldn't have come out swinging at BFV if they didn't think they could go the full nine rounds
  5. It's not connection problems, Quick join doesn't seem to correctly filter and apply regional search settings. Currently if quick searching from OCE it will pass over the OC servers and place players on AS servers. This results in higher pings and less players able to connect and have decent matches. Was playing daily up till the other day when MM broke.
  6. Just posting to say OP doesn't speak for all the player base and fans. If your only here to criticize without providing feedback, Go find another game as this isn't the one for you. Farm51 have delivered a beautiful thing in WW3, its new but old, fresh but familiar. It's going to take time to work out issues (OCE servers not connecting OCE players and leaving us on AS servers with higher ping) and various other small bugs (clipping and falling threw the map) but with the community's support and input I believe F51 can deliver on the goals they have. Take a look at the first patch notes and tell me that's not some of the best first patch notes you've seen, We've already got QoL changes (teammates names staying visible always) and balancing changes incoming also. The hardcore playbase is and will continue to be established, its the ones who have jumped from game to game, Unable to find something that fills the void left by modern shooters of the previous era.
  7. Only started having issues late last night with the AU connections, steam server browser shows the OC servers have good ping but something with quick deploy is broken I think.
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