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  1. I know that you are investigating the crash on startup issue and if I wanted to play right now you would have to reset my config. CBA to create all loadouts again and I have no problem waiting for fix. I want to know if you have to eventually reset the profile anyway (basically the fix you will make will be automatic reset for all corrupted profiles) or if I'll wait I will be able to keep my stuff. Thanks.
  2. Its pretty common for free "weekend" to start on Thursday and end on Monday. This way every timezone will get at least three days to play it.
  3. Gave the game another chance today (last version I played was 0.3) and movement indeed needs rework but speed is not the problem. Just animations, transitions from and to prone, switching weapons and sprinting, leaning and moving around objects etc. Tried some vehicles and glad that I didn't encounter any major problems except with the Abrams. Moving around in that tank is just pain - especially turning. Acceleration was cool but compared to fully armoured Leo I would pick Leo every single time. I directly hit enemy T-72 with hellfire into the engine area...it gave me 48 points for vehicle hit. You wanna tell me that I need 3 hellfires to destroy T-72? The main problem is the shooter part. I tried Sig and MG5. It seems that it is pointless to pick up heavier weapons since I had no problems to kill anyone with default Sig at ANY distance. Time to kill is way too short. This was way better in 0.2 or at release. Also what happened? It feels like I was getting instakilled all the time and most of the time at close range I was even dead before I saw the guy shooting at me. They were just sprinting and bam I was dead. Before you say anything about latency both me and most of the players on the EU server were from EU. The general feeling is just bad, this wasn't the issue back at release so why is it now? It also feels like there is no reason to wear helmet or heavier plates since I saw no difference when I tried it. Just FYI I don't have any problem with short TTK but the game has to be designed around it. I play RS2: Vietnam for last few months. And before you say anything I know that those earlier versions had other problems and I am glad that I saw those fixed. So hopefully this will also improve.
  4. Lol ? Oh look it's this thread again. People whining about passive objects on the ground you can easily spot and destroy. You can either GIT GUT or CRY for nerf on the forums. These threads are funny. Good entertainment. I rate this one 6/10 - above average.
  5. Please do not put words into my mouth - I hate that. I never said that there is no need for tutorial. I just said that there is no need for non-skippable one.
  6. You might not care but any sane developer should care. I would be pretty pissed if I had to complete non-skippable tutorial after each new installation and this system would most likely broke at some point and lock some players into endless tutorial loop - let's not be naive. What you just mentioned will never be fixed by non-skippable tutorial. You do not need tutorial to teach players how to throw ammo or medkits. They know pretty well how to do that but they just do not hear you or ignore you since they do not care about your ammo and they think that they have "better" things to do. Give them something if they complete the skippable tutorial and they won't be annoyed but happy. Everyone wins.
  7. Non-skippable tutorials are the most annoying thing in games. You have in game currency, make it skippable but at the same time give new players some incentive to do it - like one-time big amount of in-game cash (to completely buy and customize one weapon and uniform or vehicle). That is the way to go.
  8. Ok I will try something more simple. 180-175=5 Five hours is more than enough. Why would I force myself to play something I don't enjoy? I got better things to do with my life and if I take a look at the player numbers it seems that I am not alone.
  9. Lol. So let's say if a store is empty coz it is selling rotten food. Is it customers fault? Must be! I envy you. I honestly do since life must be extremely simple for you with logic like that. Thank you for the laugh. They probably have different taste for games in NA. And pretentious or not he is right. I have 180 hours in WW3 and out of that is like 175 in release version and after first bigger update. But I guess that is just my own fault that I don't like the game in this state and where it is going. If you don't like what I just said it's your own fault.
  10. What does this have to do with social justice? Why are you even mentioning it? Blind support and excuses for mistakes made by developers got the games industry where it is today. Do you honestly think that you are "helping" with this? They sell something right now for money and that is why they HAVE TO make sure that they focus both on current players and long term. Keep continue to personally attacking me that is really classy. No need to reply since I know plenty of people like you and it is best to ignore them (thank god for ignore post option) since they are just delusional zealots.
  11. The only one crying here is you boy. And yea sure I have no idea I only WORK for mid-sized GAME DEVELOPER for almost 10 years so far. I'm 90% sure that it will happen just as I described. I might also be surprised since I cannot refund it anyway. Also lol at the "You just want something for your money.". WHO DOESN'T? My main problem is that the game got worse since release in a lot of areas. I had few hundred hours in the EA release version ffs. When you release game in EA you have to take care of the product you sell RIGHT now (since you demand money for it) and also continue with your long term plan. If you just care for the long term plan and cannot fund it until then take a loan.
  12. Oh my god...I had to log in after few months because I cannot stand what all those blind fanboys are doing here. Stop saying early access as ultimate excuse. Just stop. Developers are selling something for a certain amount of money and people expect that they would be able to play it and that it would improve over time. The big word is IMPROVE. The game failed at that and went from alive to dead very fast after the Christmas megafail. Not a single sane developer would release something so broken right before Christmas. That was just reckless. This was exactly the time when I gave up since I left feedback which was completely ignored (multiple times). And your fanboy mentality "it does not happen to me so that means it doesn't exist" will bite you in the ass when it starts happening to you and other fanboys will just dismiss it. I hate the word fanboy but I simply have no other words for you. The mental gymnastics you guys do will not help anyone. This looked like sarcasm until I realized that you are serious. I bet you that if those "THOUSANDs" could get a refund they would. In the blink of an eye and they would never look back. Reviving a dead game is incredibly hard and even more rare and I am talking about huge publishers that will invest millions into marketing to basically turn trash into diamonds. I work in games industry and the most common scenario is that a lot of players will return...for a day or two and after that they are gone. In the end this is just sad because I loved the game at the release. It had potential.
  13. I already uninstalled it. I crashed in the middle of the match tho. It probably had nothing to do with customization.
  14. I'm done with this. After 3.0 I had a lot of crashes but they disappeared once I "upgraded" Windows from 7 to 10. Well I am crashing AGAIN after the so called "hotfix" that was deployed today.
  15. Same thing happens with CS layout (+ěščřžýáíé). Just bind those keys on another layout again as alternative. You can have both the number as primary and symbol as secondary button. Both will work for strikes that way.
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