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  1. Damn I really am a bit of a simp opening up discord looking for an invite every day
  2. Like this idea because it will reduce the amount of items you have to scroll through, although at some point a customisation rework was happening so it's possible this is on the way
  3. @Polak Considering that there is this standard being held in terms of closed testing, will there be any other ways in which MyGames may use information given to them? I'm quite excited to test but am always quite conservative when it comes to privacy concerns. I imagine that there is no reason for them to do anything bad with our data but some assurance would be good. Thanks.
  4. Works best with a compensator attachment
  5. Thanks. It's good to hear this. I've honestly given up on this game for the past while, but the vision was certainly there, and I hope that you guys can come back with a fantastic product when the time comes. It's hard to stay enthusiastic when it's been all quiet for so long, but sounds like it will be worth it in the end.
  6. Wanted to ask this question as Polak was nice enough to remind us we could ask, and said answers would probably be more accurate than they were a few months ago. I've quite enjoyed this game but have not played for months due to player numbers. The two main things I wanted to know: 1. Can we have some kind of a rough release window? Are we looking at Q1 2021? Q4? That's quite a big difference, and it would be good to have some idea. 2. Is it likely we will see updates for testing in the meantime, or are we going straight to release? I'd really like to know these two things if possible, but I understand it may not be.
  7. COD isn't too bad. MW has a shit load of purchases available but you don't need any of them for progression. I'd be scared of that for WW3 because there are a lot of things that could be monetised but I'm pretty sure it's been said that purchases won't benefit gameplay
  8. It's cool to see these things in the works. Haven't played for a while but will probably get back into it once the next update hits. All this content looks mad.
  9. We know that they have worked on a Tokyo one before
  10. Love this idea, strikes need to be able to land fairly large kill counts to balance them in terms of value proposition compared to vehicles.
  11. I remember there was an underslung shotgun at one point but it didn't reload properly... I imagine this may be fixed with new animations.
  12. I think we generally need a better range of UAV options, each of them have a good use case like 3d spotting, marking on minimap etc, but that shouldn't solely correspond to the range. What does this mean? Perhaps have the three UAVs be the different detection radii (small flying eye, large barracuda, whole map OTV) and have an upgrade for that which changes the type of sensor on it
  13. Maybe instead have a comm-rose that comes up and allows you to click on what you want to fill
  14. I'm imagining that it could be for performance reasons, but it could also potentially just be a later priority
  15. As an addition to this, allow us to select "random deployment" in TDM at the bottom. It's on by default, but if you select squad leader spawn you can't deselect it if you change your mind
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