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  1. problem with calling vehicle happens when you change team... its fun...
  2. after latest hotfix.. mutch less crashes so thumbs up.. but there one thing i can not understand.. - Berlin B2 spawn is AGAIN bugged ass hell.. whole this place(img bellow) causing imidieteley fall under the map... this WAS fixed and now its back.. how the hell is this possible? did you guys compile/generate 0.3 patch from some old backup or what? and a lot of known issues: -hitboxes are "out of sync" i can see clear hits with blood splashing on enemy without damage...(is there any way to show ping to server?) -vehicle ammo is totaly broken.. terminator sometimes have 20 or 21 rounds in magazine, ammo sometimes magicaly autoloading while shooting.. 14->21 etc.. -12.7mm in vehicle unable to reload.. /same as rcws turrents..(tested just with cannon but it will be the same for all..) -12.7mm HP rounds with 20 DMG to limbs -> really great joke.. edit: video added 0:00 hitbox 0:05 hitbox slowmo 0:26 smolensk flyyyyy 0:27 forest gump 2:59 12.7mm reloading wont work 4:40 12 to 21 ammo in 30mm autoreload...
  3. same with T-72-terminator..
  4. from my point of view... - increased TTK or broken gunplay/hit detection.. i bought this game(and dont refund it) because of great gunplay/feeling... now i really dont like it, sorry - vehicle falling under the map or traveling to the moon still present.. most often when squadmate spawns on you/or getting out of vehicle.. - a lot more crashes to windows and disconnections from servers to game menu.. - why there is smolensk map without textures etc in "regular" maprotation? its nice to see you are working on it.. but i dont like this idea at all.. ( i know my bad..) +/- nice to see button to switch team with motivation 4000battle points.. but when i switch team i cant call any vehicle.. you can see in video below.. after you try to use it you cant aim anymore unles you climb over some wall etc.. and you are in "squad" with everyone.. as you can see.. ++ new gun sounds are very good! and question not mentioned to this patch.... i´m using MSBS-K+HP ammo.. + ammo bag.. is it normal that i can get about 30 rounds from whole pack? it seems quite "unreal/ridiculous" for me. Merry christmas and happy new year and keep going!
  5. once i was too invisible for enemys/teammates.. not bug of the PTE
  6. just finished video what WW3 tank gameplay is about.. + RPG bonus at the end..
  7. axactly.. imposible to kill with HE(even 2x30mm) and very hard to kill by .50cal.. this "superfortesses" makes me crazy for example at Warsaw map, the "sniper overpass/balcony (c1/c2)" there is nearly impossible to kill them.. they can hide behind 10cm thin wall.. thats really annoying
  8. @Marg all my movement depends on situation, its quite easy to get overrun by infantry without support.. so whem i am somewhere alone, yes i am camping in safe and waiting for support.. but when there is some team members trying to cap why not to help them? in most cases vehicle can eat about 3-4RPGs, with APS, even more.. just take a look at the screenshots.. 17-19mins left (about 2k score for my team..)
  9. i am 95% time user of terminator which is little bit funny these days, enemy ATs have absolutely no respect to me but its ok.. with best pasive + active protection and 2x30mm its possible to deal with them.. you just need to keep distance.. all tanks are extremely vulnerable agaist infantry at close range (like IRL) but what i want to say.. in 80% i lost wehicle its because i simply fall down under the map or i get shoot to the moon.. its near every game i play.. drive over some kind of bump its nearly suicide.. and this thing makes me really crazy.. ....time to get 5-6k points is ok for me, when you are squadleader and your mates works like a team.. its possible under 5min , most often it takes 5-8min, so how long is round? 10-15min? in most games im able to use t-72(about 5850points) 2 times..(most often because i fall down under the map with first one)
  10. after latest patch it's solved, well done guys, keep going!
  11. not sure if its bug or feature... but ive got it on video
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