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  1. The game performance is very good after last update. The frame rate is very good to me in Rx480 8Gb. Some yet annoyances: DESCRIPTION OF BUG: 1° Bug - Microstuttering /microfreeze during gameplay. They occur most frequently in the beginning of the match, but also randomly. They seem related to game streaming content from HDD. 2° Bug - Mouse cursor sometimes disappear in kill report screen during a match after check the leader board. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): Current version (12/April/2019) STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Just run the game without a SDD. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): Core i5 6600k, 16Gb DDR4 ram. Rx480 8Gb. CRASH LOG (if any):
  2. Sound is very important in shooter game!
  3. After some without play I returned to the game today. I found most sounds get increased and are very much better. The weapons, and explosions sound need some improvement. The shots sounds are not exhilarating at all. They sound muffled and weak! The following video explains the difference between boring sound effects and exciting ones:
  4. Nyquist


    For everybody who plays other fps games this game has the weakest weapon recoil. I would like a more strong recoil too. More features to master in weapon control is cool!
  5. After each update almost all configs in the game are changed! Please devs, try dont mess up our configs and customization, settings, characters, weapons etc! I understand you may reset all our progress when the game is launched but dont do that after each update or patch!
  6. 3D spot in Battlefield games are very arcade and unrealistic style and make the game too chaotic! 3D spot when you have a drone to track the enemies is good and feels very real! I think there shouldn't be any 3d spot when you dont have a device, or plane or drone to track enemies. Soldiers could have a tracking device launcher to spot and track tanks for example but to track other soldiers this should only be possible when you have a system in the sky to allow that. Please consider the player base opinions about this matter!
  7. The graphics seem better with more effects but performance decrease a bit. I thing I lot about 10fps or more in most maps.
  8. I have already spoken about scopes but I have to speak again! With the last great patch devs changed the scope's reticle but why all middle range reticle are the same? Theres no sense in having all the reticles the same and yet why none of them are illuminated and more visible? Always all the same poor visible scopes though the current version is bit more visible than the last red circle one. Why not put better scopes in the game?
  9. I liked all theses suggestions! I would like to see also in the game CZ 805, Imbel IA-2 and VHS bullpup rifle too.
  10. I never seen anything about that but Im curious. How many maps will be available in the game release? Is there some year or period targeted to final version?
  11. The frame rate drop I mentioned before only occurs in the rainy map, the shopping map and snow map runs good here! One detail that also think that should be changed is the weapon recoil. I've mentioned about that in another topic. The case is that recoil feels more randomic that it should be. Compared to other games like Battlefield, PUBG, Insurgency, the recoil in the game is not very strong but is somewhat hard to control or predict. As I said before, I notice some performance improvement after this patch but that "performance boost" setting seems no making difference. I tried to disable it now and everything is the same. I did some testes now and I found another point where frame rate drops dramatically next a bunch of trees, its marked in the green circle on the following image: The above map is the problematic one! (The bad points are: green circle, C1-garden, C2 facing the hole)
  12. Today the game updated. The overall performance is better(using performance boost enabled) but in the rainy map it still has great frame rate drops, main in the garden inside building, Its the C1 point I think. Also next the big hole (C2 point) in the street there are frame drops. In my system, the frame rate, most of the time is above 60fps reaching up to 77 fps but in certain locations on the rainy map it drop to 40 or even below! Cpu core i5 6600k Gpu - Rx480 8Gb ram System ram - 16Gb DDR4
  13. No! 1 headshot would still kill. Shots in the legs shouldn't kill instantly too but could slow down the player movement and make him bleed so if the player dont use a medkit his life would continue bleeding. The pelvis is the less protected area in this game, show pelvic shots should kill faster, the way it is. TTK is good in the game imo. I think a more realistic damage model is cool! Adding these 2 new elements(bleed and faint) make the system more interesting! Anyway you would still kill with 2 bad located headshots or 1 centered headshot!
  14. That a good idea too! Your character could just faint for 5 or more seconds if he take a headshot. So if the attacker think he is dead and dont shoot him anymore, he would wakeup after some seconds. Its a game anyway, so it doesnt need to be exactly real world.
  15. I know the changes made in sniper rifles but I dont think every headshot should kill. Imagine this below concentric circle is a head. I think shots in the black area should not kill because these shot would ricochet in the helmet!
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