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  1. I pretty much play non stop TDM now, not because I dislike warzone its just TDM is so damn good. If there is any other people that love TDM and are looking for good players to play with then hit me up and join our discord. We currently have 3-4 squad members that play TDM regularly and they are of a very high standard, does not matter if you have no mic TDM is kind of free role anyway but we try to help each other. My discord server https://discord.gg/6MjbT8G
  2. Been playing a fair few hours of TDM now as for me its completely made me fall in love with the play style, I like war but TDM is fast paced gameplay and literally cannot wait until it goes live Few things that I've picked up on the test servers Optimisation - in every chat box people are going crazy about how much their frame rate has improved and how much smoother the game feels especially in TDM Ammo - not sure if its just me but ammo is proving to be a slight issue in TDM, lots of people are running round with the first aid kit so you can quickly re-heal yourself I wonder if there could be a similar small ammo pouch that you can throw down and pick up Melee - the melee range/hit reg is very hit and miss. I feel i need to be on top of the enemy player to actually hit him have saved a few clips of this Night mode - Looks absolutely amazing on TDM, like seriously good hopefully this is something we will see more on additional maps Railings on Warsaw - I imagine this is a complete pain in the arse to get the hit boxes sorted for but there is alot of the areas in the game where you can be shot at through the railings and you shoot back and cant shoot through them. Recovery from vaulting - when jumping from a height i feel the recovery time is very very slow to be able to look around, now i've had mixed feedback in my chat about this some saying its a good thing others saying its not. I feel in TDM the recovery could potential be sped up slight but no issues with it in war Overall the general way the game plays in TDM is nothing short of brilliant, the games generally always tend to be fair and very well balanced, I just look forward to the day when we have VOIP! Hope this is the right place to drop this but its jsut some of my thoughts on the latest patch
  3. raptv

    TDM Warsaw level exploit

    showed one of the devs while in game this path and he said you should not be able to get in there it should be blocked, but I agree with you guys I think it would be great to be opened up and tested on possibly the next test patch? Then can see if it plays any different
  4. Same with squad lead appointing new positions to attack/defend doesnt reaally work anymore on the test server. Unable to select certain flags