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  1. HK416 is already in game, as the "G38", if you look at it, it even has a "DK" logo, clearly mimicking the HK because they don't have the licensing permission
  2. One thing I've noticed that really needs to be fixed, is when you're sprinting and you look down, you can see your body, hands, and legs, but your left hand isn't holding the rifle, it's just sort of floating there NEAR the handguard, probably an easy fix honestly.
  3. The new AEK models known as A-545 and A-762 (chambered in 5.45 and 7.62 respectively) would be awesome. Russia just adopted them in January along with the new AKs. The A-545 has a pretty high rate of fire that's intended to be put to use for it's burst mode Also some Serbian stuff would be cool, like the M21-a or the VHS(the Croatian bullpup rifle) and the new Zastava M17 Serbia is looking to potentially adopt chambered in 6.5mm Grendel (last pics, looks like some sort of AK-SCAR hybrid and I love it)
  4. We need some Ushankas! the Russians and a few other militaries use them
  5. I'd love to see more camos, like Russian SURPAT, Maybe some Serbian Digis,. Also more camos need to be available to be applied to more items, for example right now Partizan cannot be applied to ANY headgear, which is lame. We definitely need a basic Patrol Cap, as opposed to the baseball cap we have right now. Different colored Polish Berets would be cool too, like green for the infantry, red/brown for territorial defense, etc. Some Russian SMERSH rigs would be really cool too!
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