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  1. The goal is to have an Asian theatre of war in the future, new areas will arrive in the form of maps.
  2. Yep heavy machine gun is probably the best. You can also equip it on to the UGVs like leviathan and battle bot which are also going to be harder to hit for the heli pilot. Also keep in mind that on most vehicles the maximum incline of the main turret is pretty low so you may have to use an RCWS if the heli pilot knows to stay high up. Never get to close to the heli either because it is likely to just circle around you and hit rear armour. Keep at distance and you can just confine it to a smaller area.
  3. I'm not saying counter-strike levels of difference, but it should change. People use backpacks because they are the most efficient way of loading weight on to a human body, you can almost always run faster with something strapped to your back than in your hands or in front of you. Yes, I agree with you on this one, but in WW3 you're always going to have at least one weapon in your hands anyway.
  4. The main problem I see is that the maps currently make it very easy for the heli to hide, especially urban maps. Usually when playing it feels to me like WW3 was intended to be a ground game. I'm not against the heli being in the game, it just seems like it is the only thing in game where the counters for it require more skill than the thing itself, and it also doesn't encourage team play in any way. I'm hoping that in the future there will be more mechanics added that increase the amount of counterplay here, because for now it's just trying your luck.
  5. The upcoming 0.7 update changes the game engine from UE 4.19 to 4.21. 4.21 has a new feature called the 'replication graph', which means that servers will be able to better predict which objects need to be sent to each computer. This feature will certainly give the servers a higher performance overhead, and by having less objects to render your computer should have a performance increase. As things like engine updates are still happening in the development process, it's just not worth fully optimising a game weeks before you pull the rug out underneath it. Early access is a work in progress, and that's just the way it is.
  6. I think the weapon you are holding should affect your movement speed. I would like to also see some change where ADS speed is affected when you're getting shot, so that if you're carrying a sniper you can't just instantly scope in and shoot a guy if they are hitting you
  7. Be able to label points on the map and request strikes from squadmates. I would love to see this, would greatly improve squad coordination in WW3.
  8. I would prefer to see an across the board improvement in comms tools, maybe give the ability to label points and request strikes on the tablet map
  9. Hey mate, Not a developer here, but I would just say that I don't experience as many crashes as you say - although there are occasionally a few. You'd probably be better off writing a bug report with the relevant details, because there are still some issues with this game and providing more detail might help.
  10. Sure you don't spray LMGs like crazy, but you would at least expect to be able to get a decent sight picture, especially considering the TTK we're looking at here is quite unrealistic when it comes to .308 rounds. If TTK was realistic and you were guaranteed dead from two .308s then I can understand that argument, but otherwise LMGs are confined to CQC only
  11. Would be cool to see different crouch heights, there are a bunch of pieces of cover that are too high to crouch in front of but expose you too much when standing.
  12. Not sure what you're trying to say here but whatever the case I would vouch for bipods available for all rifles for DMR setups. Recoil is also way too big for LMG with bipod. I agree, maybe something like a 'dong' grip, should only really be effective when using scopes up to 5*, can still help with higher magnifications but not ideal. I've also heard that work is being done on an attachment rebalance, so here's to there being options other than Juno and Monster!
  13. I like the idea of this, the fact that headgear choices comes at the expense of gas protection is good. On this same point, maybe light could be slightly polarised when wearing sunglasses? Cool customisation idea for vehicles as CBN protection, maybe have a strike that deploys gas over an area as well to make it a more worthwhile upgrade? This would also be a great addition if the devs wanted to add some game mode with radiation damage for adding some resistance, I remember a while back someone suggested a game mode they called 'bio deathmatch'.
  14. Yeah I have to agree, maybe give a slight nerf, but bipod should certainly feel like a big improvement.
  15. I would prefer to see something that can be placed stationary and jams within say 10-15 metre radius. It could be shot down or manually disabled like explosives, and can't be refilled from any equipment pack after it's been used. If drones go near radius of area, then it could show warning to pilot and make screen fuzzy, and completely lose control if too close. Very strategic, makes for more interesting counter play.
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