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  1. Thanks for info, but still it should be an feature, not "do it manually", especially that google is not helping on that (ww3 configs, not hidden files :P), and most of the people will not create a post about it. So knowing that we have local copy of configs, it should not be a big problem, button which will copy them from appdata to documents/ww3/configbackup/DATE, second button launching popup with list of available backups.
  2. I couldn't find it so: In one of the patch notes (or somewhere else) you Devs mentioned that configs will have resets. It's ok, we are in early, but it would be less painful if there would be an option to export (and import) your loadouts. I know that it can be tricky, as there will be new weapons, changes of what you can have on them, and what you cannot, yet it's far better to just change now forbidden scope, rather than making all your configs from scratch. From my perspective the easiest way is export to json/yml/other-text-based, as this formats tend to be most "change-in-game-internals" friendly. I'm writing it, because i can see that my loadouts got reset, and tbh when i saw that, i felt like my willingness to play today fade out. It is a shame that we can lose players (even temporary), because of such ridiculous thing.
  3. Shit wrong place on forum, sorry!
  4. DESCRIPTION OF BUG While i was playing my weapon changed to another. I attached a screenshot. GAME BUILD ID: 3280991 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Dunno, first time happened SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): PotatoPC CRASH LOG (if any): None
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