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  1. How do I delete my Forum Account?
  2. Hello everyone, here are some thoughts, ideas and findings which I would like to bring into the discussion: Increase score limit in team deathmatch Sometimes there are squads in TM which I find useles Tie squads more together in conquest mode i.e. by enabling a shorter spawn time if you spawn on your leader or by giving points for the distance between you and the rest of the squad Give the squad leader the possibility to spawn on his members The squad leader gets IMHO too many points compared to the squad members Rethink the spawn time of the squad leader - a lot of people create a new squad simply to spawn faster (me too) Rework the spawn points - very often you spawn in a room with two or more enemies Fences and railings appear very often bullet proof The sounds of a bullet hitting a surface needs more variaty The icons of team members and flags are very hard to see What do you guys think?
  3. Hello everyone, I really love the game mode, espacially when its dark. One thing that came into my mind: Wouldn't it be cool if the electric grid isn't stable anymore and the lights would just go off for some time. Players would have to rely on thermal scopes or the limited flickering lights of a fire or the chopper that is circling (very nice by the way) to navigate through the mall. What do you guys think?
  4. Hello everyone, I didn't play for a while. I wanted to play now and lost all my ranks and configs - so I wanted to customize my soldier again. I looked trough the different vest types and it took a while till i noticed that in fact I bought about 10 of them in less than 30 seconds - by just looking at them!? What the hell? If the developers go into a supermarket they hopefully don't automatically buy everything the touch once, right? Is there a way to give back the vests since I got more important things to buy instead. Best regards
  5. Hello everyone, I didn't play for some time and I was eager to see what happened to the game. Unfortunately I noticed that I lost my rank and all my credits? What happened? How do I get it back!? Best regards
  6. Awesome! May I ask what sort of tools we are talking about or is it too early?
  7. Remember the good old days with Battlefield 2? The thing that made this game so interessting for the community was IMHO the map editor and its modding capabilities. I know its much to ask for but is it possible to provide some sort of map designer/sand box for this game too? This would give the game a cutting advantage above all others games around, if the community can activly provide content. What do you guys think of it?
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