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  1. I used the BS-NM on the light machine gun Pecheneg Bullpup. the sound didnt changed at all ingame. I didnt try'ed the other ones because I dont have the money for it :\
  2. i just bought an silencer for a light machine gun, but the sound was still the same ingame!
  3. But its really frustrating to play over 40 mins to get enough battle points for a tank and then die without even leaving the spawn
  4. Hello, I have a problem with anti-tank mines. I think that they shouldn't completely destroy a tank with just one mine. I'm fine with lightly armored vehicles like the Marder but main battle tanks should survive at least one anti-tank mine. I expect that my tank can withstand more than just 1 mine with the best armor equipped. It's really annoying when you play over 40 mins to get enough battle points for a tank and can't even leave your spawn area. I don't know if its just me but I can't spot mines from inside a vehicle. On certain maps, they are literally invisible. I would love to see a small nerf in damage against main battle tanks. Thanks
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