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  1. Updated original post and just bumping this thread if that is allowed. Looking for some interested individuals interested in forming a WW3 group for a small multi-gaming community. We are currently involved in one MMORPG in particular (unrelated to original post) but some of our community members do play a handful of other online shooters as well as other PC titles too. Basic understanding/speaking abilities in English is recommended when playing most of our games together, but if others share a common language then there's no issue with that either. Simply jump into our Public Discord, tag or msg me, and let's try to get a WW3 group up and running! ? (If 'bumps' and the such aren't allowed, my apologies!)
  2. I voted for bug-fixing, stability, and optimization and read through the responses before posting. I was never quite great at FPS games, but managed to handle myself in some games. With WW3 and with an FX 8350 / GTX 1050, I was really bummed out when I had constant frame issues which really posed problems playing a shooter game like this where split-second decisions between living/dying matters. I've only upgraded my GFX card to an RX 580, but I noticed I still had similar frame issues and again, was pretty bummed out. I know I'm not the only one who has low/entry-level gaming hardware and I do believe that if bugs, game stability, and game optimizations were prioritized, previous players and new players (with a little bit of marketing) would come back or join into WW3. I hope that WW3 can be something to recommend to my friends again if the bug-fixing, stability, and optimizations do go through. The gameplay can be fun when there aren't limitations holding many players back, so that is where my vote will go. Edit: Just wanted to edit and say with some tweaking of the game's GFX settings, a mixture of medium/low, I actually was able to enjoy a couple matches on the NA server with no real frame issues. I might not have had 60+ frames constantly, but I had a smooth enough and enjoyable enough time which is all I could have asked for. Not sure if there was a really recent patch/update, but regardless, glad that the game has been improved since my previous/futile attempts previously!
  3. Hey there. I have supported, been monitoring patches/quickfixes/updates and have finally updated my graphics card (from a mere GTX 1050 2GB to an RX 580 8GB) to try to improve my performance and stability/playability with World War 3. I have had moments of frustration, but I have no intention of giving up on this game. I refunded Mavericks in belief of this having potential and I still do think this wonderful game can compete with other AAA titles that have, simply put, given up on listening to its community. Now that I have gotten all that jibberjabber out of the way... Given the timezone I am in, being EST / GMT-5, and that I have no work coming up for around a week or so... what would be the most ideal primetime for this game? Steamcharts has been saying upwards of 150-200+ players in the past 24hours, maybe even 75-125 players in any of the last hours that I feel are suitable to play given my timezone. Mind you, right now, this is only my second match after an infuriating reinstallation of Steam and all of my games, including WW3. So right now it's almost 6:30 AM EST which I understand is quite early but I figured I would ask the most suitable time to play to see if I can properly enjoy WW3 now with my new graphics card. To any of those who tell me that WW3's dead, etc, don't really care for that right now. But to those who want to help someone find the right playtime to mix it up and get some tactical shooter experience under my belt - many thanks in advance. Game on, game strong. ????
  4. Having similar issues now, although the game used to hang on loading screens, I can get in, play for a little -> then crashes no matter what I'm doing on the side. My specs are not the greatest but I mean, before some patches, I could honestly play with no issue, as long as I'm on 50% resolution scale. AMD FX 8350, GTX 1050 (not a TI, normal 2GB), 24GB RAM (16GB Useable).. drivers up to date and all. WW3 Steam files verified, etc. No idea what's going on.
  5. Having issues where the PTE loading screen will just stall at the loading screen. I had played a possibly broken version of PTE before this all happened; I say broken because I, although having a weaker gaming computer, ended up full on crashing to desktop with no report log possibility and since then seems like the game won't load at all. PTE code entered into Beta, files verified, downloaded, then installed, and on multiple occasions with 10+ mins just "loading" with no progress or anything. Halp?
  6. Hey there. Towards the end of 2017, I started developing Honor Gaming Community --- a multi-gaming community --- which stemmed from a completely different sort of game. Eventually, I decided to try and branch us out into other online games and World War 3 is one of the handful of online shooters that I would like us to get into. While some of our community members play many other games, I would like to encourage those that pass by on this thread to jump into our Public Discord and consider joining up with myself/any others in forming a World War 3 group. There aren't many restrictive requirements, although our language of choice will be English (so having a fair understanding of English is necessary) but if others share a common language then there is no problem with that either. Having a headset with microphone is not mandatory but is highly recommended. Otherwise, our World War 3 group is still forming but if you would like to be part of the process, again, simply jump into our Public Discord and tag or message me (Ravose#9915) and let's get others involved in the idea as well! While some multi-gaming communities are timezone-restricted, our community itself plans on being international/global. Though online games will have region-based servers, we will try to pick an initial server most appropriate for our community and if enough people are involved, we will try to branch onto the servers our community requests. Honor Gaming Community's Public Discord: https://discord.gg/qEDXrbz Honor Gaming Community on Guilded: https://www.guilded.gg/Honor
  7. I've played numerous games before WW3, but in longevity, I played mostly MMORPGs like OSRS, ArcheAge, Life Is Feudal: MMO and as for shooters, I bought Battlefield 1 and have to say for its era, it is nice, but not my sort of shooter. Battlefield 1, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and WarFace would have to be my previous shooters.
  8. Definitely agreed. I am sure a hover over preview could be implemented or a button to "Try on" sort of feature. The first would be my personal pick. Luckily I remembered my character customization layout so it wasn't too difficult for me but I was surprised that there was not a preview feature.
  9. Ravose

    Say Hello!

    Hey there from the U.S.A! It took some time for my account to become verified but I just wanted to say a big "Thank you" to the Developers and Staff for bringing this game together. My only other option was WarFace which is okay but I needed something new. I heard about WW3 from a YouTube video but did not buy into EA until I got a refund from another game which I was looking forward to, but ultimately decided to give up on and I am kind of glad I did. Wish the best for the other game, but WW3's character and weapon customization is truly something that I love. The only game I played that had a slightly in-depth gun customization feature was a very old and hack-filled shooter called Operation7, which is still alive but not too sure how it is since I last played. Truly love WW3 even though my current set up prevents me from streaming it, but, it is what it is!
  10. I originally tried to register to post on this and just noticed some responses to it. I, too, use an AMD FX 8350 as I bought an entry-level pre-built gaming computer (only around $550 a year ago) as I was too impatient to order parts/put together and the GFX card I use (GTX 1050) definitely doesn't help, either lol. I've overclocked my CPU and GFX (BIOS/Afterburner) but I don't do it too much as it's a bit of effort to go back and forth. I think with TDM being implemented, depending on the size of the matches, FPS should be a bit better. I have not tried the new patch that just came out, but I will have to see for myself. Truthfully we'd both have to upgrade our CPUs and in my case, I'd have to upgrade my MOBO as well to put in a much better CPU. Best of luck with everything though, aside from the current tricks/tweaks, if you find anything to help you, or if any one else knows some useful things - let him and I/others know. Edit: This setting makes the quality a little blurry but you can probably max out the graphics given your GFX card. Try possibly using 50% Resolution Scale but up the graphics for the game (otherwise you will legitimately feel like you're playing in a haze). I'm having okay FPS but much better gameplay now. It's a little known trick but with their further optimizations and patches/updates, I'm sure we will be able to play it normally in the future.
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