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  1. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): -Can't buy new battle rifle "SCAR-H" cause it's use -1$ to buy and when click to buy it's take forever to load -After Buy M1 MBT and select it to customize the game crash before even load the model of the tank GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3394924 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): ---------- SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): ---------- CRASH LOG (if any): ----------
  2. Just like DayZ give them some times ,they know what happen right now but some problem can't be solved that fast I hype for this game when it's first coming to EA too but it's unlike Dayz most of player disappoint about many things but I hope they will come back , Also I check forum everyday try to check for some news and finally they update something now I'm so glad XD
  3. First thing first I know this is still in "Early Access" Yes but the thing I want to say about the update that keep coming it's seems to be doesn't right way at all I need to tell dev about how I and most of ppl that need to play this game what they have to facing right now. -Open the game -Wait for Loading screen for 5-15 min (up to luck or spec maybe) -Wait to black screen and then connecting to WW3 Servers about 5-10 more min -Finally in the game -Quick join and pray for match or Crash and then We have to start over again.. I don't want to say your game is bad ,No your game have amazing concept and fun gameplay but you know? Why we need to try hard to get into 1-2 match before it's gonna crash again I know that you need feedback from us we gave it to you but the thing I want to know for sure. -How did you know the problem solved , any proof? or only listen to some feedback from some players? -What Computer spec do you used to test about any bug or crash that happen right now. -Why you focus on Balancing gameplay first when most of players suffer from waiting so long to get into the game. -Why you need to have PTE in EA you should just give it live so you will get more feedback from live players more than wait for some players to have to "Download PTE" and then have to rollback to live again with more problem between different Cilent that I'm pretty sure it will have problem. -I know UR4 is pretty hard to Optimist So should we change new game engine or something that will make this game better about simple thing every game have first "get in the game in less than 3 min" before improve anything upcoming into the game. This is just I want to say and I love this game I love how they will grow up in the future but I hope before end of this year we should get some good news or this game will be just wait for refunds best regards and thx for reading this.
  4. as topic these rounds make 0 damage to everything even the blast seems to be only effect but no damage to anything even human , as they said it's can be guided by gunner but it's seem to be go straight like other round so I stop using it after I found this glitch so I don't know this fixed now or it's happen only some match so pls check about it , thank you.
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