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  1. I'm not too sure about this one myself. The problem is that picking a thermal blanket is a gamble - it is only useful when competing against players who are using thermal optics, and most players with a thermal optic will also have a secondary optic with which they could still see you. I just don't think many people would pick it because it just isn't really that good compared to things like grenades, C4, claymores or the Recon drone. It's too niche in this game to be useful, at least in my opinion.
  2. The PSD pistol is a Czech handgun chambered in a proprietary 7.5mm cartridge designed to be accurate and powerful at long ranges. https://www.fkbrno.com/psd-pistol (Link to manufacturer site above) Why would this be a good firearm to include in the game? The PSD pistol is unique. It has a high maximum effective range of 100 metres. The battlefield role is therefore different to the other pistols in the game - it could be a useful secondary to keep loadouts light when used with heavy weapons like the RPG while still being capable at a variety of ranges. How can it be balanced then, if it is so good? Things that will make the PSD a good pistol: High muzzle velocity compared to other pistol rounds so that you can hit targets at longer ranges than typical with pistols/SMGs High damage compared to other pistol calibres - each hit is more effective Things that can be compensated gameplay-wise: Weight - it weighs over 1kg. While this is light compared to long guns, it is heavier than most handguns. ADS and sprint-to-fire time - as the PSD is a heavier pistol it can be balanced by giving it a slower ADS and sprint to fire time. It could also be given higher recoil than other pistols to make it harder to make rapid follow-up shots If you want any more info just look at their own website. There's nothing I know more about this than the manufacturer, of course. Just seems to be a possible addition to the game that would be an interesting choice.
  3. I think it's probably something worth testing a bit, it's hard to know how these things will work in game without playing it yourself so I'm going to be open minded here.
  4. The category "quality of experience" is entirely about improving the player experience outside of the gameplay loop. Since I don't have access to the closed test it's not really worth me taking the time to make suggestions on things I don't know, but I thought I would put forward an idea that could make the game more enjoyable. The main idea here is to have two "join codes" - a "squad join" and a "session join" code. If these were in place, you could enter a session code into the game menu at the server browser to join a specific server or enter a squad code to join a squad in a game (or in matchmaking). If you are in a game (or squad), you could copy to your clipboard the code for your session or squad so that you can share it on social media or in a group chat with some mates. Here's a few reasons why this would be great for the game: Streamers could help populate specific servers, and have followers join their squad in game Community play sessions could be coordinated easily, and gaming groups could join a squad together without having to be steam friends Of course, most of the work here is back end work, and it's possible that a squad join function could be pretty difficult to implement. But I do think that it would help foster a better game community - it would be great to be able to put a code into the discord and have some of the old guys from the forum and discord have a game together once in a while in the future when player numbers take off and it's mostly new faces.
  5. This idea fixes a problem I've encountered in some games, but the problem could also be considered a gameplay feature depending on what the intention is with game design. The problem is having spawn blocked when a point is under attack. While I think it's certainly bad to allow players to spawn an unlimited amount of times to defend a point, the current system means that the better strategy in Warzone at the moment is to individually jump on to as many enemy CPs as you can to block spawns. This can be fun but very irritating when it's working against you as you are sometimes forced to spawn far away from where you want to be. If this is an intended feature and I haven't quite figured out the meta that's ok, this is just my suggestion for changing that. The idea is that in each capture point, there's a certain thing you have to do on top of standing on it to block spawns. One idea is to have a smaller capture blocking zone: if you stand on this small area towards the centre of the control point, it stops the defending team from spawning. The second idea would be to have a spawn beacon of sorts (aside from what I say here spawns would work as they normally do with random locations about the point): attacking players have to deactivate it to block spawns for the defending team. It would work kind of like a breakthrough device where you have a timer to deactivate it, and the defending team would have to reactivate it to spawn more players back on that point. If the attacking team captures the point, it is automatically reactivated. The main gameplay benefit I see here is that capturing a control point would require control of a central location that could be decided by the developers - standing in the back corner and working your way in to a CP would still be a viable strategy when attacking, it just means you'd more likely need a squad working together to disable the beacon rather than having one man block the enemy team from spawning
  6. I think you'll just have to wait and see, some nice surprises no doubt on their way, but at the moment there are hitmarkers
  7. I'm going to be charitable here and assume that the use case provided of jumping for cover means that the jump to prone won't be an effective combat strategy... if you can shoot anything near accurate within a second of pulling this move off it does just ruin gameplay for many so let's hope there's some kind of animation penalty similar to that for jumping off high ledges
  8. concept is that there's more scope sway - bullets still go where you aim, it's just harder to aim at high magnification just after sprinting because the reticle is moving around more
  9. Saw that. It looks to me that it's likely cosmetic because of the weapon skins flashing in the background for this part, perhaps like blueprints in MW2019 where you can unlock weapons/attachments as a blueprint before you earn them through progression. All of the attachments look like things that we've seen in game before, so seems unlikely it's p2w. (Any F51 devs reading this - they look super sleek. I love the look of the HOWA, and everything in the trailer's graphics looked pretty damn good)
  10. Interesting, VEPR in 2 is in slightly different configuration to 4. We see 2 has a suppressor, and also has a slightly different optic and rail.
  11. Cheers @Dunabar, looking forward to the next one, soon as I saw the rifle my inner nerd was reactivated. Maybe I'll see you in game some time, there's a lot more people online recently.
  12. The weapon held is indeed a VEPR, but there are a few interesting new things to look for As you pointed out, no muzzle attachment - perhaps guns start without muzzle devices when you initially get them? The magazine is a steel magazine - currently these are only available for the 7.62 Beryl and AK-15 in game, but there are 5.45 ones like https://www.abidearmory.com/ak-74-magazine-5-45-x-39mm-10-round-steel-mag/ there are a few possibilities for what this could be (look at 1. in image): New magazine types for the VEPR Caliber conversion for VEPR Or even a new gun The top rail is different to any currently available for the VEPR, it is much shorter than all those on the current in game store (look at 2. in image) I didn't really bother researching this as I imagine most parts are listed in foreign languages. The scope is different to any scope currently in game, it has an angular bottom and sides whereas the current ones have a circular bottom (look at 3. in image). The logo looks like a copy of a Nightforce logo, so looking on their website we find this monster 5-25* variable optic that looks like a very close match https://www.nightforceoptics.com/riflescopes/beast/beast-5-25x56-f1 it's unlikely it will cover that range in game, but we can certainly expect to see this out shooting the current high power optics with perhaps a 10x or 12x magnification. Altogether this means that we'll be getting a new high magnification optic (very exciting), as well as either a few new parts for the VEPR or a new rifle (most likely new parts as the receiver is already mostly the same, but could also be caliber conversion - we'll just have to wait and find out). Excited to see tomorrow's number. Clearly they've put time into fleshing out everything from where the current live build is.
  13. I'm hoping devs have learnt their lesson from Early Access - don't build hype until you're very sure you've got the product to back it up. As a non-tester I can't really say I have much reason to have too much hope here. If we see a good teaser/gameplay then yeah I'd happily take interest but I'm not holding out on much right now.
  14. Damn I really am a bit of a simp opening up discord looking for an invite every day
  15. Like this idea because it will reduce the amount of items you have to scroll through, although at some point a customisation rework was happening so it's possible this is on the way
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