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  1. When im playing the game i feel somtimes some weapons are just used in the way they are not meant for (like quickscoping with snipers) and have devastating effects. Sniper rifles whenever you have a sniper rifle and a basic skill of aim it feels that you can win any encounter by one shotting the enemy my suggestion is to make the snipers sway more while standing and sway a bit less while crouch and not sway while prone that way snipers will be hard to quick scope with and will fill the purpose of giving fire suppourt LMG Same a snipers the LMG seems to have it when in a fire fight, it should be more cluncky while running with it so it wont be your weapon of choice while running ino an objective Tanks Tanks role is to add devastating fire power to a team but in WW3 it seems to lack in that fire power, i understand that tanks can easly become OP yet in the setup that they are now it looks more like a giant death trap, in games of 8 vs 8 the tank is a stong choice, but when the servers in WW3 will become more stable and you start to see 16 vs 16 or 32 vs 32 if tanks stay in the way they are they will become sitting ducks for RPG when they become more scarse so thats why i suggest these improvments before the game is launched - Making bertter movment, Tanks should be able to pass obsticles (hence its creation whilw WW1 to go throu treches and hills), make the turrent spin just slightly faster so you can react to threats - Making shells more devastating, the 120MM HE sell is a joke its like playing whack a mole, seriously in this game the 120MM is less usful then the 30MM because it has a lower fire rate but the same effect VS Infantry. - Improving the Tank scope and intoducing actual crosshairs, the tank firing machnisem feels like playing GTA while games like Battlefield made Tanks feel more realistic and were more skilled based while firing, offering the gunner a better option to aim but harder skill to aquire making the Tanks harder to use but when you know how its much more devstating and get rid of that red circle saying where the shell will hit. *Tanks are devastating vehicle that gives more firepower to the team and should be used with skill look at BF4 when you use the Tanks right thetre you can dominate the game but if you are bad you die in 2 seconds Rocket launchers Rocket launchers should be a part of the whole WW3 experence and play a big role in anti vehicle gameplay if what i say about tanks is implemented so you need a good way to counter it and thats what we use rocket launchers for, The RPG itself is devastating to all armoured vehicles and is well built in that point, yet a lot of players dont use RPG but are stuck with an AFV pinning them down so i think it will be right to drop Rocket launchers in certain locations in the game so the Infantry will have a fighing chance the launchers will be bypoded to a place. featuring MBT LAW and AGTM Kornet with a tandem warhead will deal more damage then the RPG but will have to be fired from a position witha fixed platform.
  2. I have driven some tanks, by the look if you uploaded the Namer you might know a bit about havy tank movment such as the merkava, thats a good example of a heavy tank but it doesnt lack in any mobility, Tanks shouldnt be blocked by any surfaces, they are suppoust to be mobile and easy to use while devastating in firepower. Tanks seem OP only because there are about 10 people playing in a server which makes tanks harder to kill, when you have a 32->64 players on a server you will notice that its not worth using a tank because it becomes a giant death trap spamed by RPG and has almost no chance of falling back or react due to bad movment.
  3. First of all I drove some tanks, some of them are heavy AF, when you have a tank it has 3 characteistics 1.protection 2. Fire power 3. manuverablity All tanks could go up hill relivily quickly and able to crush obstacles the movement of the Leo is a movement of a WW1 MBT in this game
  4. Im kinda an expert with the tank, the problem i saw with the tanks is mostly movment atleast for the LEO, it doesnt feel right, the MBT gets stuck on everything and bearly moves, i playes once actualy with the T72 and it seems the movment is much better for that tank, it felt like a more realistic tank experence, i could engage targets with good speed and help my team without getting stuck and becoming a sitting duck for RPG, i dont exactly know what you did different but the Leo need upgrades to its movment
  5. The Mekava MK4 is a classic, sadly you uploaded a picture of the only mk4 that has tracks and reactive armour of an mk3
  6. The armata should be instead of T72, there should be the T90 tank too
  7. Depends on the army, i know that most western armies designate using laser or giving coordinates via UAV/oversights, smoke is more on the old school... But it truly adds more skill when the enemy has also the opportunity to know he is going to get hit
  8. squad based Target acquire system Imagine a situation that you are a squad leader trying to take objective A1 while your rout is pinned down, you designate the area where you are being shot at via lazer pointer and a nearby squad/MBT/light armour picks it up and suppress the enemy allowing you to enter Possitive outcomes Giving the squad leader the power to bring backup increasing teamplay from sqadbase to teambased increasing the ability of a team to capture objectives without allowing one team to baserape
  9. I would love some of the Ideas but actually progressing battlefeild is great as it is
  10. the game isnt suppoust to prevent you from buying, in the long term you will get the setup you want
  11. Tanks feel extreamly weak in the game, the movment is bad MBT's are a fearsome battle machine which has the ability to wipe out a ton and can understand how it can become OP, but in the game the MBT are weak and almost unusable for the long term and lack actual skill while using them. my thoughts how to improve them ingame: 1. make them more agile, tanks get stuck literraly on anything making them sitting ducks by rpg and nearby tanks (real tanks crush surfaces and overcome obsticles) 2. add splash damage to HE shells, only if you shoot at a radius of like 2 meters you can hurt infantry 3. the track and the engine are weak spots on tanks, if its possible to cripple a tank using charges/shooting the tracks that could be great 4. add actual tank scopes and integrate skill into the tank by also taking down the red indicator showing where the shell would hit Tanks take about 6000 BP to order (if built properly) so they should be worth it!
  12. whenever im pressing to go prone i crawl a bit, the character suddenly stands, this bug/ problem is annoying expecialy while using prone to avoid being seen and then you suddenly stand and get exposed /merged weedtime
  13. the system rewards following commands (it gives the platoon more perks such as tanks and airstrikes), plus players who want to play this mode will be tactical becouse thats the whole idea, they have TDM/warzone to kill eachother
  14. some luv for Tar-21 cant forget the P90
  15. Tactical rush This game mode is similar to rush but has a cool twist on it, this mode is made with tactical disicions made pre game -Company comander- before the game begin (Intermission) the company commander starts to apply the tactics on the map for the fighting platoons such as attack routs, defensive lines, flanks, tank positions , etc... the command will go down to platoon comanders whe will command squads and position them threw visual aid and voip (The Platoon commander can talk only to squad commanders in Voip, while squad commanders can talk to their squads and platoon commander) company commander will have his commands on his Hud (plus platoon comanders location), platoon commanders will have their and the company comanders commands , squad commanders and players will have platoon commands. -HQ every team will have an HQ if you sneak Inside you will gain the enemy tactics which will give your team an advantage. HQ location can be discovered by capturing the intel from a dead platoon commander (or squad commander if its too difficult) -Team points In this mode following orders and progressing earns points for the whole team and not personal (like in normal conquest), the Company or Platoon comander can order Tanks/Air strikes/etc.. for his aid the build: Comapny -> 3 Platoons -> 2/3 Squads (each squad 4 players) (for 32 vs 32 player game) The picture above shows what will be built (2 parts of the plan) strong lines are Company commands (for platoons), thin lines are for Platoon commands (for squads), = is defensive positon, + is offensive position This mode as i belive is made for the type of players who play this game, players who want to play tactical group based game play with a ton of thought on every step, this game mode is for the more hardcore players who want a true WW3 experence
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