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  1. Any information on this? I'm bored with current version.
  2. Imho weight limit is needed, so you won't have fucking crazy tank builds running everywhere and you have to balance your stuff. And yes, running speed means a lot sometimes.
  3. SGTAce

    Tryb jak rush

    Tylko przejmowanie map i przeładowywanie kolejnego miasta to troche za dużo ;P. Mówimy o prostych rzeczach.
  4. ^ this - if there could be option to join or even queue that would be great
  5. I can't find any match with full squad on berlin tdm :/. I think this might be issue with quick join matchmaking, low population and server creation algorithm.
  6. There is bug where it prevents you from equiping long barrel if you are using some handguards (for example midwest) which aren't obstructing it. You can skip it if you equip some other handguards, equip long barrel and then just don't buy that second handguard (it will equip previous one - midwest)
  7. I'm just waiting for textures now - I played on Smoleńsk and I had really a blast! Besides back capping of points this could be potentially best map for rush mode. Few suggestions: - more cover between some points, for example B2-C1 and B2-C2 where most of the fight is going on now. - open more spots behind train tracks - on C1 there is really glitchy spot if you want to use window from hill side - I would advise fixing this - A point, hill above train tracks is bit OP if you have decent sniper - just lay down and shoot everything that moves from spawn - add ladders to trains - they are not working now - right now this map is missing some narrow points that would make fighting in vehicles hard (ie. point A2 on Berlin is that place we are missing here) - why there are 2 choppers crashed on C point? - Side starting from A point is a bit OP imo - but don't quote me on that, use your statistical data - A2 and overall every point - sometimes you can't capture point because there is no cover... why would I lay on middle of the road if I have 5 buildings around?
  8. SGTAce

    Tryb jak rush

    Nie, ale obrona dwóch punktów przez jeden team i atak dwóch punktów pod które trzeba podłożyć bombę przez drugi team będzie urozmaiceniem większym niż rozsypywanie zwartego składu na całej mapie bo jakiś jeden randomowy typ poleciał na punkt na plecach Spędziłem 1,5+ tyś godzin w planetside 2 - tam dość długo kombinowali z capowaniem punktów i jednym z problemów było to że zawracało się pół armii bo przejmował ktoś punkcik na plecach, najczęściej jeden snajper grający solo na quadzie. Tutaj też to się dzieje i jest nieco irytujące - z tego też powodu bardzo lubiłem tryb Rush w BF3. Proste zasady, bez dużego biegania, wszystko skupione w jednym punkcie - a mimo to rozbudowane na całej mapie (są np. 4x fazy na mapę które się przesuwają gdy punkt zostanie zdobyty).
  9. SGTAce

    Tryb jak rush

    W sumie prosta rzecz - czy udało by się by jedna mapa miała liniowy układ punktów tak by zespoły musiały przepychać linię? Było by super pograć w tym trybie, bo bieganie w te i w tamtą po mapie jest już nieco nudne.
  10. Co tu dużo mówić, zobaczcie sami. Polecam z napisami. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHdWz0qw5RI
  11. -- COPY BELOW THIS LINE -- DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): don't have it right now GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): latest, doesn't matter it still exists STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): go from A2 to A1 on Warsaw - if you walk into wall, at some point you step on window - you can see through wall to A1 and shoot people there SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): CRASH LOG (if any):
  12. That would be nice since it doesn't work for me in last 3 instances and I would love to play normal version from time to time :). Each time I want to switch back I have to download 4,6 GB which takes around 30 minutes.
  13. I have problems with loading map - every time I try it drops me back to menu :/. I will check if this one solves this issue.
  14. Some weapons have option to change gear to different caliber or ammo type (the primary one, not secondary). I think that could be cool since we aren't looting ammo from other soldiers anyway. example:
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