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  1. In PTE right now there is a stat on guns that shows BTK against different armours, as an example VEPR AR is 8 shot kill against steel armour
  2. Can't really talk about performance, I'm in AU so my ping is pretty high on PTE
  3. First thing I wanted to say is that I love this new map, it is so much better, and thanks to the developers for the work they've put in. I've considered putting Polyarny in this same post, but I think it's best if we keep them separate because it might get busy here. Main things I like: - the map feels different to the urban maps in that it forces different combat styles - The buildings are awesome, I can't wait for this to hit live and to be stealthing through radar buildings trying to resist the urge to put my torch on - The bunker is probably my favourite part of any map in this game, this should be a TDM map because that would be awesome. Fighting in the bunker will just be the best. Things that need improvement: - There should be a more metallic noise when running up the stairs for the guard towers, maybe this seemed quite minor for the developers but I noticed it straight away - In C2 control point, some parts allow you to capture while standing inside a building, which is really cheese (picture 1) - Also at C2, when on the roof of one of the buildings the player can fall through an area that looks like it's covered (I get the impression there's a part that you should be able to drop down, but the actual mesh for this is the wrong size and a bit of a surprise) (picture 2) Can't wait to see this on the free weekend, 64 players running around will be absolute mayhem in a fun way
  4. Wanted to include quotes but your review was quite large and I agreed with most of it. M4 - would like to see burst mode removed for realism purposes, plus burst mode also gives players who haven't learnt as good recoil control an ability to shoot more effectively, making this a bit of a nerf for a gun that, while not overpowered, should probably see a little bit of tinkering so that it's implemented well. SA80 - can't really comment so much on this because I used this as a CQC weapon. Would like to have either rail handguard as default or some kind of stat boost for the base handguard. You've said the recoil was too strong, I found it only manageable once I'd purchased a rail handguard and put a grip on it. This could seriously cheese new players who buy this as their second rifle and don't have a spare 10k around Heli drone - I see you said you wanted another post for this but I will add my thoughts. Global jammer is cheese for the pilot, but is one of the few guaranteed ways for a takedown. As an infantry player, the only way one can be practically destroyed is with a jammer, as the RPG is just too slow. If there were some other way to take it out as infantry that would greatly diversify the gameplay. Doesn't have to be easy, just an alternative so we don't have to rely on strikes to save our asses. Maybe having subsystems like optics would be cool because that would require a lot of skill to hit on a moving helicopter.
  5. nubbits

    About Shotguns

    I agree shotguns are way too underpowered. Their current stats would have fit in more with 0.3 than 0.5. I tried using some shotgun based loadouts yesterday and got 0 kills with them, three blasts straight to the chest at ~7 metre range and the guy still got me. Seeing other shotgun ammo would be cool. Would be quite funny to see the noobs lose their shit after getting sniped by an MCS with slugs.
  6. Thanks to Dunabar for putting so much work into this series. As an Aussie myself, I would like to see the AUG A3, and the AN-94 and QBZ are both weapons that I've considered as good candidates. This review is quite good because it suggests things that may allow players to push their playstyles a bit more in their loadout without having anything too outlandish, e.g. the M16A4 being for longer-range assault rifle engagements and the AUG for those who want better movement. I personally have no idea what the devs have planned, but I wouldn't be surprised if some of these make their way into the game in the future.
  7. Played PTE last week and the new maps weren't there, so I'm assuming they're coming later
  8. Maybe I was just really shit back then lol
  9. It's pretty useless because you either A) get a kill on a soldier that is prone/controlling a drone themselves/AFK that you could kill any other way B) Fail to chase around a soldier who sees you coming because of the massive turning circle C) Try and hit a vehicle and spend literal minutes trying to correct the ridiculous inertia D) Hit a vehicle and bounce off it E) Try and chase a vehicle back to its spawn and lose your drone because it's slower than a tank(?) and it's impossible to get it back inside the map within the ten second limit because of how long it takes to turn Either make it more powerful so it's a usable AV or just decrease inertia so you can actually hit things the size of a barn
  10. Honestly as long as we don't go back to .2, .3 where you could empty half a mag on an enemy without killing them I'm happy.
  11. The 416 is already in game mate. I would personally like to see the AUG in game, but that's partially because I'm Australian and we use our own derivative of that platform. It seems that the devs have plans for lots of guns, so maybe we'll get both if we're lucky, but the QBZ-95 is a must have and should take priority
  12. I'm from AU here, I suggest maybe playing on PTE instead
  13. Meta game will only work if it requires less player input, controlling countries shouldn't depend on who actually bothers to spend those points on them, instead it should be decided by the points earned by each faction on that territory. Probably shouldn't be playing carrot and stick as such, meta game as I said should base itself off how well players play in a match not how they spend their points because most FPS players in the end are there for the gameplay and would rather spend more time in a match than clicking through menus for point allocation. I think it's okay to have points maybe for things like ammo, health packs, etc., but it shouldn't decide who controls that area. Again, point allocation shouldn't decide who wins. If the devs leave it the way it is, then upon release players like us will be able to flood it with points for the first few weeks and win by default.
  14. Can't say for certain but 0.6 will probably be that update so I think it will be them
  15. Personally I was quite happy with the 3 BTK although armour improvements were needed. Maximum I would be happy with is maybe 7-8, past that you can empty an entire mag on a player and not kill them, and even if you aim well it just becomes a numbers game. Perhaps a good balance is between 4-6. I don't really want to see just generally skilled players (like me on some days) able to turn around and kill a player after they start shooting at me, but I also think the TTK should be high enough that if you run into each other in a hallway section reaction time can be beaten by being more accurate and having shot placement. But yeah, I agree they should be more specific
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