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  1. Yes, the game is dead but you will hear no it's not it's still EA... I didn't play the game for a long time I tried it today less players than before (before there were not server browser we were 4 vs 5 in a map for 40 players) I also noticed that now the RPG kills with one hit, they have removed this because everyone was using RPG and it's back, also I now I can't see my ping before we were able to see our ping not anymore
  2. Exactly what I'm trying to explain and I always hear it's EA Steam take 30% of each sale so they don't have a problem while they can still make money
  3. I'm tired of arguing, maybe you re right maybe I'm right but who cares? the servers are empty, me too I'm not playing the game but still believe in it. I will come back to test it after the next patch Good luck devs
  4. Are you serious? what you said had no sense! beside Mass Effects had some problem at launch other than that the other games have no problem maybe some minor bugs (we are talking about massive bugs not your personal opinion)
  5. I'm not saying the game should not have bugs especially in ea, I opened this thread because for me the game has too much bugs even for an early access maybe The Farm 51 released the early access a little bit too early Maybe you and me we believe in the game and we have patience so we keep trying to play it but look at how many players stopped playing the game look at the empty servers most of the time
  6. Are you getting paid from The Farm 51? because what you're saying has no sense! I'm not saying the game should not have any bugs or it wouldn't be EA I was able to join a game just now and I noticed a new bug, when I aim the image becomes so bright that it makes it very hard to follow the enemy
  7. I really really don't see your point in this threat! you keep saying it's an EA .... I didn't say it's a finished game my point is for me the game came a little bit too early for even an EA I wrote this " You are completely wrong, WW3 is full of bugs, a finished game came with few bugs or none " to answer "a finished game comes with a lot of bugs" So pls stop saying the game has update and patches every week because it must have, BF1 had monthly patches every month for a year and half and it was a finished game After downloading the 0.3 patch I can't join a game it stays on the loading map screen "new bug"
  8. For those who are saying this is not a finished game, I didn't say it's a finished game. Now that said free weekend is a good idea but it still too early for that I think they will do that eventually but when the game is finished or at Beta stage
  9. You are completely wrong, WW3 is full of bugs, a finished game came with few bugs or none
  10. Hello, In my opinion yes, the game came too much early even for an early access, lots of bugs (transparent enemy, robotic soldier movement, bad graphics,...) and that's why there are empty servers most of the time, a lot of players stopped playing the game even me and you can't blame them for that I hope the upcoming update will make the game better, I still believe in you WW3 Devs! Cheers
  11. Copy it wherever you want, after selecting WW3 .exe (as the game) select open gl, then it will ask you a preset you choose the preset file you downloaded
  12. Ah okay, I don't think it will happen if it will especially that they are working hard on improving the game (sound, bugs, weapons, graphics,...)
  13. The hit marker is just fine the way it is and I don't agree removing it, since there are no hitcam if they remove it it will be camper and sniper paradise
  14. Battlefield is worldwide famous title, of course they want to be Battlefield but in World War 3 style, meaning with there own style of gameplay In everything in the world when you start something new (like artists, painters,...) you always try to copy others and with time you forge your personality and style, with WW3 at the beginning they are different from Battlefield they are more then Battlefield they are: Battlefield, Call of Duty (drop package) and ARMA. They are the best of these three games and I really like the idea
  15. I didn't know that plus I didn't get wipe after patch 0.1
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