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  1. @Polak Asking here, because it seems the right topic. If we do get in to the testing group - Will be provided with a new / wiped account for testing or do we continue with our current accounts? Asking this, because on my current account I have reached max rank and due to previous bugs have purchased many many items double, while they kept disappearing. A new account would allow to test the economy etc.
  2. To me this means the game is lost entirely. I have played games from My.games before and they were pay 2 win. Not just a bit like buy a new weapon that is 1% more effective, but by a massive amount: for example getting Levels, Experience, Super weapons, Armor Sets, all that kind of stuff was only available trough in-game store with ridiculous prices. I quickly stopped playing Skyforge years ago. The Farm 51 already has a bad reputation, especially due to the lack of communication and now they are collaborating with a company that shares an even worse reputation? I have absolutely no doubt, that soon you will see Micro Transactions etc. First in a small scale to make you think "Hmm it's not so bad" and then they'll push an update for ridiculous prices. That's how it works. They had a chance and they messed up. Putting more money in to this won't change anything, especially after My.games is on board. Worst decision they could have made. I have been around since the initial launch and now finally i can say: This game has no future. I liked the game like many others, but it is naive to thing this will save the game.
  3. You are on that list as the only person since years and i can still see all of your messages so the one who needs help is you. Psychiatric help is what I'm talking about.
  4. Yeah thanks for not sparing my feelings. I had to cry after this. The attached post and the fact, that you knew exactly who i meant even without saying a name just proofs my point. You should be banned from the Forums, but obviously they don't care. The Forum doesn't even have a function to ignore people or at least i haven't found it.
  5. Watching this Video just made me feel ashamed of being German. The sounds is so terrible. Honestly no German speaks like this. This sound fits to a Nazi in WW2, but not to the modern day Soldier and when he started shouting GRANATE GRANTEEEEEEE. I thought yeah okay, it's pretty obvious what the devs think about the germans.
  6. Players wanted an alternative to being one shot by snipers every 2 Minutes, which is why they were begging for some brain dead mass slaughter mode (TDM). However it was actually only a very small hand full of players who really wanted TDM. At that time most people were concerned about getting a Server Browser, which kept getting denied. It eventually made it's way in to the game by now, but at the time it came the player base was already that low, that it didn't really matter. I know i keep bringing this up, but it's one of the things that i simply can not understand - The SCAR-H. From the very first day it came it has been bugged and it's still suffering from the same bugs up to this day, but it's almost a mystery. You see at some point the weapon actually worked as intended, all the bugs were fixed. Then a new patch comes out and surprise the weapon suffers from the same bugs it had before. Why is this happening? How can a bug, that was fixed make it's way back in to the game this frequently? It's almost like somebody of the devs is deliberately trying to sabotage the development which would be absurd, right? Right? My biggest concern for the games future right now is the reply of this topic: Thinking of the HUD again. Nobody knew it was coming, nobody likes it and it was announced with a big bang. Is this the type of cool new things that are planned? If so then shoot me. But what do we know. There is no Information about it anywhere. Santa is bringing you gifts. Will it be coal or a present? You won't know until he's there. That's the lack of communication I'm talking about. PS: One reason i stopped visiting this forum frequently and posting feedbacks is because of one specific user, that has been verbally attacking people in almost every other post since 2 years. I can not understand how he is not banned yet, that's just unbelievable to me. His words: "talking about bunch of blind noobs who can't see "Early Access" and few more words" "Let me guess: u r relatively new to WW3, right?" It might sound harmless at first, but if every other player gets called a noob or inexperienced and at the same time devs say "We have the best community here - blah blah" then i can't help but laugh and take nothing serious that they say. I can guarantee you, that most people will know which person i was talking about. Changing constructive feedback for that seems to be the way to go.
  7. For me personally i do not care about the bad start, it wasn't the issue on why i stopped playing. The major issue is the lack of communication and focus. Take for example the HUD. Nobody knew it was coming, because there was no Info about it. It was just like "surprise" there's a new HUD for you. The problem is, me and 90% of the people i spoke to prefer the "old" HUD, because the new one is just too complicated, to clunky, to obstructing. It's a generally bad HUD. Now ofc there is a hand full of people who like it, but the majority does not and the reaction from devs? -> Ignore. A lot of things like the original customization system got changed and the game slowly progressed to a worse state then before. The 0.2 customization was really damn cool - one of the best I've seen. Then they decided to change it and it's garbage now. 0815 customization poorly balanced (or not balanced at all actually) and the promised 100's of different attachments that have meanwhile been taken out of the roadmap never came. There was a huge drop in player base since i think it was 0.6 or 0.7 ? Well the game was crashing every 10 minutes and last time i played it still crashed twice on me. Obviously it's only an alpha game yeah, but people are meant to test the game. How do you test a game that you can not properly play? Getting feedback by launching an alpha version is a generally good idea, except for you have to actually listen to the feedback and that never happened once. I saw a good bunch of posts and news saying "the community wanted this and we did it!" - hurray! Except for how comes i never saw a post about it and nether did anybody else? Things were just completely made up and at some point i realized, that there is just no hope for this game. Even when it releases in full version you can expect a few players joining, but not for long... //EDIT Sorry my bad, it is still in the Roadmap hidden on the bottom and says not hundred, but "THOUSANDS OF CUSTOMIZATION COMBINATIONS". Yeah lol. From the 5 options you have now to that is a long way... Just saying...
  8. The amount of ignorance and intolerance is unbelievable and i'm not surprised at all, that the community numbers are so low, when everybody gets greeted with "noob" and other stuff that almost looks like a hatemail. @Devs - This dude is destroying your forums and he has been doing this ever since i first saw a post from him.
  9. @tynblpb You completely missed the point with the attachments. As you already said, certain attachments have for example 0.7 recoil. Now the thing is, 0.7 recoil is better then 0.9 recoil. In mathematics it's the equivalent of 0.7*1. So the 0.7 is the best and that is exactly the problem, because there is a "best item", when there shouldn't be. It leaves this one item as most valuable option and all other items that have for example 0.8 are not worth using because of this. 3 People have tried to explain it to you and you always answer with "noob", when you never understood what they were talking about. Your tutorial which you are so proud of an keep bringing up is completely useless in the case of the blurry graphics problem. The fact, that i can change all settings entirely (i.e. have AA on or off) doesn't make a difference in terms of how blurry the game is makes it clear, that the problem has nothing to do with the in-game settings, instead it is a problem with the graphics engine. Again just to make it absolutely clear: Even if i followed your tutorial all the way trough, do exactly what you did - i still get a blurry image. I can not say it any more obvious then this. One thing you are right about is the Patch Notes. You said i didn't read the patch notes and that is correct. When i want to test a game, i don't go and read up about months long history of patch notes, just to find out that i shouldn't use a vehicle that easily could have been disabled. For your information: It takes what 1 minute to disable an attachment / weapon / vehicle in-game, so people can't select it. But it hasn't been done, instead new players are greeted with a broken piece of the game, which gives a bad reputation and this game has an undeniably and irreparably bad reputation despite it being early access - because the main focus is on things that were never necessary like the new ugly hud that hurts my eyes.
  10. Doesn't matter. Makes no difference. I tried to make a video showing it with a ton of different settings and combinations, but the only thing that makes a change is the "Sharpness" slider, which is already on 100. Makes sense, that a sharpness slider makes the game look sharper, but it's still blurry. Furthermore for whatever reason the 2 videos that i made always crash the render program at the same point, where i change graphic settings. Not sure what's going on there, but it's a repeating pattern. Something that the renderer can't handle is in the settings. //EDIT I managed to upload the video directly to YT. In case you don't notice: My "test object" is that beautifully levitating bush right in front.
  11. I think i was a bit unclear in terms of sounds. Yes the weapons sounds are not very great, but those i can live with to be honest. An overhaul is certainly required, but it's more things like the voice actress that got me thinking like what the hell. Here is a sample i recorded. It just sounds so... Strange and unnatural. ECV, PCV, DCV. I can't even understand what the heck he is actually saying. It could even be PCB or ECB i don't know. @HeiligeRobbe - What you described with the interface is pretty much what i meant. I just can't have a "quick glance" at the information i need or want, because it's so cluttered. It's an awfully design and was never necessary in the first place. I keep bringing up the customization, because i think from that point on everything went downhill. "THOUSANDS OF CUSTOMIZATION COMBINATIONS" - from the Roadmap. We have a couple of options (not even close to a hundred), of which 2 or maybe 3 are actually of value. It's far, far away from what was promised. Same for the gadgets, strikes and weapons. The thing about the past updates is. It didn't do anything. Not for me at least. I reported blurriness of the game back in 0.3 and the focus was on an updated version of the game engine, performance fixes etc. So many performance fixes, that didn't actually do anything for me. It's still blurry, i still have the same fps as back in 0.3 after updating my graphics card and i still can not see very well. No doubt, that it probably helped for a lot of people with lower graphics cards, but i just kind of expected an issue like this to be addressed much much earlier. As soon as it was reported back then, the work should have started and it's still not started up to this point, even after the engine update. The truth is, that the past months just left the game in a worse state then it was, when i stopped playing because of constant crashes and blurriness. I think you was already around at that time, when the game used to crash on every 2nd match, so you might know what i mean.
  12. That seems odd to me, considering that it sticks to vehicles even behind walls and sometimes also to persons. However if it is really meant to be like this, then it is broken anyway, as it sometimes sticks and sometimes doesn't. I can't find the clip for it, i probably deleted it already, but here is one scenario: A dude was hiding behind a concrete barrier as cover and kept popping his head out. I marked him and the marker was kind of stuck to his head, but at the same time wasn't. Every time he looked up again the marker moved position to his head, even when he moved left and right. Then he crouched and the marker was stuck on the edge of the barrier, completely blocking my vision. It's like this kids game with the hammer, where you got to hammer the thing in time before it goes back down.
  13. If the Title sounds negative to you, you are in the right track. Be prepared. The game in this state is broken in every single aspect. Not just a small bug that is fixed with the next patch. It is fundamentally broken. From weapons to customization to vehicles and graphics. Weapons and customization is a good point, let's start there. For those that don't know - When i first started playing (Back in 0.2) there was hundreds of customization options. I mean hundreds. It was a dream, really. You could literally build your own weapon from pieces - how epic is this. You got a few options now, but nothing like it was before. You are limited by basically everything. All attachments are rendered useless, as the only thing you want to have is the lowest recoil and weight. Everything else will make you ineffective in combat due to the poor balancing of the attachments. By the way: Half of the attachments are broken. You have to purchase standard barrels that come with the weapon, otherwise you can't change it, but if you just choose a different handguard, you are automatically equipped with a longer or shorter barrel - without paying extra. A smart bypass, but that's not really the issue. It's kind of frustrating to buy everything over and over. By the way: Today i bought the new "Battle Rifle" M whatever. It's basically a SCAR with different texture. No unique feeling to it, apart from oh. The scar isn't working at all. Why is this weapon even in the game like this, help me understand? The scar is not the only weapon. When i was using the AK-15 i noticed a weird behavior when firing. It actually made me laugh to be honest. How could you mess up a weapon so badly, that the recoil pattern goes DOWN instead of UP? I mean seriously? I was shooting, without moving the mouse and the weapon was going down. DOWN. How can you brake something like this? Okay so the customization system is pretty much ruined. No freedom, just pick best in slot and go and oh don't pick the SCAR. I don't know how many times this weapon was broken and then fixed and then broken again. What about the graphics? Did you see the graphics in the above video? That's everything on maximum. Below is another example. Maybe it's not very well visible from a video, but this is in full hd and i can't even tell, if the cone (you know the orange white cone street workers use) is a 3d object or painted to the floor, because there is no sharpness whatsoever to it. Just look at the paper, the edges or anywhere really. It starts hurting your eyes after a while. Did i mention, that i got spawn camped after both of these videos? In the first one they can drive a Tank up to where you stand and literally kill you as you spawn. The second one not that bad, at least no vehicles, but they can easily walk up the corner or the door. Let's be fair. I mean okay it was my own fault i was being pretty dumb standing right in the middle of his sight, without any cover, but that's not the point tho. I noticed, that i have only 3 Strikes now and the interface for it looks complete garbage. In fact the entire interface looks bad, in every aspect. From small easy to see buttons it went to fully clustered screen with text basically everywhere. The weapon and strike overview used to look very simple and optically ok. One look at it and you knew, what you wanted to know. Now you have to scan the screen for what you want and find it in between everything else. There is no simple overview anymore, everything looks kind of complicated. But back to the point. Strikes or more precisely vehicle strikes. Yeah i called in a tank, because that's the only logical thing to do apparently. I emptied the first "round" and after that the vehicle was basically useless. The turret got stuck in "reload". I could switch the weapons to the machine gun, which did basically no damage and was highly inaccurate, but the primary weapon was broken beyond repair just from reloading. Oh if you are wondering, what i mean with "the only logical thing to do": Basically everybody has a tank or Artillery strike, because the other ones are not worth the slots. You used to have 6 slots, now you got 3 and you don't really want to have a quad copter that you call and it instantly breaks for no apparent reason. An honorable mention goes also to the marking system. I tried to not swear throughout the whole topic, but: WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? I mark an enemy yes, then the marker appears and sometimes it will stick to the enemy, some times it wont. That alone is confusingly enough. Some times it's a square with a transparent inner and some times just a red blop. Some times it's shared with other players and some times not. The whole system seems to have a "random" modifier applied to it. It's like i'm playing some sort of gambling. A few dozen times i marked an enemy, the marker didn't move with the enemy. The enemy is now behind a wall and suddenly the marker teleports to the edge of the wall and remains there, blocking my vision and confusing the crap out of me. When the marker is moving with the enemy is everything but fluent. It's moving with like 1 fps and looks like a slideshow, before it finally gets stuck on a barrier, wall or even on a teammate (funnily enough i actually shot one by accident for this stupid behavior). It's okay if you are trying to not make it a "wallhack", but honestly if it gets stuck on a road sign barrier, that i can clearly see trough then you missed the mark there. The entire system is useless, confusing and blocking. A few other things that i noticed, but not worth uploading a video for it: There is still cheaters, despite everyone claiming the game has none but 100% there is aimbot cheaters I still get the "Connection to the server has been lost" error sometimes I get stuck on simple objects like a bench Some of the sounds are like in slow motion they are probably free samples downloaded from some dodgy website by the sound of it Having "no helm" weights the same as having level 2 helm, but doesn't grant the armor bonus I had to re-buy the M4 Tank (for like the 4th time?) Squad gameplay is 100% broken. Nobody is playing as a squad All of these things were noticed and recorded in 5 matches within maybe 1 1/2 hours of playing. I didn't test 0.7, because i was busy and honestly. I won't test 0.9, because it'll be shit. Sorry i have always tried to be constructive, i have always tried to give example solutions and Ideas. The community here is completely ignored. Things that never should have happened like the customization changes were made without the opinion of the community and things that were really garbage but wanted got brought in. What is the consequence? The game was great at 0.2, it was fantastic. I would have played it for ever, maybe even spend money on it. After testing this patch i'm sure i won't come back again. Every decision that has been made ruined the game more and more and lack of focus on important things i have never seen in any other beta ever. No other game would even allow a broken weapon to be picked, it would be so easy to just disable the weapon, but nobody cared. At the end, there is 30 players left. From over 3000. That's it for me, goodbye.
  14. The heli drone started the whole "jammers op" thing in the first place on the PTE.
  15. Sorry to be a dick to you, but you guys need to grow some back bone. All of those arguments are.. Let's just say "invalid". "Press one button to disable a heli drone" right okay. Think about this: You are flying a heli drone that fires rockets like an automatic rifle, you just press and hold. You got thermal vision to make it easier to identify your target and all you gotta do is press left mouse button to fuck everything you see. It's the exact same thing. Don't get me wrong i can totally understand the reasons and frustration behind it. You spend all that bp for a vehicle that you just loose without being able to do anything. On the other hand the only effective counter is a whole area jam, which is also not cheap. The smaller jam areas you can fly out, cause you have enough time. If you don't fly out then it's bad piloting and should be punished as it is now. Let's just pretend like you found a nice solution that everybody is happy with. Okay so the result is, that you stand there for 10 minutes and try to shoot one heli drone - ace. My suggestion: Leave the jammers as they are. Add a minimap indicator for enemy jams, so you can see the shortest route to escape the jam and add some sort of "hovering" mechanic where the drone remains in a stable position, if the pilot managed to roughly streight it up or land it and then he can re-connect to it later, if it's not destroyed. If he fails to put it in a stable state before the connection lost, then it'll obviously just crash to the ground. Again sorry to be so harsh, love this game but i think some players are pussies and whine about everything.
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