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  1. They have a fair way to go performance wise but I believe people would really like it.
  2. I wanted to say this but wasn't sure what would pass NDA. I suppose this is fine as it doesn't give any details. Yeah I think it would be great
  3. Or perhaps a new game mode...
  4. Regular RCWS would shoot down individual missiles, but jammer RCWS would deflect like it does with the airstrike guided missiles. I say this because at the moment the majority of attacks against vehicles are just RPGs and the jammer offers no counter to that and is consequentially hardly ever chosen
  5. So this is a suggestion mainly aimed at cosmetic customisation, and allowing for interchangeability in a way that could potentially make the game more fun. I'm hoping that what I am asking for isn't too difficult, but I think it could be a good feature if it's not too terribly difficult. The basic idea is to allow people to first pick a "shirt" or "upper clothing", and then add a chest rig or jacket separately. There's a few reasons I think this would be a cool idea: People could choose a "micro rig" - chest rig without room for plates, which would be the same as picking a hat instead of a helmet. People would have a better ability to visually customise - different chest rigs could be set up to look like they belong to different roles, some with mags on the sides, some with shotgun ammunition, or sub gun magazines. Players would also be able to appear more like a militiaman or freedom fighter, which is cool for me because I really like a lot of the character designs in the latest COD game. Seasonal outfits could be more interesting, there could be a limited time christmas chest rig with candy canes through the webbing. This doesn't mean I don't like the current outfits at all, I just think that having more isn't a bad thing.
  6. If it can be done without it flipping 100m into the air I'm all for it, it's good to not be babied by a game.
  7. I would love to see different types of objectives in Breakthrough, but we also have to understand that this can take time. I haven't seen anyone who has said that they actually want single objectives for the entirety of breakthrough, but I don't think this is something that is going to be prioritised by the dev team (I could be wrong) when compared to things like balance changes and new game modes that enrich the core experience. " If we go full hardcore we can do a linked objectives. For example on A there is Data Server and on B there is A-A defence system. If attackers have successfully hacked the Data Server they need less time to reprogram the A-A system(using the hacked data,duh!). " I don't think this approach is really the best because it allows a good team to smash through the game, but different mechanics could be cool. I also don't quite understand all of what you're suggesting. The following is what I think would be cool, and is probably pretty close to what you're thinking: Hack station has low health and is easy to destroy, as well as vulnerable to friendly fire from defenders. While station is active it acts as a jammer working for the defending team in a limited area. If the station is destroyed by either defenders or attackers it works like a regular objective. If the attackers manage to "hack", they then get some sort of team bonus (UAV or something for a minute or two). This could create a new gameplay dynamic. Defenders want to keep station online, but may be better off destroying it if it helps the enemy team.
  8. Same here. Have stopped playing for a while because I've been waiting for this
  9. nubbits


    It would be cool to see but I think it would only be worthwhile making if it was the main dynamic of a map like you are suggesting.
  10. Yeah I think WW3 generally needs more features that allow for community interaction outside of an individual match
  11. And have it only work for that squad. There should also be a cap on the amount of placeable spawns so that people don't just switch to one man squads to abuse this feature.
  12. Maybe have carry handle attachment lower weapon switch time. Hardly anyone runs irons on their set ups, and weapon switch time could be useful for something like a shotgun that has very specific use cases.
  13. nubbits

    Hardware ID ban.

    If this were to ever happen there should be a rigorous system that gives at least a warning. I don't hack either but it would be a shame for someone to permanently lose access just because they were messing around when it was just them and their mates.
  14. I'm sure people have talked about this and I love the idea myself. I would suggest to also allow some strike requests to be placed on a map.
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