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  1. If you have used a real weapon you'd know that in real life we don't see a so small scope.
  2. All the scopes seem to far away from the soldier eye, so the field of view is too small!
  3. Scope seems too far away from the eye! This problem already occured in other games. I dont know if devs are considering the distance from the scope to monitor and from monitor to the player's eye together! The sound of bullet impact when we are hit is too muffled! A stronger hit sound would be great!
  4. We could have the shots louder too. it feels good.
  5. When are shooting some enemy, there's a sound like "tzzz tzz tzzzzz". Its very strange. I dont know what it was supposed to be but it seems like it's trying to be the sound of bullets hitting the enemy or other strange thing. This sound is very unrealistic anyway and it would be cool to replace this sound for the sound of bullets passing close to our heads from the enemy fire!
  6. Well, I play this game since November 2018 and I like it but I dont play too much because there are issues. As the game is on sale on steam around here, I saw guys in my contry's forums talking about it but they are unsure about buying the game because they hear about bugs and low player base. Those people were talking about how a free weekend would be a good thing to solve doubts. I dont really think it would be a problem.
  7. Many guys is asking for a free weekend to check this game. I think that's a very good idea to promote the game!
  8. The game didnt quit. I had to kill the process in task manager. The game shown a white square on the map's place. https://ibb.co/zhfSnXY
  9. This game is good devs! I know you are going to improve it but I would like to get your attention to this: The character movement is not much flowing. It could and should be better. The way the camera shakes when we are running is not very cool and one great problem is that our character gets stuck very easily in the scenario objects. Other games solve this, for examples, automatically moving the character a bit aside when you are trying go forward but slightly off center of stairs for example.
  10. The game performance is very good after last update. The frame rate is very good to me in Rx480 8Gb. Some yet annoyances: DESCRIPTION OF BUG: 1° Bug - Microstuttering /microfreeze during gameplay. They occur most frequently in the beginning of the match, but also randomly. They seem related to game streaming content from HDD. 2° Bug - Mouse cursor sometimes disappear in kill report screen during a match after check the leader board. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): Current version (12/April/2019) STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Just run the game without a SDD. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): Core i5 6600k, 16Gb DDR4 ram. Rx480 8Gb. CRASH LOG (if any):
  11. Sound is very important in shooter game!
  12. After some without play I returned to the game today. I found most sounds get increased and are very much better. The weapons, and explosions sound need some improvement. The shots sounds are not exhilarating at all. They sound muffled and weak! The following video explains the difference between boring sound effects and exciting ones:
  13. Nyquist


    For everybody who plays other fps games this game has the weakest weapon recoil. I would like a more strong recoil too. More features to master in weapon control is cool!
  14. After each update almost all configs in the game are changed! Please devs, try dont mess up our configs and customization, settings, characters, weapons etc! I understand you may reset all our progress when the game is launched but dont do that after each update or patch!
  15. 3D spot in Battlefield games are very arcade and unrealistic style and make the game too chaotic! 3D spot when you have a drone to track the enemies is good and feels very real! I think there shouldn't be any 3d spot when you dont have a device, or plane or drone to track enemies. Soldiers could have a tracking device launcher to spot and track tanks for example but to track other soldiers this should only be possible when you have a system in the sky to allow that. Please consider the player base opinions about this matter!
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