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  1. The heli drone started the whole "jammers op" thing in the first place on the PTE.
  2. Sorry to be a dick to you, but you guys need to grow some back bone. All of those arguments are.. Let's just say "invalid". "Press one button to disable a heli drone" right okay. Think about this: You are flying a heli drone that fires rockets like an automatic rifle, you just press and hold. You got thermal vision to make it easier to identify your target and all you gotta do is press left mouse button to fuck everything you see. It's the exact same thing. Don't get me wrong i can totally understand the reasons and frustration behind it. You spend all that bp for a vehicle that you just loose without being able to do anything. On the other hand the only effective counter is a whole area jam, which is also not cheap. The smaller jam areas you can fly out, cause you have enough time. If you don't fly out then it's bad piloting and should be punished as it is now. Let's just pretend like you found a nice solution that everybody is happy with. Okay so the result is, that you stand there for 10 minutes and try to shoot one heli drone - ace. My suggestion: Leave the jammers as they are. Add a minimap indicator for enemy jams, so you can see the shortest route to escape the jam and add some sort of "hovering" mechanic where the drone remains in a stable position, if the pilot managed to roughly streight it up or land it and then he can re-connect to it later, if it's not destroyed. If he fails to put it in a stable state before the connection lost, then it'll obviously just crash to the ground. Again sorry to be so harsh, love this game but i think some players are pussies and whine about everything.
  3. Who are you to call me a fool? Okay normally i would ignore this and carry on but you do this with everybody all the time. You insult people, telling them their system is shit, their actions is shit and everything they generally do is shit. You might have not said it in those words, but it is what you mean. You are trying to prove me that you are in the right, when you are not. Compression is in no way meant for storage drives only. You just completely make this up from nowhere. "There is zero reason to compress any drive" - this is just so wrong. It can save you tons of disk space. Also "Cloud Storage" what has that got to do with it? But as you want: Cloud Storage doesn't mean you have no used disk space, as the only way to access a file is by having a local copy on your computer. Be it the temporary directory or a copy in your folders, you will always have a copy to access. Again this is a pile bullshit. I used to have issues with this game in particular due to optimization and outdated CPU - at that time i didn't have the compression. After upgrading to a newer CPU those problems were gone, then i compressed and it's still gone. So no i don't have any game issues and stutters + dropped frames wouldn't occur from compression anyways. You miss-understand how the system works. It will compress a file, use it and keep it open while it's being used. Meaning when you play a game it will un-compress those files exactly one time (when you start the game) and then keep them open, as they are being used - besides the point that half of the files don't get compressed. I know you are going to google this, pick out those bits that suit you and then post them here. Maybe this time read all of it, because most links will also tell you it's not a big deal when you have a modern CPU and a fast drive. This is in fact even documented on the windows central knowledge-base. Now after showing you, that you are wrong: Don't you ever call me a fool because you a to stupid to use google.
  4. Did you actually research that or did you just made that up completely? There is no problem at all with compressing the Windows Drive. The extra resources used is minimal and mid to modern age CPU's can handle it with no problems at all. In other words: There is no reason to not do it. Especially when you have a fast drive already.
  5. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): A single Quad copter can kill a fully repaired tank. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3807949 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Quad copter had a black warhead, not sure which one that is. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): ---------- CRASH LOG (if any): ----------
  6. Some times it does not load at all, until you actually spawn in to the match. Maybe an Issue with Low - Medium in-game Settings?
  7. Surely there could be improvements, but 40 GB's is in a normal range for a game these days. Also it's not the actual space on disk, if you compress it. Right Click your main hard drive C. go to properties and on the bottom check the boxes. It'll be only half the size then
  8. I've seen this before. It happens, when the frame is not sharpened in time and it happens not just with the scope but with all frames. It's less noticeable without a scope but it's there. Try to enable V-Sync and Triple Buffering - Turn the sharpen slider right up and remove Motion Blur. @FatheredPuma81
  9. On the bottom right it says "Typhoon Battle Command Vehicle". I think you are right and it is the MRAP.
  10. maddinii

    M4 - ADS

    He is referring to the alignment of the red dot on the stock optics. The red dot circle should be higher up then it is, because currently it's completely obstructed by the default optics.
  11. You never understood what i meant and you neither will nor want to. So this is the line for me.
  12. Did i give you any reason to be unfriendly to me? If you want it like that okay. First of all. I highly doubt, that you watched every frame and if you did you have my respect. Regardless of that it wouldn't make a difference. Let's say you have a weapon (take the MSBS-B) which fires 622 RPM. Rounds per Minute. Okay. So that's more then 10 rounds per second. Rounds per second. Videos, games etc will render a picture and send it to your monitor, known as Frame. The time it takes to do that is the FPS - Frames per second. So let's say you have the best computer in the world, you record with 144 FPS. So we have: 144 Frames per Second 10 Bullets per Second. That means you have one bullet every 14th - 15th Frame. If your statement was true, then you would have watched 3000 Frames FOR ONE WEAPON. 6000 For Long and short Barrel, 12.000 for both weapons. Did you do that? No? Now tell me again your result is accurate.
  13. I'm afraid you gotta quit the match and re-join server. Avoid using it until it's fixed. Also wrong section, but thanks.
  14. The RPM Multiplier was "experimental" and has never worked proper since it was first implemented. Tho i have to say it's pretty hard to say if it's currently bugged or not. The thing is 0.9 and 1.05 are not exactly high values, we are talking about milliseconds here, so you wouldn't notice it - not even in a recording. Only if you compare 2 players directly shooting at the same time you might notice a difference. The Long barrel also does not work on certain weapons, but i was unable to find out which ones exactly or why. It's supposed to add or subtract 50 Meters from the effective range of a weapon. The MG5 for example is effective up to 105 meters, then the damage drops down. With a longer barrel it should be effective up to 155 meters, before a damage drop off. Since there is no accurate measuring system for us to test it's hard to tell, but i believe it does not work at all for the MG5. On the MSBS-B for example it's the other way around. I never felt like the short barrel did anything to the range, but the long barrel had a significant impact. The whole system is a bit messed up. At this point the weapons are "balanced" by adding more recoil, which is wrong in my opinion. But one thing is sure: The barrel length is not supposed to have a direct impact on the weapons damage, only on the weapon handling. Increasing the effective range does not change the values, it just shifts them around. At least that was the idea. Both of you are right and wrong at the same time.
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