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  1. I repaired a vehicle then i ve mounted with the repair tool selected, when i leaved the vehicle my gun models became bugged
  2. It would be cool to have editor so people could make maps just like in Red orchestra or Cs GO.
  3. I want a battlefield experience from WW3 if i want a BR i would play Pubg or Fortnite no need for a new BR game
  4. Are you planning to implement such feature in the future? Unique equipment for squad leaders for exapmle placable spawn beacon or squad leaders would have unique strikes that would need to be achieved trough squad teamplay taking points etc, for example smoke barage .
  5. It just appeared on this player the whole match, i tried reconecting and change graphics settings but he was still invisible for me.
  6. Ooooh i see now i was using the comand wheel on Y I need to hold the x button it works now thank you my mistake.
  7. Also the Glock aim down sight animation is bugged when you go prone
  8. BoomCZ


    I would like to change at least my camo on soldier and weapons for example coming from smolensk to warsawa in a forest camo isnt the best choice
  9. Hello, i would like to be able issue attack/defend orders on flags without the need to look a them and press X just add the attack option into the comand wheel with flag numbers. I think its a little improvement. What do you think people?
  10. I kinda look at the game every month to see whats changed but the map rotation is still the biggest problem for me. And i would like to play the 60 players warzone but sadly no one is playing the PTE which runs far better for me than the public game.
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