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  1. I'm sure people have talked about this and I love the idea myself. I would suggest to also allow some strike requests to be placed on a map.
  2. Fantastic It seems like there are no hitmarkers @tynblpb did you turn them off or is it a bug?
  3. Main issues for me are glitching when changing direction or trying to move after a fall. There's also an issue where when proning sometimes textures cover part of the screen.
  4. Yeah I didn't think this was an issue because it's not really exploited on AS but now you mention it I see the problem
  5. Yeah I like this one, the NGSW weapons are all pretty cool LWMMG is probably a better suggestion though. 6.8 is likely to be a rifle calibre as well.
  6. 5.45 isn't that weak, it's actually pretty good
  7. Secondary 2x sight was listed as magnifier so I can only assume they were adding it in later
  8. Didn't know that this had been done before. I'm against the mags system because it potentially overcomplicates the game a bit too much. The idea of having two reload systems is, by my criteria, passable, because it doesn't add any burden to players. A magazine by magazine ammo system, however, forces players to act a certain way.
  9. So as far as I can gather, what you're suggesting is to make it so that the gun doesn't predictably hit the centre area of the screen when you hipfire. This is a rather silly idea. The walking pace in WW3 is slow enough that operators could realistically be expected to hit a fairly narrow area, and remember the gun is still being held in the shoulder at this point, not actually being fired from the hip. What I would suggest is to simply remove the translucent dot from the centre of the screen. That way, the accuracy of hipfire is determined by the skill of the player, which is what it should be. While I'm not keen on either this idea or your suggestion, I think removing the dot is probably a better compromise.
  10. Merry Christmas guys, and a happy holidays to everybody out there who needs a break.
  11. More to the point we should be able to split these so as to have one binding for each type of prone, same as with lasers/lights. I have had both be useful for me but having the wrong one trigger is very annoying
  12. No, I reckon change it. Have three separate screens, a "game overview" screen like the current scoreboard, a "team overview" screen that shows who is in which squad and what point they are attacking/defending, and a "squad overview" screen that shows the equipment of your squadmates. Squad overview is useful because then you know that the 2 squads defending a point are actually 2 one man squads, or that the other squad attacking the point you're looking at is actually a five man squad. Squad overview is useful because it means that if a squad wants greater teamwork they can easily change their loadout based on what everyone else on their squad has, which would be handy if you happened to be stuck with the loadout for a long time and your squad mates weren't using voice
  13. We usually go to my grandparents' house as a family and have a long lunch that goes until mid afternoon. The best part is my French uncle's tiramisu. My cousin always gets my brother and I to play hide and seek with him but he's hopeless at it because he's terrified of jump scares. (7 years old)
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