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  1. The blue line in the picture has a bug where its like the bottom of the old fence is still there and you cant pass over it or get caught in certain positions, has been like this since the passage has been opened so not to sure if it has been reported, I did have a quick search DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): see pic and above GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3544726 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): TDM move over selected position SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): n/a CRASH LOG (if any): n/a
  2. MG5 is my go to gun for the 0.4 patch, seems rate of fire is damn important. Some clips for you https://www.twitch.tv/raptv/clip/EmpathicObedientVampireRickroll https://www.twitch.tv/raptv/clip/TemperedCheerfulGoblinKeepo
  3. raptv

    Is the new TTK here to stay ?

    Personally I hope they change it atleast a bit, all you need to do now is pick the highest rate of fire gun and you can dominate, especially with the MG's
  4. raptv

    Feedback on Update 0.4

    Agree with most people here the TTK is way to fast, honestly where it was before imo was perfect except .3 with the hitreg. Armour is now completely useless and with gunfights I almost feel like I die to whoever has the higher rate of firing gun, MG5 now rules Overall the stability, optimisation is so much better, I can easily play warzone now with a good FPS and no issues at all, also had no crashes this patch. Sounds are awesome, claymores are awesome, community is awesome Although the time it takes to preallocate and install a patch drives me insane
  5. raptv

    Price reduction/sale

    Agree with this, once its in a better state then I am sure its nothing a few open test weekends wouldnt fix
  6. raptv

    Well done F51

    Not what I mean When you purchase all the attachments you have to go back and individually fit them, there should be a buy and fit all purchased parts option
  7. raptv

    DMG Nine-Milli

    You can literally mod the shit outta it
  8. raptv

    Well done F51

    Played .4 today and wow what an improvement to the game the patch is, it really has made the game alot of fun to play again and the work you have put it shows. Going to quickly try break down some of the things I am enjoying or need a bit of attention imo New sounds - Love the new sounds, hit markers, explosions, everything sounds tons better Bullet Penetration - Completely changes the dimension of some of the game play and much needed Moscow TDM - Brilliant map, spawns do need work as they are so easy to get spawn camped into Warzone - Gone from being completely unplayable to now decent frames, so the optimisation work is definitely happening No crashes - Played the new patch for 3 hours with zero crashes, although there is server lag/stutter but I know you guys are aware of this New Gun + Claymores - Is literally like a laser once you put a stock and a grip on it, claymores work well but for tdm maybe one per person Gun customisation - still no option to fit all parts purchased Cannot wait for full release onto public servers could be a complete game changer, nice one guys
  9. raptv

    0.3 Update killed the game

    Glad I'm glad im not alone in feeling like this, I would of been happy if it got rolled back to .2... .4 cannot come soon enough I just hope they fix the gunplay, crashes and hitreg
  10. raptv

    0.3 Sorry folks,not fun at all

    100% with you this post, actually stopping playing it at the moment till the hitreg and crash issues are fixed. 0.3 has been a disaster of an update especially for the people that enjoy TDM. Berlin seems especially broken for hitreg and the assault rifle gunplay just now feels a bit meh. As always I'm sure the Devs will address these issues but it should of been sooner than this. I've always loved the game but this patch is actually making me not want to play it
  11. raptv

    Warsaw is a terrible tdm map

    Warsaw personally is my favourite map, has a great flow to the game as long as your team does not camp up in spawn. Berlin on the other hand I'm not to keen
  12. raptv

    Hit registration

    I'm not sure what they have done to the G36 but its gone from being my favourite to now I dont use it after the patch. Over 50+ meters the accuracy sucks now, returned back to the AK-15 Sadly not dude
  13. raptv

    Hit registration

    Hit reg is definitely an issue after the latest patch, especially TDM Berlin.