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  1. TENb

    Team Killing to get Vehicle

    The problem happens when the teammate specifically falls under the wheels and presses the punishment button. I believe that the punishment button should not work while I'm in armored vehicles. Because of this, my tank can get another team. I propose to make the punishment button trigger while I'm in the tank, only after 2 presses of this button from different players.
  2. TENb


    Do you even have people in your team who are testing tanks? I have a feeling that no. Please play a couple of fights on the tank and you will see at least a small part of what we are telling you. And maybe then, you at least fix something in the tank.
  3. TENb


    Since, soon there will be a new update, I would like to raise this topic again. Dear developers, people that played your game, by the fact that they liked the tanks, after updating for a long time not to return to the game, if you do not return the tanks of the same power. Now tanks are useless. I consider myself not a bad player, and I had a lot of benefits for the team when I was in the tank. But now I have a lot more good if I play as a regular infantryman. But it does not give me much pleasure to play for the infantryman. I apologize if somewhere it is written is not clear. I wrote this through Google translator.
  4. Compared to what it was - it's great! But I would like 144 fps though.
  5. I put myself a processor i9 9900k. Now the average FPS is 110. Well, at least so.
  6. End the alarm at the expense of the WW3 optimization. My i9-7960X showed itself badly in all other games. With my old i7 4790k processor, FPS was much more in all games. Apparently i9-7960X is not quite suitable for games. I passed it back to the store. In return, I'll take i9-9900K Before that, I certainly tried all the tips that you gave me. Nothing really helped. Thanks anyway. When I get a new processor, I'll let you know about my FPS.
  7. @Uglylittlebush @weedtime My processor, for some reason, it almost does not load: (
  8. Started appearing games in which my old computer could no longer show 144 frames per second. WW3 was the last straw. I was tired of lag in this game and decided to radically change the situation. I decided to buy a new powerful iron: Intel Core i9-7960X gtx 1080 SSD 32 ГБ ddr4 2666 МГц But you know what? For WW3, this did not help! What do you need to run this game to see 144 frames per second? !!! I didn't even run it in 4k. I just run it in fullhd !!! I attach screenshots that show FPS, which I get in this game on a new computer. For such an iron, this is a very bad FPS. Especially strong, FPS falls in tanks, but this is not scary. After all, tanks still became useless after killing damage to the area!
  9. Психанул, купил новый комп Intel Core i9-7960X + все та же 1080 и 32 оперативы уже ddr4 . Вот ток особой разницы и нет. Да плавнее, да при стрельбе микрофризы прошли. Но сука, 80 средние фпс. Где мои 144?!
  10. TENb

    Games Should Be Shorter

    Stumbled now on this topic. So that's why we now have 10 - 15 minute rounds ...
  11. TENb


    And on the same video one more bug is visible. When I had 0 rounds - apparently I had one more clip out of my ass.
  12. TENb


    I already wrote about this. But apparently - so it will be clearer. This is the easiest macro to quickly click the left mouse button. And it works not only with pistols. Napimer with some shotguns ... Make a limit on the rate of fire. GAME BUILD ID: 3339314
  13. TENb

    Not correct weight

    Seriously? Yesterday, with the same settings, I was a light weight. And now it’s written - medium. Although I have not changed anything. This happened after the last patch. Yes, and the screenshot shows that the strip did not reach the middle line to the end. GAME BUILD ID: 3339314
  14. TENb


    If a few patches are back, I went into the game and could spend a lot of time there, but now such a desire does not arise :( It is a pity that the developers go in the lead of whiners who are not able to put a few RPGs in the direction of the tank.