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  1. maddinii

    Defending Role

    I'm allowed to quote myself, because i'm cool:
  2. maddinii

    Post your experience with Squads

    As summary. Everybody seems to be the same opinion about Defender role and there now is a separate Topic for it from @Fullback As for the squad lead. It seems like everybody is using it to get more points by bouncing it back and forth to where their team is located at. I heavily focus on giving orders that seem necessary to me like defending a certain point that me and the team is close by, but i do see myself giving orders just for points every now and then. Squad Lead currently seems more as an additional tool to earn more points - Let's be honest this is perfectly fine, because you want to get something for your work, right? Also there is no punishment for being a "bad" (this is subjective) squad lead, even tho your team is not getting as many points as a team with a "good" squad lead (As Idol example you can take the angry pikachus respond to how he leads a squad - meant positive). In addition there is no punishment for being a bad team member ether, besides getting less points. Considering all of the responses (Yes, i have been reading this book) i think there should be no extra points awarded if a team member spawns on you, because that's a bonus you are providing to them - instead there should be points to encourage team members to spawn on you. As well as additional points for Radio requests like UAV etc. This might not solve the problem, but surely could enhance team play a bit more. What do you think?
  3. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): Shortly before the metagame updates (World State Update) i am unable to join a match - stuck at deploying. There is no difference in clicking Quick Join or manually joining a match, it's just stuck at deploying until 1 or 2 minutes after the metagame update finishes. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3428619 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Not sure. I have like 5 minutes before metagame update and then i can't join until it's finished. It just doesn't do anything and sometimes even resets the connection, so that i got to click Deploy again. Once finished it works okay again. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): Windows 10 Home x64 AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core-Processor (8CPU's) ~4.0 Ghz 14 GB RAM DirectX 12 AMD Radeon R9 200 Series CRASH LOG (if any): ----------
  4. maddinii

    Pay to test?

    I can understand it a bit tho. Years ago people would be payed to test a game, not the other way around. It's also frustrating because a lot of bugs get mainly noticeable when the game is in a stable state (ish) state. With constant crashes many bugs get missed and there was so many bug reports I highly doubt that any developer can sort trough them all, that's why they get a copy + paste respond. Also as the others have mentioned it's not the same sort of "beta game" that you would have years back, where your feedback was needed more or less only to find bugs. The advantage of early access is, that you can bring in your own ideas. Of course it does also have disadvantages as with everything in life.
  5. As far as I know there was a "maybe" to different spawn times depending on the situation. A bit slower is OK, but for me I'm thinking about maybe 2 seconds. Nothing major like 10 - 20 seconds. What times did you think about?
  6. maddinii

    Berlin Spawn Bug B2

    That bug has been reported by others already (thank you). I'm curious about the image provided, was this edited? You seem to have no strikes or no strike names. This was a bug on the test servers before but was patched.
  7. maddinii

    Warsaw is a terrible tdm map

    *cough* Smolensk *cough* Talking about smolensk currently is bad to play as you have no cover due to walls being paper (shoot trough anything). It is however not a bad map. In fact I quite like the open areas and a lot of people have the same opinion and just wished that trees and walls would be solid. This is true and then again it's not. I don't play it that often and when I did there was a least one camper, but: you do kind of know where to expect them, as they mainly in certain areas. My feeling about Warsaw is not the same as topic openers. I have had rounds where I would "defend" from one position throughout the entire round. Not because I'm a camper but because enemies kept running in to me then I heal, reload and there is the next one already. I have also had rounds where you can't set a foot out as you get shot from all sides and it is very frustrating at times, when you or your team is being shot at from 4 different directions. I would love to see something like a barrier that rotates with the earned kills starting from 12'o and then pushing ether side depending on the kills. The barrier opens like a new path to go trough from only one side and is blocked for the other team with less points. Like a ramp for example. But that's just me, would be interesting to hear what others think about this. Anyway. In short terms : Berlin yes, Warsaw no. My personal opinion stated with subjective reasons.
  8. maddinii

    Cheating discussion

    Well ^^ we have proven that there has been hackers in the past. There is also currently a small set of people that seem to have neither recoil nor spread.
  9. maddinii

    Crash reporter

    I have several .dmp files on my computer just wondering if I need to upload them or if the crash reporter is enough?
  10. maddinii

    Post your experience with Squads

    There is definitely not enough rewards for defending. For some reason you only get defending kill points if you are inside the area, which usually isn't true as there is enemies there and you want to shoot them out of there. Also some times there is only like 1 person capturing which makes less action compared to full 10 man war fights on certain locations. Maybe at this point the nature of the point reward could be based on the role you have chosen? For example an attacker role will only get defending points for a kill when inside the objective but will get points for attacking enemies objectives from outside. A defender role will get points from shooting attackers from outside the conquered area but will get points for attacking an enemy objective only when inside the area. (sorry I hope that made sense?) As for the squad play. Still don't know what to suggest here
  11. maddinii

    Post your experience with Squads

    I feel with you. Overall it often does not feel very rewarding to squad play. Yes to Tzone also. When I am squad lead I have seen a lot of people prefer to spawn near where the action is and only rarely do I get a person spawning on me, when I'm taking an objective further away. For all fairness I do believe that the points are sufficient. As I get better with the game my average score also increases and I get between 8 and 12k per match, which is lately rather going up then down. These points are enough to rank up in an acceptable amount of time. The behavior of just wanting to get action is perfectly understandable to me, but also it kind of breaks core parts of the game like the gadgets, as everybody seems to be picking ether ammo or medic, even after the armor debuff. I have actually seen my armor break before, but starting a battle with full health is just more important then having armor as I can still get a couple kills with full armor. In total we feel like the squad play does not provide enough "action" to be usefully without a dedicated team?
  12. maddinii

    Where are Developers ?

    They are answering. It just mainly happens in the Bug Reports and Ideas & Suggestion Areas, as they are to busy fixing the game, rather then caring for General stuff
  13. If you read the title - i do not mean your highlights as in best and worst moments of squad play. I mean the actual game play it self. Following orders Giving orders Earning points Playing together (These are just examples) When playing alone (or more precisely without a pre-made squad) i often have the feeling, that squads are too scattered around the map. I remember one situation in Warsaw small, where me and my entire squad was capturing Alpha 1, while our squad lead is running between Charlie 1 and Charlie 2. He's also giving order for Charlie, without realizing that his team is on the other side of the map (quite literally) and can't currently respond to that order. At this point i probably should have changed squad, but i never thought about it, until the match was over. I was just to busy fighting and wondering why he wasn't paying attention. I don't really have a solution to this other then maybe after 10 minutes of personal play time shuffle the squads based on the average distance to all squad leaders. This would make sure you are in the place you want to be, as you can't always change squad. Giving orders is like a box of surprise - you never know, what you get. But: I did notice a (massive) difference here depending on the skills of the squad leader. If the squad leader is an average to good player, then people are more likely to spawn on your and / or follow order, as if you were on the bottom of the scoreboard (which makes sense to me) and also depending on the "quality of your orders". I'll use Moscow this time and this is pure imagination: Just think about a squad successfully captured Bravo 1 and then the leader order to attack Charlie 2, while our team has no link available and bravo 2 is in enemies hands. I'm not going to follow this order, simply because it's stupid (in my opinion). As for the skill it doesn't seem to really matter how many kills you have it's more or less how many fights you can survive or if you get killed instantly. Combining all of this: People seem to be more willing to follow if you are O-K at whatever you are doing and if your orders make sense. In addition to this i found, that a lot of people like Squad Leader that ask for them to engage like in chat i would write "UAV for Charlie 2, please" and more often then not you'd actually get a uav then plus your team is now paying more attention to your actions. This is all based on my personal experience, what is your experience? I'm not too sure what to say about earning points. The squad leader when he has a good squad will get a large amount of points, regardless of being a good player or not. Team member do not get as many points for following orders, then the squad leader gets for giving orders. This would make sense, if we had a bigger variety of strikes available, so the squad lead can actually do something usefully with the points, but currently hmm. Not sure. I have seen people abuse the automatic squad change just to get more points for less actions, by spamming the X button over objectives, even when the current squad lead is actually giving good orders. Of coarse i have also seen dedicated squad leader that did everything in their power to help the team. I think the main problem here is the amount of opportunities with battle points. You can have 4 strikes. I use a Jamming Radar, Artillery for cover, Bombing run for precise attacks (like on vehicles) and a vehicle. I don't like driving a vehicle, because i suck at doing it, so i spawn it at base and who finds it gets it. But people tend to shoot me with my own tank for whatever stupid reason (yes this legitimately happens and it happens frequently) or drive the big boy directly trough the dead zone and loose it in seconds. The Artillery and Bombing run really are only usefully for specific situations and so is the jamming, with the addition that it can be very annoying for others. Unfortunately the Jamming to does Jam the UGV (which is should do, as it's just a drone controlled from distance). So the vehicle spawns get more and more rare, as i'm tired of dieing to my own vehicle and the rest is only good in certain situations. Usually i have enough points for them, but no where to put them and this seems to apply a lot to squad leaders. The only really usefully strike is the UAV, which you can use pretty much anywhere at any time, but can be easily rendered useless with jamming (well in theory. Doesn't work, because people still remain marked on the map, even tho there is no new markings). What is your experience? How do you get your squad to follow orders? Do you always follow orders (what makes you not follow them?)
  14. Read it 3 times and still can't understand it, sorry. What are all those shortcuts? MB, PTFO... Okay i do know what you mean with BP. If i understand you want to add kills counting towards the team score that the teams get for capturing objectives? Like the 5000 Limit score? This is already the case for Team Death Match (kind of) and in warzone kills don't matter and also it would be a bad idea to make people focus more or kills rather then score and team play. The actual point was - from my understanding - to give the badly loosing team a chance to get points anyway. This is perfectly reasonable, as they currently don't get any points without an active link. Just not the right way to do it.
  15. maddinii

    New FPS guide

    I struggle to follow this topic right now. I do understand, that 60 FPS is better then 30 FPS, as you can see the difference in game and your movement and gameplay seems overall more fluid. I can not however see the difference in 60 and 100 FPS. Besides that having 30, 60 or 100 FPS does not change the accuracy of me and my weapon, so how is 200 FPS going to change how good you are? 200 FPS is way more, then you eye can actually see. As for the other part: Not sure what is meant with obstacles? Do you mean the light as an obstacle? With that i fully agree, but besides that i don't know what this means, as i can't see any removed obstacles. What i can understand is the FPS drops. Like when the FPS drops very quickly you would encounter game stuttering, yes i have seen this before. As for me there is quite an easy solution just by pressing a few buttons. I turn off Vertical Refresh in game and activate that one from AMD Radeon Software, because it's a lot quicker and then i'd go and activate Radeon Chill which keeps my Framerate between x and y. The refresh would make sure that in heavy scenarios (like an airstrike hits next to you and in a second you have all those particles) the software wait's a second before showing the Frame. At least this works perfectly fine for me. As for the actual topic i think we all (and yes that includes me, i do apologize) are being to harsh. Keeping it by fair criticism is fine, but at this point it's going to far. Topic was meant as a helpfully adviser for all people out there, including those involved in the topic and i believe we are doing unfair with this kind of discussion. Why would you want to hate against somebody who literally posted something with the intent of helping others? Seems wrong to me. PS: No, this statement does not chance my opinion on the guide as such, it's still the same as above.