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  1. Love this idea, strikes need to be able to land fairly large kill counts to balance them in terms of value proposition compared to vehicles.
  2. I remember there was an underslung shotgun at one point but it didn't reload properly... I imagine this may be fixed with new animations.
  3. I think we generally need a better range of UAV options, each of them have a good use case like 3d spotting, marking on minimap etc, but that shouldn't solely correspond to the range. What does this mean? Perhaps have the three UAVs be the different detection radii (small flying eye, large barracuda, whole map OTV) and have an upgrade for that which changes the type of sensor on it
  4. Maybe instead have a comm-rose that comes up and allows you to click on what you want to fill
  5. I'm imagining that it could be for performance reasons, but it could also potentially just be a later priority
  6. As an addition to this, allow us to select "random deployment" in TDM at the bottom. It's on by default, but if you select squad leader spawn you can't deselect it if you change your mind
  7. We know for a while that developers have been talking about redoing customisation and one of the things I saw mentioned was the possibility of saving individual weapon configurations rather than whole loadouts so it's possible to change out your equipment, I assume this is part of that
  8. Yeah fully in favour of this one. M4 was more a test model and isn't fielded that much.
  9. As long as it can't be done mid fight
  10. One of the guys in the discord did some reading through the game files and found evidence of three Asian maps - Tokyo, DMZ and one somewhere in China I don't quite remember as well as Katowice in Europe.
  11. I raise this question because of the new deal announced with MY.GAMES which will help with development. In my opinion, one of the bigger issues WW3 has is the map size limit. As was pointed out by one of the developers, there is a limit on how many objects can be seen by a client computer to retain performance, so the walls in maps like Warsaw are put up for performance reasons (I don't remember the post itself but that's about the gist of it). From what I can see when it comes to game balance it seems like this is one of the bigger issues affecting balance as the developers have to somehow shoehorn a full range of weapons from shotguns to sniper rifles so that they are all effective even though most in game encounters take place within 100m, which is optimal range for sub guns and intermediate calibre rifles. I'm wondering if the new development assistance from MY.GAMES will help us get around this. WW3 is a great game and I would play it regardless, but if through some optimisation method this limit could be extended that would be fantastic as it would allow for larger more varied maps and more realistic weapon balancing.
  12. I'd hope based off the way the Euro gamers in here talk about MY.GAMES that they will retain complete control in terms of pricing. I like the F51 team but it will be interesting to see what has happened with this deal.
  13. I think we all have very similar questions about the new partnership here, namely that when it comes to microtransactions, but as that has already been mentioned I'll focus on things that haven't been discussed yet. A) Will Recon continue in closed community testing? B) When can we expect new teased content like animations to turn up? C) What role will MY.GAMES have in development? Will they contribute staff, funds or leave it entirely up to F51? Will this deal help accelerate the development of new content like maps and weapons? D) When, at this stage, is a full release planned? E) What is the decision being made with respect to large player count servers? Are they being troubleshooted? Are they on the backburner for now?
  14. I definitely agree see thru sight should be improved in the way you suggest, it would make an awesome optic for pistols and other CQC weapons if that was done as right now it is hard to know where exactly to aim when using it As for reticle and shape changes, I quite like this idea. I would personally suggest that it would be another option tacked under the camoflague choice for whichever attachment it is being applied to. This would also be great for progression. Example A - holographic sight I suggest that when you buy the holographic sight you get the lengthened red reticle version. There are then two (this is just for this example) options for customising: A) you can upgrade it to the short version for an additional cost and B) you could switch to a green reticle. The way I see it this should definitely be made on a sight by sight basis so they each work in the way one would expect them to work, so both reflex sights are just options for the same sight etc. I quite like this idea.
  15. I think this is a kind of cool idea, but it's likely that an equip/unequip button won't quite do the trick and some kind of basic inventory is needed which is likely more than what the devs have in mind. I think the idea could work, but some serious thought would be put into A) how do we balance this to make it an option and B) how do we make it not entirely useless as a mechanic.
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