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  1. My eyes almost came out when I saw a new HUD in the tanks. It is too huge, it has a lot of superfluous, it is simply not convenient. The tanks themselves are now riding at the speed of tanks of World War 1. As far as I remember, I bought World War 3.
  2. I really like your game. But I now play it only during testing Recon. All because I see no point in playing a game in which such a huge amount of bugs. It does not give me pleasure. And my friends too. If at the beginning we were going to 2 squads to 1 server, now not one of us enters the game, except to check the next patch. But now several patches in a row the game disappoints us and we do not stay there for a long time. I definitely vote for the first option.
  3. I called the vehicle, put access to the “only squad” equipment after my tank flew in at the base, a player from my team (not from my squad) just got into my tank and hijacked it! Although I deliberately closed it beforehand! I blew it up, of course, he clicked "punish" and threw me into the menu, because this bug also still works! In the menu throws out after 1 "punish"! It’s because of these bugs that I and my friends are not playing your game right now. Nerves will be more expensive.
  4. Ну или просто ловкие пальчики Или нет)) Ну это не помешало мне умереть врезавшись лбом в свой же танк)
  5. I tried all the options optics. The one that I use is the most convenient for me. But the problem with the mapping of allied icons really is. I hope that this will be fixed soon.
  6. They made it so that now the broken hitreg is not very noticeable. They lowered the TTK a lot. But the broken hitreg has nowhere to go from this. This is especially noticeable when you shoot RPG at moving vehicles, and the hit does not count. Or when you shoot from your tank at another quickly moving tank, in this case, the hit is also often not considered. But if you are an infantry player and do not use RPG very often, then you will most likely enjoy shooting.
  7. Why did delete my other topic in which I reported about another bug that I found while recording a video about this bug?
  8. If this is not proof, then I don’t know ... I recorded a video from the moment I was on the menu, before a friend punished me for murder. While I was recording this bug, I found another one:
  9. GAME BUILD ID 3553342 We went with a friend to the server, I killed him, he punished me, the game sent me to the menu, I clicked "quick start", I started to load on the new server, a friend was thrown out of the battle and started to load on the new server with me. There in the background there are sounds from the battlefield. Don't let that bother you. I was watching one of my videos at that moment. I killed a friend on purpose. We recorded how this bug works:
  10. I really hope that this error will be fixed in the next update. While she is in the game, I see no reason to play. Thank you in advance.
  11. It seems that the developers fix something, introduce something new. But because of some bugs, the game still remains unplayable. Of course, you can close your eyes to all these bugs for a few matches, but no more. For me, now the critical bug is that, throwing me out in the menu if I get punished at least once. I play a lot on the tank, I manage to kill quite a few enemies on the tank, but sometimes I can accidentally shoot a teammate. If he clicks "punish" - the game immediately throws me into the menu. It is also a very unpleasant bug for me that I cannot reload a machine gun on a tank. I am waiting for a stable patch. I have already reported all the bugs in the appropriate section of the forum.
  12. Trojan virus is what you need to download and open. Viewing the screenshot that was on the links, obviously will not make you have nothing to download. I think that your anti-virus program does not allow you to enter the site, due to the fact that there is an online casino advertisement there. Watch out, the casino is a very terrible Trojan virus =_= Oh, I see that now a large amount of screenshots can be uploaded to the forum. A few days ago, I could not upload screenshots to the forum. It was written that the size is too large. In general, here are the screenshots that you deleted.
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