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  1. It would help in the lobby when players can talk to each other and can co-ordinate their squad even when playing with random. But VOIP and lobby would have to be implemented first, different than the one there is currently. Maybe just display that according to your own gadget. E.g. if you have ammo pack then display team mate's ammo, as the box border does for the health. It would encourage people to drop gadgets without having to request for them explicitly.
  2. It'd be nice to know who made the request e.g. gadget use, transportation request, orders request. especially if it's not a squad mate you look around and the person sometimes is not in your line of sight. I know that the name is displayed with the request but icons would help locate the player too. Maybe the icon for the player flashes for a few seconds. Also a hint(like vehicle controls) could be displayed so that the player knows what to do. Sometimes the squad leader used the quick radio instead of giving orders In addition if it's a team mate(not squad mate) and are out of sight their icon could be displayed regardless.
  3. Not a troll... I actually don't understand... because to me it feels like he's holding it between the lips. Close to the mouth would be understandable but it looks as if he's holding it in his mouth. I tagged it non-serious though. No... hence the confusion.
  4. The first loading screen greets you with this... This... THIS... WHAT IS THIS??? someone please explain. It's driving me crazy. Why is he biting the mic? Or is it candy flavored that he cant resist licking it? I don't think anyone would be hearing him with the mic this close to his mouth. The other soldier is fine though. P.S. The farm 51??? -> Area 51??? -> World war 3??? -> Illuminaughty ??? wake up sheeple.
  5. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : Health value, weight, role, equipment name appeared in bold, rest of the text was fine. Happened after 1st spawn (Warsaw war-zone medium) and was cured after a few re-spawns(exact unknown). Observed only once. GAME BUILD ID : 3428619 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : Random event SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS : N/A CRASH LOG : N/A
  6. They don't, precisely the reason why this would encourage them even further, to be more careful and stay alive longer and gather tickets by playing the objective, rather than going for kills. Maybe have a large base-time(e.g. 15 sec) for re-spawning and with spawn tickets that could be reduced(e.g. 5 sec). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a medium warzone if you have 4 of 6 objectives(all connected or 1 pair connected and 2 not connected) that is a victory, however people still go aggressive(I'm also guilty of that) and end up losing the held points. This could encourage people to stay defensive to collect tickets instead of trying to hold the entire map. Or if they do need to push they would go for and easy to capture objective where the enemy is less likely to be or is further away from the enemy to not die. Rather than just going for the nearest objective where the enemy is well dug-in. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Of-course there are other ways of accomplishing this rather than spawn tickets, but it's just a suggestion.
  7. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : Cannot capture point(C2) on Warsaw medium war zone when crawling. A shell crater to the right of C2(inside capture zone). GAME BUILD ID : 3428619 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : No special steps required SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS : N/A CRASH LOG : N/A
  8. Instead of freely re-spawning there could be "tickets" for re spawn like battle-points. This could work when the lobby system or match start timer is implemented so that squads are filled and no points are wasted by half filled squads. As many games use. Battle points used for strikes could account towards decreasing squad's/team's tickets. This would mean people would have to think real hard about what and when to use. The person could enable or disable if their squad/team can use their battle-points. For squad based tickets it would encourage more people to follow the leader's orders to gain BP to be able to re-spawn rather than running around wherever they want. But the rest of the team will not be affected by a squad/person. It would also encourage the squad leader to stay alive and be more careful so that they can live to give orders. For team based it would be more more chaotic but essentially fulfill the same purpose of following orders. However one squad/person could mess it up for the whole team. Obvious cons of this would be that people abuse these and waste tickets for other squad/team members. Also playing alone and getting mixed with random squad-mates would be... "fun". Another is that the people could just sit back and snipe instead of following orders, or the leader would just indefinitely defend and easy objective to gain battle-points.
  9. Can we expect the same for grenades? Being able to carry multiple types of grenades as we wish or a predefined bag of grenades?
  10. DeWa95

    Reporting players

    Boot Camp section -> 1st topic TL;DR what to not do: Send only nickname of the player or similar. Send the scoreboard as evidence, expecting it to guarantee a ban. TL;DR what to do: Provide evidence, scoreboard alone does not count. Get the player's steam profile immediately (see below how to), legitimate hackers tend to change their nick names very often, tracking that is a pain. We also had a case where a hacker was posing as someone else. Attach steam profile link to make it easier for us to confirm (We had multiple instances where 5k people had the same nickname, no way we can guess which one is correct). Try not to attach large files to the report (use video / image sharing website instead, make it unlisted / link only).
  11. @Sparryax "This video is unavailable"
  12. Top left cornet of screen, Actually shows latency but pretty much the same thing.
  13. Clarification please. It would work in conjunction with the 'roll on back' mechanic? i.e. 'A|A' or 'D|D' to roll on back and 'Q'/'E' to roll left/right?
  14. Sorry... I was trying to figure out when it happened... sounds better than just reporting as random event.
  15. @quitshii Update: It stays till the enemy has died for the first time. Doesn't reappear after that. Independent for each enemy. Happens when other players are before you on the server(either spawned or un-spawned on the map).
  16. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Random hit markers appear when not firing at all, (hit marker = the 'x' when hitting enemy ). Sounds(Helmet/armor hitting) also heard. Observed multiple times. GAME BUILD ID: 3428619 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Random occurrence, unable to reproduce. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: N/A CRASH LOG: N/A
  17. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Unable to use opponent's med pack, timer circle kept repeating after pressing use key( default "F"), however health did not increase. Was able to increase health by using own med pack. Was also able to use opponent ammo pack in separate match. Observed once only GAME BUILD ID: 3428619 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Random, isolated incident. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: N/A CRASH LOG: N/A
  18. What is your favorite/most hilarious call-out in-game.
  19. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Enemy players visible on map(ingame, by pressing key 'M' default) at the start of a game, immediately after 1st spawn, never marked. Persists for a while(exact time unmeasured). Goes away after a few spawns (exact unknown). Live movements can be tracked(map updates as enemies move), verified by encountering enemy, enemy was unmarked. Seen on all maps. EU servers(others unknown). GAME BUILD ID: 3428619 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Random occurrence, mostly at the start of a match with < 5 players total. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: N/A CRASH LOG: N/A
  20. Specs: ASUS ROG GL703GE. The same except GFX is 1050 Ti 4GB. Install dir on HDD. PERFORMANCE: Avg frame-rate b/w 50-60, Low 40, High 80. Stuttering/lags on firing and encountering enemies. (I'm used to playing all games on this type of performance *sadface*) You can use these settings as a baseline to adjust your settings for the performance you can work with. BASIC Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (Native) (Best performance on monitor native resolution) Vsync: Disabled FOV Soldier: 100 FOV Soldier depth change running: Enabled DOF Soldier: 100 FOV Vehicle: 100 DOF Vehicle: 65 Motion Blur: Disabled CPU Boost: Enabled ADVANCED Resolution Scale: 100 High Dynamic Range: Disabled Frame-rate smoothing: Enabled Dynamic Resolution: Disabled Sharpen: 50 QUALITY Textures: High Mesh: Medium Lightning: Low Effects: Medium (To see gun/solider camos and emblems etc) Post processing: Low View distance: Medium Shadows: Low Foliage: Low Anti - aliasing: Low NOTE: Some settings omitted, adjust accordingly. Also I've tried to put more load on CPU as GFX card sucks.
  21. Happened on Berlin too. Switched teams. UAV worked though.
  22. I know right, oh well. Now i can melee people with 10,000 silver stock at least.
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