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  1. What happend? After BF3 devs decided to move the game from tactical shooter to twitch-shooter genre, that's what happend. WW3, by it's desigh, especially by it's overall pacing, is much closer to "original Battlefield" (games prior to BF3) than any other modern BF title ever was. Well, that's why players are really mad about TTD (Time To Die or synchronization between clients) and DICE are working to fix it? Even with server reconciliation, their netcode just can't keep up with overall pacing of BF V, you die 1-2 seconds after you hid behind cover, just because of "shooter bias" netcode, because enemy hit your interpolated position and not you, as you see yourself on your screen. The best "netcode" that ever was in BF, was with Refractor engine, after that Frostbite just kept getting worse and worse due to quicken pacing (which was only increasing with new titles) and "shooter bias" policy.
  2. Erm, i've seen a lots of topics mentoing various bugs or balance issues, but why the hell noone talks about "headglitching"? This "Feature" itself completly wrecks everything related to gunplay, (the enemy can shoot you while only peaking for "half a pixel" from behind cover on your screen) is there any plans to deal with it?
  3. Checked my system with various tools: CPU benchmarks, RAM tests, EVGA GPU test utility (benchmarks, artifacts scanner, VRAM test), 3DMark GPU benchmarks. Everything looks fine.
  4. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : Game crashes with "Out of video memory trying to allocate texture..." message, don't have full discription since system goes black scrren after crash. No crash reporter also. GAME BUILD ID : 3280991 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Simply playing the game, crashed two times at the end of the match, second time without crash log. (or latest log had incorrect time\data) SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS : Motherboard: MSI MS-7B54 (Z370M Mortar) BIOS 1.40 07/05/2018 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8600K CPU @ 3.60GHz (6 CPUs), ~3.6GHz (4.20GHz x42) Memory: 16384MB DDR4 DRAM 2666MHz C16 Page File: 7085MB used, 12316MB available Display Device: EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC GAMING, 08G-P4-6173-KR, 8GB HDD: Seagate ST1000DM010 1TB (System\Game), Seagate ST1000DM003 1TB (Misc) CRASH LOG : [CrashReportClient] bHideLogFilesOption=false bIsAllowedToCloseWithoutSending=true CrashConfigPurgeDays=2 PS: during second crash i was monitoring system activity via HWiNFO, managed to save a log file. Log started at game launch and ended seconds after crash happend. Crash log (Google Drive). 3DMark Fire Strike log (Google Drive), just in case. UE4Minidump.dmp
  5. Question 1 UDP. Or maybe negative recoil values represent changes for horizontal recoil, while positive - for vertical?
  6. It is random. There is horizontal recoil, random**, which directly affects spread, more range - higher effect. Very strange: full auto have a lot of horizontal spread, while almost no vertical, tap firing have a lot of vertical, but almost no horizontal. ** Horizontal recoil similar to Battlefiled 4: have maximum range\value, but set randomly to left or righ for each individual shot.
  7. А пока можно макрос на мышку поставить, чтобы фонарик включал\выключал на первой космической скорости, вот и стробоскоп.
  8. Автоматизированные мины, по типу этих клейморов, никогда в динамичных шутерах не работали. (а эта игра по динамике может потягаться с КОД) Если уж и лепить их сюда, то с ручным подрывом, или же автоматические, но чтобы и на союзников срабатывали, ну или игру тормозить. Буду отличаться направленным действием и поражающим фактором.
  9. Probably has something to do with model positioning. When you switch between pistol and rifle (or any other weapon) you may notice that upon switching to pistol your screen will move. (usually down and right) And, since we shoot from eyes (center of the screen), sights should be always aligned with center of your screen. So, sights are aligned with center of your screen, while visual model is misaligned.
  10. У меня всегда так. Залетаешь на пустой сервер, стабильный фпс в 120, пинг 30-40, подключаются игроки: один, двое, трое, пятеро, все еще норм. Набивается пол сервера и понеслась... Постоянные дропы, 100, 80, 60 фпс, а то и вовсе 30, ну и пинг как до Америки...
  11. По тому что оружие в игре не возвращается в начальное положение (что не особо логично), на начальную линию прицеливания при стрельбе одиночными. Для пистолетов вообще не возвращается, для автоматического оружия не возвращается при темпе стрельбы больше ~240 выстрелов в минуту. Надеюсь что баг, а не фича, ибо при автоматическом огне все возвращается на круги своя. PS: пытаться контролировать пистолет Рагун, который пулемет, довольно весело.
  12. Question 1: stats on attachments. When I choose between different barrels, it shows RECOIL –0.2, or RECOIL –0.05, which, as I assume, means that this attachment reduces recoil (adds a negative value), but when I switch to other attachments, related to weapon handling, (grip, bipod, compensator, flash hider, suppressor) I see RECOIL 0.85, RECOIL 0.9, a positive value. What does it mean? Recoil itself is displayed as positive value on the weapon’s stats, so, negative value on barrels is a mistake of some sort, or positive value on other attachments actually adding recoil, not decreasing it? Question 2: recoil mechanics. When you are firing full auto, recoil kicks in, when you stop firing, your sights return to point of aim. Same happens when you tap firing. But, if you tap fire faster than 4 shots\clicks per second, you get the point of aim shifting. Why it happens? Is it intended? If it is intended, then how big is influence of random horizontal recoil (fixed values, left\right is random on each individual shot) on tap firing? (also, point of aim shifting is hell of a pain for pistols, which are already suffering on their own) Question 3: armor. What is the point of armor, except, of course, limiting my mobility, if 99% of my deaths, instant deaths, look like this? (highest, critical hits, full damage not mitigated by armor) Armor only covers the small area, limited by its visual representation on post-death screen, and not the whole body? What about hits to the side, to the back? Question 4: RPG-7. Basic warhead looks like single-stage HEAT, which should have less splash damage on infantry, but in fact it works no worse that Fragmentation warhead. Is it just balancing issue, or different warheads only differ by their damage, not effect?
  13. Well, this image needs to be "fixed", since in WW3 you shoot from your scope\eyes, not from the barrel of your weapon.
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