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  1. DeWa95

    VOIP Design Discussion

    I would like to have an option for detailed or a minimalist icon. Because I like less clutter when trying to see in-game. But then again, with that we could end up with a huge options menu. So it could even mean a whole UI redesign. ____________________________ +1
  2. DeWa95

    Where are Developers ?

    It's been a while with those dev blogs, only the one I saw. Maybe using those once in a while and also putting those on social media so that people who don't regularly check the forums can also see that the work is being done. Also because I've seen "frustrated people" to say the least outside the forums in larger numbers. It could reassure them that the project is alive maybe?
  3. DeWa95

    VOIP Design Discussion

    Push to talk A channel for squad A channel for squad leaders only (i.e. leaders of entire team only). Squad leader would be able to hear both at the same time but speak in desired channel Ability to mute ... [All / Channel / Person]. Icon for speaking person for squad where the squad names are displayed [lower left]. Icon for speaking person for squad leaders only channel displayed only when a leader speaks.
  4. DeWa95

    SCAR-H Handguard and Stock Prices/Costs

    In 0.2 there wasn't any BP required for camouflage... I haven't tested that it actually affects it in game but then again the BP doesn't update in the menu too(there is already a bug-report on that)
  5. DeWa95

    SCAR-H Handguard and Stock Prices/Costs

    Should i make a proper bug report with all items with "relatively" high prices? Also note I tested it on the EU servers only. P.S some camos for the vehicles cost battle-points, bug or feature?
  6. DeWa95

    Say Hello!

    General Kenobi
  7. DeWa95

    [TUT]Building your weapon

    MSBS-B... good gun with high repeat rate and decent damage
  8. DeWa95

    Flashing icons for requester

    It would help in the lobby when players can talk to each other and can co-ordinate their squad even when playing with random. But VOIP and lobby would have to be implemented first, different than the one there is currently. Maybe just display that according to your own gadget. E.g. if you have ammo pack then display team mate's ammo, as the box border does for the health. It would encourage people to drop gadgets without having to request for them explicitly.
  9. It'd be nice to know who made the request e.g. gadget use, transportation request, orders request. especially if it's not a squad mate you look around and the person sometimes is not in your line of sight. I know that the name is displayed with the request but icons would help locate the player too. Maybe the icon for the player flashes for a few seconds. Also a hint(like vehicle controls) could be displayed so that the player knows what to do. Sometimes the squad leader used the quick radio instead of giving orders In addition if it's a team mate(not squad mate) and are out of sight their icon could be displayed regardless.
  10. DeWa95

    Ok the game is unplayable

    Not a troll... I actually don't understand... because to me it feels like he's holding it between the lips. Close to the mouth would be understandable but it looks as if he's holding it in his mouth. I tagged it non-serious though. No... hence the confusion.
  11. The first loading screen greets you with this... This... THIS... WHAT IS THIS??? someone please explain. It's driving me crazy. Why is he biting the mic? Or is it candy flavored that he cant resist licking it? I don't think anyone would be hearing him with the mic this close to his mouth. The other soldier is fine though. P.S. The farm 51??? -> Area 51??? -> World war 3??? -> Illuminaughty ??? wake up sheeple.
  12. DeWa95

    Bold text

    DESCRIPTION OF BUG : Health value, weight, role, equipment name appeared in bold, rest of the text was fine. Happened after 1st spawn (Warsaw war-zone medium) and was cured after a few re-spawns(exact unknown). Observed only once. GAME BUILD ID : 3428619 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : Random event SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS : N/A CRASH LOG : N/A
  13. They don't, precisely the reason why this would encourage them even further, to be more careful and stay alive longer and gather tickets by playing the objective, rather than going for kills. Maybe have a large base-time(e.g. 15 sec) for re-spawning and with spawn tickets that could be reduced(e.g. 5 sec). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a medium warzone if you have 4 of 6 objectives(all connected or 1 pair connected and 2 not connected) that is a victory, however people still go aggressive(I'm also guilty of that) and end up losing the held points. This could encourage people to stay defensive to collect tickets instead of trying to hold the entire map. Or if they do need to push they would go for and easy to capture objective where the enemy is less likely to be or is further away from the enemy to not die. Rather than just going for the nearest objective where the enemy is well dug-in. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Of-course there are other ways of accomplishing this rather than spawn tickets, but it's just a suggestion.
  14. DeWa95

    C2 Warsaw medium warzone

    DESCRIPTION OF BUG : Cannot capture point(C2) on Warsaw medium war zone when crawling. A shell crater to the right of C2(inside capture zone). GAME BUILD ID : 3428619 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : No special steps required SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS : N/A CRASH LOG : N/A