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  1. What I'm suggesting is an increase in reticle sway so that it is more difficult to stop in the middle of the map and quickscope a guy. If that's how the rest of the community wants to play that's okay this is just my view. To clarify, rather than you aiming at something and the bullet going in a different direction, the reticle would just move a lot more ,making it more difficult to aim over your target in the first place.
  2. RPG should also have a higher curve effect when in motion. It's just crazy powerful right now.
  3. Hey guys, Another suggestion from me, this one's about how squad play could be improved. The basic idea is to be able to interact with nearby squad mates so that you can share grenades and ammo magazines, as well as potentially other gear if the developers lean that way. The way this feature would work is a player would move within melee (or first aid kit) distance of a squad mate. They could then press F to open up a menu like the one for repairing vehicles and choose to hold a grenade or take 1 magazines' worth of ammunition if their weapon uses that type of magazine (magazine type not calibre, so STANAG mags, AK mags, G36 mags etc.). If they pick up a magazine, their character gains 1 magazines' worth of ammo and the squad mate loses that same amount. If they pick up a grenade they hold it out in front of them in an un cocked state and can throw it as normal or cook it using "G". Players will obviously be able to disable this feature in settings so that shitty squad mates can't just steal all your stuff. The purpose of this feature is to improve squad play by encouraging players to share resources. Players may be able to take ammunition directly from a squadmate if they've run out. Another application of this is if you are pushing an indoor area and the point man happens to be the one carrying flashes, no.2 guy can cook it while no.1 has his weapon out. Even though these scenarios aren't too common in the game as it is, it would be cool to see this level of squad play where well coordinated squads could reap the benefit of thinking through their loadout choices and working as a team. It would also be a really good feature in the Recon game mode (Does that count as breaching NDA?)
  4. Hey guys, I am aware of the fact that there may be many people out there who may not like the idea of this feature but I think it could fix some issues with WW3's combat. The idea I'm suggesting is to have a heart rate for your soldier. Engaging in more physical activity would increase the heart rate and staying still would decrease it. Having a higher heart rate both increases your scope sway and randomness of fire when shooting. The idea behind this mechanic is to make sprinting across the map and taking people out with a long barrelled rifle a less viable playstyle as it would be harder to shoot accurately at longer ranges after having sprinted across a large section of the game.
  5. Yes I would love to generally see more weapon diversity in game. I think this would be a great weapon
  6. Pretty sure 9mm from SIG deals over 90 damage on unprotected headshot. .357 should be able to penetrate Level 2 helmet as well. It would be cool to see some more "high skill" (high risk high reward) weapons in game.
  7. Thanks, that's exactly the bug. I was playing around the other day and thought this could be it but wasn't sure
  8. So sometimes when playing the lighting will abruptly change to this darker setting. This is on the latest version. I'm not sure what triggers it but I've noticed it a couple of times after doing a squad leader spawn, but I'm not quite sure that's it. It also doesn't change it in the settings, the whole brightness setting is calibrated down.
  9. When using my AFV model on Berlin Warzone, I found that the thermal optic was whitened out for some reason and lighting wasn't working. This is on the latest version. No other key details I could spot.
  10. It would be good to get a bit more visibility into this though.
  11. Yeah I agree that the weekly reports were becoming a bit dry but it did at least mean that we were in the loop
  12. Hey guys, I know game development is no easy thing, but it would be great if we could have some time frame for the next couple of updates. It seems to be pretty much radio silence when it comes to the movement update as it has been "coming soon" for months now. I would like to at least have some idea what "soon" is if that is at all possible, as I am quite hyped for it but am now a little confused as to when it is supposed to happen.
  13. Make it so that enemy's "silent movement" is only heard when you're completely still + no background noise. Furthermore, it shouldn't be tied to stance. Perhaps pressing Caps could put you into quiet mode for whichever stance you're in and make you much slower.
  14. I mean I'm not so sure exactly what they would put in there. There don't seem to be plans for a market economy in game and I don't see much that would be worth trading.
  15. It's just whether people happen to be online when you join - a bit of luck.
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