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  1. Yeah I understand.... Now we have to play on 300+ ping and unlock everything again, just because someone saw a YouTube tutorial. What fun.
  2. It's recent and will probably stay temporarily as stated. "You will be able to connect shortly as the changes will be made to our MS." It'll be most likely fixed before the free weekend so this month perhaps.
  3. Tried that, didn't work. Still only "NA/SA" region only.
  4. Doesn't work sadly. Although it does add a new entry in the Windows Defender FW menu each time you try to run it(ended up with 4 entries pointing to "WW3_launcher.exe"). Apparently the only region I can get into is "NA/SA", not even "PTE". But I did notice that there are two entries currently, one came after starting in "EU/AF" region and the second one after running in "NA/SA" region(which worked). After that running the "Play WW3" and "AS/OC" didn't add a new entry(and didn't work). Perhaps it's due to the flags given to the executable? @weedtime Maybe merge these topics if you see fit? So that if a solution is found it can be used by all. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/9531-authenticating-error/ https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/9338-ww3-stays-at-authenticate-for-hours/ https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/9454-game-stuck-on-authenticating/
  5. DeWa95

    Soldier quotes

    Maybe it's not from the same movie, something else perhaps? It's always nice to see people paying homage to the classics. Which voice over says that btw? I don't seem to recall that. I do appreciate the little humor the devs added, it adds a bit of life or depth to the game. I hope in the future they decide to add some kind of lore Easter eggs or somethings like that to add a little depth, would be interesting.
  6. DeWa95

    Soldier quotes

    Well I do believe there are 2 references to "Monty python and the holy grail" from the British voice over. - "What re you gonna do, bleed on me?" When killing someone (black knight scene). - "One Two, Five" when throwing a grenade (Holy hand grenade of Antioch scene). So maybe the sword one is also a reference from somewhere.
  7. Alright, thank you. Some more info I forgot to mention, if t helps. Tried it on "EU/AF" and "Play WW3" servers(main build). In the mean time do let me know if any other info is required.
  8. @weedtime I seem to be having the same problem. Both live(0.6.3) and PTE( Steps in the troubleshooting guide didn't seem to help. Does it require a profile reset?
  9. It works for teammates too, also it works if you fulfill any request e.g. ammo or transport objective. P.S. 1st aid kit deals 50 damage to enemy too.
  10. Just a small suggestion as you are coming from console. Try an aim trainer, there are a few free and paid ones. I've tried "Aim Lab" (early beta stage currently), it's free on steam. They'll help you improve your muscle memory with a mouse. I haven't played on consoles but still it helped me improve quiet noticeably.
  11. You need to be the 2nd person in the vehicle. The secondary gunner controls the RCWS.
  12. Yeah give an option to disable chat for those who don't want to see, those who want to be entertained can keep it on. Besides I don't think that toxic behavior should be encouraged. 2 people arguing shouldn't annoy the rest. Heyyyyyy, that's not nice
  13. Yeah initially, but it gets old really fast. I personally just ignore it and read it only at redeploy screen(which I see a lot ). Just a temporarily solution until the new UI comes with a solution for this.
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