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  1. Hi, After the match ends. I still have 1-3 FPS in Tactical map, until I change it to Satellite mode, when I change it back, FPS drops down again, and it affects the mouse cursor, so its bad to choose anything. Seems like its bad issue to fix, because it is happening long time, lot of updates were made, but this was not fixed yet. I hope you find out what is doing this issue, and fix it soon I reported this report in Posted November 11, 2018, Patch 0.1
  2. This game is either full of cheaters or unbalanced, for example I think I am being killed with AK-15 very quickly very often, and overall feel of killing someone is slower than being killed.
  3. Hello, I thought this is known issue but I didnt found it in known bugs. I am having this problem like since I bought the game in October 2018. Its very annoying that after the game match ends my mouse is freezed to 1-3FPS until I click on Satellite map and have instantly 60+ In game for example map Warsaw today, my FPS is around 80, I use FPS counter from Steam and I didnt measured maximum/minimum/average.
  4. Because I couldnt find anything I that I think is connected with WW3, I quit steam and then clicked on quit the game. So I will look for it next time
  5. Ok maybe I didnt checked it properly, but it is something that was working properly before the update, so I am reporting it, I will check it next time then.
  6. Hi, I think since today, or yesterday, maybe since last update I quit the game but Steam still displays I am in the game, and I cant find any process related to the game to quit it so the game quits and steam dont displays the false information So I have to quit Steam, click on quit the game when the Steam tries to quit but displays the game is on, and then launch the Steam again. Do you want HW and OS information?
  7. So I played now, and I realised I already tried that. I even noticed that when I get back to main menu after finished match the game starts at satellite where I have up to 144FPS (I set the limit to it because I have 144hz monitor) And then automatically after like 3 seconds sets itself to tactical satellite and thats where I get awful unplayable and unmanagable FPS, can you imagine how hard it is to click on the satellite mode, or anything else like the quit button? I also have two FPS problems when: 1.) I look at map in-game being alive, around 10FPS, (pressing M) when I close it I go back to +- 60. And second ''new'' (more like my first report of this problem) problem related to FPS and Map/Satellite is: 2.) When I want to choose Flying Eye I have +-10FPS or I think using anything else where the soldier takes map in hands and I have to choose where to spot enemies, where to bombard, or where I want to pick up my vehicle. I choose Flying Eye and the animation with map ends, I have +-10FPS for like 30 seconds, probably the FPS gets back to normal when my Flying Eye despawns?
  8. Hi, you mean not to quit the game but go to earth, and then to tactical again? I didnt tried it yet, I will report what happened when I'll play, it will be probably today once again
  9. Hi, when I launch the game and get into the main menu, I defaultly see tactical satellite map (black and red map) and have normal FPS, around 60. But every time I finish the match and get back into main menu, I get 1-3 FPS until I choose the second satellite mode, the Google Earth like mode, I have again normal FPS. HW & SW: Windows 10 Home Intel Core i5-4690K AMD (GIGABYTE) Radeon R9 280X 3 GB 16GB RAM (4x4GB) 1333hz WW3 is installed on 500GB SSD
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