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  1. Why did delete my other topic in which I reported about another bug that I found while recording a video about this bug?
  2. If this is not proof, then I don’t know ... I recorded a video from the moment I was on the menu, before a friend punished me for murder. While I was recording this bug, I found another one:
  3. GAME BUILD ID 3553342 We went with a friend to the server, I killed him, he punished me, the game sent me to the menu, I clicked "quick start", I started to load on the new server, a friend was thrown out of the battle and started to load on the new server with me. There in the background there are sounds from the battlefield. Don't let that bother you. I was watching one of my videos at that moment. I killed a friend on purpose. We recorded how this bug works:
  4. I really hope that this error will be fixed in the next update. While she is in the game, I see no reason to play. Thank you in advance.
  5. TENb

    Feedback on Update 0.4

    It seems that the developers fix something, introduce something new. But because of some bugs, the game still remains unplayable. Of course, you can close your eyes to all these bugs for a few matches, but no more. For me, now the critical bug is that, throwing me out in the menu if I get punished at least once. I play a lot on the tank, I manage to kill quite a few enemies on the tank, but sometimes I can accidentally shoot a teammate. If he clicks "punish" - the game immediately throws me into the menu. It is also a very unpleasant bug for me that I cannot reload a machine gun on a tank. I am waiting for a stable patch. I have already reported all the bugs in the appropriate section of the forum.
  6. Trojan virus is what you need to download and open. Viewing the screenshot that was on the links, obviously will not make you have nothing to download. I think that your anti-virus program does not allow you to enter the site, due to the fact that there is an online casino advertisement there. Watch out, the casino is a very terrible Trojan virus =_=
  7. After upgrading to 0.4 or 0.4.1, I always get thrown into the menu after killing one ally, even if I did not cause damage to other allies before that. This is exactly a bug. Please inform the developers about it. Now it makes no sense to play this game because of this bug. Approximately 30-60 kills from tanks account for 1-3 kills ally. This is mainly due to the fact that there is not always an ally mark, which in itself is a bug from the very release of the game. So why should I bear the blame for the mistakes of the developers? Here is a screenshot of my ally a moment before his death: <Removed malware website> And how should I understand that this is my ally? Where is the label? And this happens regularly! <Removed malware website> Here you have one more bug. The shot was in front, and the hit marker says it was in the back.
  8. Seriously? Since when does this work? I was thrown out from the server after the murder of 1 ally. Not 10, not 7, not even 5! One, Carl! I do not think that in a game where there is a friendly fire - it is so intended.
  9. <Removed malware website> I watched my previous video from the same battle. I have killed this moron many times, after which he purposely changed the team to shoot me with RPG with impunity. Here is another example from yesterday's game. I destroyed the enemy tank and killed one ally. = go to the menu. Is that right?
  10. Now if they punish me, I will immediately fly out to the menu. This is some kind of shit! I kill a bunch of enemies, accumulate points on a tank, kill my teammate for whom there is even no badge and who shot me specifically with RPG several times, he punishes me and I fly away in the menu! It works every time someone punishes me! And finally fix the tags of the team members! Is it really so difficult to hang tags on your comrades? <Removed>
  11. Has someone already received an invitation? I want to understand whether it makes sense to wait for an invitation or people have already been recruited.
  12. TENb

    Who's your nemesis and fav target

    Yesterday you and I had a series of interesting fights. I remember one of them especially, because at the end we had an absolutely equal score http://joxi.ru/a2XJB0kH1NajMr . Great to play against a good opponent.
  13. TENb

    Who's your nemesis and fav target

    My nightmare is BadRussiaN As soon as this guy sees me in a tank, he stops wasting his points on anything. He just starts to save all his points on HELLFIRE. In this case, I have no chance))
  14. Regarding HorzineBiotech, of course I killed him. But he forced me. He started shooting at me for no reason, and if I hadn’t killed him, he would have killed me. I do not think that such players should play with us in one game. GAME BUILD ID : 3553342