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  1. The player count dropped the most each time you released a broken/unfinished patch. Lots of players were waiting for you to fix certain things, and when a new patch was released you could see alot of players coming back. But as the patches got released and the same problems remained, I think people just gave up and started waiting until the game is "playable" for them.
  2. Care to explain ? Camera shake regardless of where you get hit ?
  3. If you wanna know abit more about how anti cheats work and their limitations.
  4. "Because of the new TTK, this is not so noticeable" This is exactly what triggers me. For me the game was beyond broken when I sometimes sprayed a full mag on a player running and almost no hits got registered. But I was sure that they were working hard to fix it and saw it as a very high priority thing. But now it feels like they "fixed" it by lowering the TTK. Which I really hope is not the case. Now imagine if they fix the hit reg issues, the TTK will feel EVEN LOWER. And at that point they would probably have to adjust it again. So I feel that this has to be a temporary thing because it will get so much worse when they fix the real issue.
  5. I was flying around like this once for around 10 minutes, killing people all over the map and defending points everywhere. If the tank is stationary you can almost control where you are going ?
  6. A few people on a forum doesnt represent the whole community. Lets say they make a decision based on what 10-20 people say here. Then when the game gets released it hits 10k+ players every day. When those 10k people say the TTK is fine, then that is what the community wants. People hate me when I compare CS:GO to this game but here goes. The developers of CS:GO never make any change directed to casual or new players when it comes to balance (ttk, recoil, everything like that). They always have the competitive scene in mind. Even if they make a change that the pro scene doesnt like, they revert/fix it right away. Now go check out reddit/hltv/official csgo forums, over 90% of the people posting suggestions and what not there are LOW RANKED PLAYERS that do not understand what it is like to play at a higher level. If the developers would listen to them then CS:GO would be dead along time ago. I remember when I played COD back in the days before they went full retard. Almost all of my "noob" friends played hardcore mode, because it was easier for them. Crazy low ttk requires less skill to kill, simple as that. I always played with snipers and hated hardcore mode even tho the sniper was a 1 shot kill there. I played way better with a higher TTK which required a HS to kill with one bullet or 2 bullets to the chest if they had full hp. What im trying to say is with the TTK too low, everybody can kill fast. The really skilled players get no reward for their crazy aim and reactions. And that takes out alot of fun from the game for these high skilled players. Which is also why so many "casuals" enjoy this change so much, because they feel they got better at the game. But in reality the game just got easier. I loved it when I read that the developers came from a competitive FPS scene, because most games being made these days are made by people who are **** at their own game. Alot of things have improved since release but I dont like the way you went lately with cheaper strikes, lower ttk, annoying recoil patterns etc.
  7. I have the exact same problem. Got a little bit better with another engine.ini from one of the guides here and some commands in launch options and also putting every setting to low. But its still there and im pretty sure it causes alot of unnecessary stress to my system.
  8. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): I think I spawned on the squad leader who was in a tank as a passanger. And I actually spawned in the tank but my screen just keeps flying across the map and I can shoot and kill players wherever my screen is. You can see I get points etc for capturing C1 where the tank is. Eventually I die because the tank gets blown up. This has happened to me many times and I can press F at any point and just exit the tank and everything goes back to normal. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 0.4 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Spawn on squad leader while he is in a Tank with no more room for passengers. Might be the same on all vehicles. Try directly spawning in a full vehicle aswell. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): CRASH LOG (if any): Side note: There was also 41/40 players in the server and this one guy said that it was the reason they crash. You can see it in the chat.
  9. Just my opinions and thoughts on some features/changes/bugs.. Recoil @ Full auto, needs work. There is no way in **** anyone can learn those patterns. I understand you wanted to encourage people to not play full auto all day and spray everywhere but the hard horizontal kicks are just bs imo. Feels so random that theres no way to counter them. Server browser/Quick Join - Its really bugged, keeps spamming me with errors called "Other reason" etc. If you try to join a full game in the browser, you get stuck loading forever after the error message. Quick Join is also buggy as it keeps trying to put me in full servers alot, which never happened before, and keeps spamming me with errors. Server stability - So many server sided crashes where the whole server just gets empty, from what I heard its only in WZ. Camos/Colors etc - Some colors/camos save, some dont. Suddenly parts of your camo gets reset to default and what not. Map Rotation - Doesnt work. Team Balancing - Doesnt work as intented, needs work. TTK - People say its lowered, and it feels lowered. I didnt pay attention to all the patch notes lately. Fix the hitreg issues instead and you will get the same feel but more skill will be involved. Strikes - Its out of control in WZ now, too much stuff going on.
  10. Dont think this is the only reason. Almost every full Warzone server crashes for me.
  11. So I seen alot of posts about Map Rotation being broken, but not a single response to it, and even in 0.4 it doesnt work. Every server is supposed to change maps after a game is finished right ? Or did I miss something ?
  12. I see these posts everywhere, here, FB, Steam. No arguments, no nothing. "Game is dead, just had to share my feelings because reasons". Yes the devs made mistakes, shit happened, but creating another useless crybaby post about it wont help. There are tons of posts about it already with real suggestions and criticism, maybe have a look around before you post.
  13. Thought we had this settled already.
  14. And this is exactly why they have PTE. To not release broken patches to the LIVE build that makes people cry and write shit about the game and then uninstall it.
  15. Because most people playing LIVE are not interested in helping the developers, they just want to play the game as smooth as possible.
  16. I dont care about them either, but when the devs can do a minor thing to shut them the fk up and make them enjoy the game I think they should go for it. I can post 10 screenshots within 1 minute right now filled with "OMFDG SMOLENks WtF THIS gaME nOT eVEN ALPHA???" etc
  17. If you look around in other WW3 communities you will see people cry about that map every day, so yes it hurts the community because most people who bought WW3 didnt buy it to test anything or support the devs, they just wanna play. The real issue here tho is that they still didnt make any advanced filters for joining games which has been suggested countless times, and also doesnt take alot of effort anyways. I think the devs settled with the simple "Quick Join" because they eventually started working on a server browser instead. But they could still take an extra 30 min just to add some variables for maps atleast. If people would be able to choose to search for games with specific maps, modes etc then nobody would complain. Should be in the game regardless.
  18. Yes, couldnt care less about the modern Aks Its just legendary, and with the amount of AK-47's world wide they would be used for sure even in WW4 lol
  19. Still waiting................
  20. I agree it needs work. Not being able to spawn on the squad leader while he is in a firefight is pretty obvious. But there will always be cases as Tzoning points out where its just broken and gives too much of an advantage. But personally, at this stage I dont think it should be completely removed, but reworked. If the devs come up with a good way to balance it then id be fine with it.
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