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  1. Wouldn't see just those as worthy of a full update, and besides it has already been stated that they only have animations for the new system
  2. Mini heli drone? Tokyo map?
  3. Maybe have the arrow "drop" onto the map. When the player first opens the map, there is no icon, and then the icon appears relatively large and shrinks to regular size to make it obvious. Out of the ones you put there I think the second one is probably better
  4. For some reason, when attempting to spawn in as defender while retreat is happening from A points to B points, my spawn didn't happen correctly and I appeared inside an out of bounds area. This was on the current game build. It occurred when retreat from A-B was happening, but I haven't been able to test if it works between other points yet.
  5. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): When I have exited the mini drone gadget or had it destroyed by running into a surface, my UI is for the most part nonexistent, and only the area around the health bar shows up but very faded. I have not checked if this applies with other drones. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 4463116 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Equip mini drone gadget, destroy it SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): CRASH LOG (if any):
  6. nubbits


    I was mainly talking about map balance. On Berlin, the Warzone layout often means the team closest to the C1-C2 points loses badly, but on WZ large the map is much more symmetrical.
  7. nubbits


    If servers turn out better could we get Warzone Large back? On some maps those layouts felt much better
  8. What does he do with his other hand
  9. R for speed reload, T for tactical and make B for light laser. Double tapping R could work, but having three possible actions for the one key (fast reload, tactical reload, change ammo) is probably too much. Also would like to see the option to separate electronics, and have separate keys for light/laser. I think it wouldn't be a big feature right now, but if this game ever becomes big, things like this are what will make the meta more interesting than that for other games.
  10. The easiest way to do this would be to set the weight of a gun to its current value minus the amount of extra magazines. Although I imagine most players would want to carry larger amounts of ammunition, I'm sure there are cases where someone may only want one or two spare magazines on a secondary SMG.
  11. I think most people would avoid speed reloads when they start which will keep it fairly easy, it's mostly meant as a balancing mechanic and to add another dimension to the game for hardcore players who are probably going to stomp most new players anyway. The idea is to shake up the meta a little.
  12. I know people have suggested this before, so I'm going to put a bit more detail into how I think this system should work. In the customisation screen, players should be able to change how many extra magazines/ammo boxes their soldier carries, with each magazine added or removed changing the weight of the loadout. Rather than separate "ammo type" and "magazine type" screens, both should be united into the one section. First players will choose what type of magazine they want (e.g. drum mag, rifle size mag etc). Then they will choose what primary ammo type they want. Even though all guns are currently locked to FMJ as their only primary ammo, this will allow for things like shotguns to have more interesting ammo types available. Once a primary ammo type has been chosen, a player will then have to choose how many extra magazines of primary ammo they want. Each extra magazine added adds a set amount of weight to the loadout for the magazine type, so moving from one to two extra drum magazines will add more weight than moving from two to three thirty rounders. Once players are done with this they can choose if they want to carry secondary ammunition of any kind. Secondary ammunition can then be added in increments of additional magazines of the same type, with the same bearing on weight. Hopefully this helps sketch out this idea for people
  13. Hey guys, So I've noticed that for as long as I've been in the WW3 community, people have discussed the merits of different game reload systems. Having thought through this myself, I have my own suggestion. Although it has the potential to be a bit clunky for new players, I think there are good reasons for it. The idea I propose is to have two different types of reloads available to a player. A player can either do a "tactical" reload, in which case their ammo count remains the same, or a "speed" reload in which case they lose all the ammo left in that magazine but reload much faster. (This doesn't change your maximum ammo capacity or anything). The main idea of this system is to give more choice to players and have another gameplay element that may require mastery. This feature will also be much more important to people using high capacity magazines. The reload time for a drum mag would be high enough for a tactical reload that players may end up trying to survive on the last few rounds in the drum, and will have to time their reloads, raising the skill requirement for larger size magazines.
  14. Hey guys, Was just wondering what customisation 2.0 might be like, and in what kind of time frame we can expect it to arrive.
  15. nubbits

    [Breakthrough] 15v15

    I put 15 v 15. There's no reason it can't be put back if it turns out to be trash, and the majority of players seem to want it that way.
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