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  1. The UKM can be upgraded to have a 200 round capacity, that's more than enough to damage a heli
  2. For us Australians we usually have our Friday pass before the Free Weekend usually starts, and because internet speed here is terrible we can sometimes have only Sunday to actually playtest.
  3. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: During the warm up stage of a Warzone match, players can spawn into the mobile spawn point and drive it around, unlike the other vehicles. When the match starts, the vehicle remains where it was at the end of the warm up, and any terrain that has been destroyed/damaged remains that way. Although the MRAP is at the same place it was left at the start of the match, it can't be spawned on until a friendly player has entered it and driven it around (maybe there's a way around this, but I didn't get to test it) In the picture above, the MRAP is on the map at the start of a match, even though it should start back at base, In the warm up phase I ran over these blocks with the MRAP and they remained broken when I went to the same area during the match GAME BUILD ID: 3898219 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: 1. Get into the warm up phase of a warzone match 2. Click on the MRAP vehicle at base, and spawn on it. (note that you can't enter vehicles normally during the warm up, this is the only way to do it) 3. Drive around, destroy stuff
  4. Looking at all of the stuff in the new update M417: Feels pretty nice, it may be a bit too overpowered but I'm also pretty good with the recoil so maybe not. The stylized image of the M417 in the menu to the right has a different design to that for all the other guns, it seems a bit off so unless the others are going to be changed I think it should have the same side-on view Currently most of the handguards are locked from the user, but I will say that they look really cool so looking forward to them being finalised. The new ammo system looks good. Not so sure if this came with .6.9 or .6.10 because it wasn't in the .6.10 patchnotes, but for the M417 at least it reloads an entire mag for each use which makes sense. However, it seems weird that the maximum ammo is reached with 79 spare, because the 21 main rounds are in 1 magazine. When using a quad, a bunch of the UI disappears like when you are inside a vehicle like an IFV but you are still using your own gun I also have to ask what the heck this thing is. I know the developers have said there isn't going to be any monetisation but it would be good to hear some clarification on this. Haven't found any of the resupply points yet, would be cool to see a picture if anyone has.
  5. I have never seen a tank using a jammer because it just doesn't make sense. Not so sure about this one. Maybe if it works against quadcopters, loitering ammo and other drones and airstrikes that should be enough
  6. There should be an option that allows you to stop flying the drone by parking it, maybe by pressing "3" again
  7. Personally I'd like 60 for Warzone large. The large size made the game feel like there were multiple fronts occurring at once which made it a lot more entertaining and felt like a coordinated battle rather than a meatgrind
  8. I'm not saying this needs to be a priority or anything, but one of the selling points for the game is the whole national pride thing, and because this game is planned to expand to other parts of the world I see no reason why not.
  9. The idea of this is to support larger map sizes, the original goal was for 32 v 32 size Warzone games which would require larger map sizes than that of which we currently have.
  10. nubbits

    Soldier quotes

    When is the quote said?
  11. 2500 is a bit steep, wouldn't you think? Just my own take on the matter, however I like the idea of adding one of these types of vehicles regardless of what is put in
  12. I have previously said and heard from other players that a transport vehicle with just a little bit more oomph is needed, and as a proud Australian I am suggesting that the devs add the Land Rover Perentie 6*6 in SAS configuration into the game. The Perentie (in the Australian SAS configuration) comes in both 4*4 and 6*6 variants, although I would argue that the 6*6 would be a better suit. It fits one driver in the right hand seat, a gunner in the left hand seat that may crew a mounted LMG, and a rear compartment in the back that can carry another three squad members, with one able to man a pintle mounted heavy weapon, such as a heavy machine gun or grenade launcher. My suggestion is that the Perentie comes at a base cost of about 800 BP, having space for 5 players to fit in it and no mounted weapons. Because the Perentie has no proper armour plating on it, mounted weapons should be cheaper than their RCWS counterparts. Adding a light machine gun in the passenger seat should be enough to push it up to 900 BP (100BP upgrade). Maybe in the future these weapons will be able to be customised, but for now that is probably too difficult to do. Adding a heavy machine gun could be 200-300 BP, with a grenade launcher 300-500. Players should also be able to add either a health pack or ammo pack. Because it can fit a full squad of five in what would be a relatively cheap vehicle, the Perentie opens up the option for more mobile play for a squad (I think it can reach up to 80 km/h) without having the slow and potentially vulnerable larger vehicles. However, it still remains open to attack as it is quite light armoured and takes some time to accelerate, so it is no get out of jail free card.
  13. No, GIGN is a police force not military group.
  14. Pretty sure that's supposed to be Polyarny
  15. Hey guys, Looking at the new roadmap and the current state of the game, I think a good version of WW3 can be presented by the end of June, but there are some things that I think need more fixing, and some more urgent than others. This thread is mainly for suggesting things that should be there before the free weekend goes live, because it could potentially go bad if the new players don't like it. The most important thing I'd like to see is VOIP at least having some form of video tutorial or in-game UI. I've had some squadmates use it in games before, and yet still haven't been able to figure it out myself even though I'm pretty good with computers most of the time. When I first saw the patch notes saying VOIP, I thought it was a mistake because I couldn't figure out how to use it and so assumed it was an error until I heard voices coming through. The point here is that this is not user friendly at all, and VOIP is a feature that is necessary for proper tactical gameplay in an FPS, so allowing people to believe that it doesn't even exist in the game right now won't score any points.
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