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  1. Hmmm....you all are missing a point in regard to it being easy to take down. Let me repeat, player went 70 and 11 in a single game with a full server. That is a problem. As for not being optimized for AMD, that's a shame as most newer PCs are probably going to be swapping to that with the new hardware they just launched. Anyway, last I'm looking at this thread you chads have fun.
  2. You introduced a helicopter with unlimited ammo, fast maneuvering and high damage against all targets from what I've seen, with no anti-air of any kind. Sure, there is a chance you'll hit them with an RPG, but the RPG move so slow and the chopper so fast that they can almost always dodge it, just watched a dude go 70 and 11 because of this thing. So, simple question my father asked me a lot as a young boy, what in the hell were you thinking? Other than that garbage, digging the game still. Having stutter issues on a Ryzen 1700 at 3.7GHz, EVGA 1070 SC, and 16GB of RAM, roughly every 15 seconds, or moving too quickly will cause the game to bottom out on frames.
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