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  1. thanks guys,clear..and yeah sometimes we are all a bit lazy! enjoy your weekend!cheers
  2. Hi guys, This is a question that i wanted to ask some time ago but i haven't visited the forum in some days Why i can't see friendly uav?i mean never,i understand when someone call it on the other side of the map,but even when is active over the objective you are capping it won't show.I can only see my UAV when i call it. Is it a bug or intentional game design? sorry can't bother to looking into 1000 different post to find a clue,just if can give me a straight forward answer would be appreciated
  3. Same here,i played maybe 7 hours on 0.3 out of my 190hr in total..a clear picture of the current status of the game.Numbers don't lie,right after 0.3 was released player base peaked at around 800, but after they realized that it was indeed a broken update,numbers dropped dramatically like @Hagen said. Consider also that the first point of contact for a possible buyer/new player is steam,and there the situation and sentiment about the game after 0.3 is way way much worse then you could possibly imagine.I really hope to see a patch coming this week because i want to play during weekend
  4. thanks everyone for your reply,i truly love how dedicated is the community to help improving the game! In the meantime i wish to all of you a happy new year!!See ya soon in the battlefiled for more fun with WW3!
  5. First i hope everyone enjoyed a nice XMAS.. Today i decided to paly after 5 days,mainly to try the new VEPR,nice addition,the weight is wrong(should be 15 or somthing like that but is 22),is bug,been reported already,and well the game is simply broken right now. My 4 hours today?6 crashes,i wansn't able to join a single match of warzone via quickjoin that was at the beginning,all of them at the end,always with not even 20 minutes left to play!i don't even try to select the map because i would end up alone for 15 minutes.. Now let's talk about the very very bad things: Gunplay: 0.2 had is problems,but the gunplay was quite a blast and really fun.The new TTK,ar nerf and god awful hit detection destroyed everything,i mean what happened?why?what was so bad in 0.2 that made you change your mind?The gunplay is the core of an fps,but now is simply not working in my opinion.Take away all the bugs and glitch this is the worst thing it could happen with the update,a complete change in direction with the gunplay.To be honest,a revert to how it was in 0.2 with some minor adjustment to weapons it would be great. Crash:game is crashing,quite often and for almost everyone..you are more then aware of it. Smolenks:while i like the idea and concept behind the map,i played on it maybe 10 matches,it shouldn't be on the live servers,it's awful to play on it..terrible,plus people that just bought the game don't even now that is in alpha,and write in chat if there is a problem with the map!!!In other words,REMOVE IT form live servers,or like someone suggested add under quickjoin "prototype map",so people that don't want to play it have an option. Map rotation:worked 1 times,never worked again,what could be worse?this is way this game need server browser and lobby system so badly!Make it happen ASAP! Bugs and other stuff:the list is infinite,no need to dig into it again,i will just tell what's bother me more.Tank flying,the hole in Berlin B2,ammo lottery for weapons,tank APS broken,tank sounds(Abrams),enviroment sound,like the rain in Berlin is too loud,sound in general is still not the best(but improved from 0.2)..i can go on and on but yeah let's stop here. weapons:due to the nerf msbsk and g36 are utterly useless,due to their lower damage, because it takes so many bullet to kil someone all paired with the hitregistration.LMG are now way better then ar because they were not touched by the nerf,so get an lmg guys. Snipers are abused becasue of the potential OHK to the gut,and 90% of the time works like a charm.They should be a OHK only to the head,so it would actually require skill to use it.TOR should be used only while prone with bipod,this way as is a 50cal could have the potential of OHK to the body also,but not the other bolters.Pisotls are same useless as before,i only have it in my load out paired with ar to stay medium while having lvl3 helmet and ceramic armor.What to do with them?i have no clue.Any suggestion for this forgotten weapons? Tanks and Lav:they are flying,pretty funny,but incredibly annoying.APS not working at all,is been reported multiple times by many palyers.They are not more difficult to destroy then before.The armor,like era and so on seems to serve no purpose beside been expensive estetic addition,because everytime you get hit with rpg or tank shell only the main health bar of the tank is drained and not the single part,lie chassis aromr and turret..at least is what happen to me all the time i get into my customised tank.What's the plan with this?got some new for us? Final conculsion,we reached a new low with this update. What i believe the community is expecting from you farm51? Iron out and fix all this,i mean all of it,make the client stable and playable for everyone before even thinking of pushing another big update.You have a raw gem in your hand,make it shine!We all learn from our mistake and get better and i strongly believe in this game,but failure is not an option anymore. Sorry for ranting a bit..i gotta tell you Cheers and good night
  6. pretty much everyone is having this problem,and seems to be located in the update itself,nothing hardware related.The only thing to do is wait for another patch,very sad and frustrating if you ask me
  7. From a tank user prospective(between bf3,4 and 1 i had around 1.7k hours using tanks) we need a serious rework of how the tank is used and perceived in this game How is right now: Movement:clunky and slow,you can got stuck everywhere in the map..drive over a car?got stuck,a fence?got stuck,a ditch?got stuck..Moderns MBT despite their weight they are quite agile and able to overcome obstacle very easy,they can literally break into a house if needed or even better take it down with their firepower.i WANT to feel the power of the 1600hp multifuel engine driving my tank up 50/60km hr and crushing everything on my path! Firepower:HE splash damage got nerfed to the point that if you don't shot 1 meters from the enemy you will not kill it,here you could increase the blast radius with decreasing the splash damage the furthest you land your shot(example:maximum blast radius of HE shell is 5 meters,where at 5 meters the damage is only 20% of what is at 1 meter)YOU are firing a HE SHELL MEANS HIGH EXPLOSIVE again HIGH EXPLOSIVE,got the idea i guess xd Apfsds need a serious buff since are projectile designed to penetrate heavy armor..take the DU penetrator(depleted uranium)used by many military forces but mainly US as anti-tank weapons..it can penetrate up to 450mm of composite armor(is a lot guys..seriously).Simply make this shell viable to use,they should deal at least anything between 20 to 30% more damage of HE and fly at much higher velocity. Defense:well now our friendly tank are very weak to RPG..we all know..1 tandem to the back and puff bye bye!This i hope will be fixed soon as i think is quite unreal.The main thing is the APS protection is totally useless due it's infinite reload time..what is it?20 seconds or so?tell me guys if i am wrong.Solution could be to have it activated for like 10/15 seconds so it could actually destroy more then 1 rpg and after cool it down for another 20 seconds,but the main thing is being able to activate it when is most needed. RPG hit to destroy a tank: now let's begin with saying that the front hull and turret are the most armored part of a tank,the turret is the more protected where usually the armor is more tick or where special composite are used to protect the command station and gun components.It appears that in game is one of the weakest,2 rpg and the turret hull is totally destroyed or almost,resulting in dealing massive damage to the total health bar of the tank.The problem is that the whole damage system of direct hit by rpg needs to be reworked here. To start make 2 tandem from behind or 3 normal rpg to destroy the tank,or 1 tandem and 1 normal being tandem more powerfull.For the rest up you DEVS how to balance out. Teamwork with the tank>non existent right now mainly because is not implemented.A easy solution?Add RCWS turret available for free in every tank with standard 7.62mm ammo to encourage team members to spawn in the tank with you and keep it alive longer,plus make that everyone can spawn in your tank and help you in the fight.Right now if you add RCWS it cost bp and 99% of the time goes unnoticed by team members,so i actually have to write in chat,"hey guys gunner station is available in my tank".. This is just what i think now and i do believe that some of these things will be addressed in the future..
  8. you nailed the problem sir,a server browser and lobby system is needed now not in 1 or 2 months..in some months without it you will put toghter the ashes of what it is a great game with great potentials If they don't adress the problem asap there won't be anyone left to build a community upon. i don't mind the bugs,glithches and so on..but this..yeah i do a lot..
  9. The same for me,not playing again until november update 0.2 drop on live server,plus after each game my stats reset as well,time played,streaks,kills ecc..With progression enabled the game will sure be better then now
  10. The game is far from being dead,i never had a problem finiding a match with at least 13/15 player per team in my 80 hours of gameplay. The next 2,3 months will be crucial to the life span of WW3(christmas is behind the corner and i guess many new players might get the game) and to understand in what direction it will go.So far the devs did a great job,my congrats to them they deserve it all. I agree that high ping(i play on EU and it doesn't matter if you have a blazing fast fiber connection like me,the ping is quite high) and in general broken netcode are an issue right now.Way too many times my bullets are passing through the enemy without a single hitmarker,or too many hitmarkers when in reality the server register just few of them that make the gunplay feel very inconsistent some time.
  11. do you guys have an official discord server?
  12. Hi everyone, So yesterday after the patch i played for around 3 hours and this is a list of the bugs i have experienced: 1) On Berlin map you can spawn your tank only in the enemy base/protected spawn area.The issue i know is been reported by other player as well. 2)On Berlin map,at the B1 flag i fell under the map while driving my tank,this happened twice on 2 different match 3)Berlin and Warsaw map,at the beginning of the match i spawn in my base and i got "killed in action" and back to the deploy screen.Happened 3 times in different match 4)Berlin map,after joining a match,i spawn at controlled point B2 but the map is empty despite the lobby being almost full,the ticket and clock are stuck. That's all for now Anyone got the same bug as me?
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