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    donate supplies does not work?

    Cool thanks for explaining!
  2. Pew-Pew

    donate supplies does not work?

    What that donate supplies thing even does? And how to acquire those supplies?
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    My issues with WW3

    Hi all, I kinda like the game so far. Maps are cool, game pace is right, but my problem with the game is that it runs poorly. I know it is early access, but to me optimization is very important for an early access game: I think it is more so, than the amount of content available. Hopefully devs can have a look at it make it run a bit better. BFV, for instance looks more demanding to hardware and it still runs better on my PC. My other issue is that there things like are factions and season rewards, but I can't find any information anywhere on what it is and how it is supposed to work. Not a big deal, because early access, I know. But it'd be nice if something, that is already in the game, was explained in passing somewhere. Thanks for reading, and I hope this game becomes big.
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    Say Hello!

    Hi all, My name is Pew-Pew, I used to be a big fan of BF4. I've bought this game because it looks cool and I want it to succeed. See you on the battlefield!