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  1. When i step in these fountains there is no sound of water, or if there is it is not noticeable. Also in these flooded train rails [I haven't checked back if this one place (train rail) is fixed already since the last time i noticed it] Fountains and railways are marked in this map 3343723 is the number of the build
  2. I didn't consider the points you obtain for healing teammates or getting assists. That could be a factor to not use a kd scoreboard system. Still, players with a lot of deaths being at the top in a deathmatch it's something that should not happen. But it's true that tdm it's not the important mode in this game...
  3. I spawned on the base, far away from the obectives and i had to decide which way go left or right. I saw one of the paths was blocked with a barrier. But when i went there it was not blocked at all, no barrier, nothing. This can lead to mistake and players not going that way because they may think it is a blocked road. version: 3343723
  4. This is common in TD in every game and it shouldn´t be that way. If a player has 20k and 30d it will still be higher on the scoreboard than a guy with 10k 2d. Since all that matters in TD is killing the most and dying the less please, don´t use the point amount, but the kd in the td to order the scoreboard.
  5. I´ve seen it in different red dot, no magnification, sights build 3327628
  6. I disabled it in the options, however it is still showing up in game build 3327628
  7. I can understand there is a delay to shoot after healing. But the problem is not that it takes time before the weapon starts shooting after pressing the button. The problem is that if you press the shoot button after healing it will never shoot no matter how much time you keep pressing it. And you have to release the button and press it again. When this happens in front of an enemy after healing i ensure you that you will die pressing the shoot button like an idiot.
  8. I've been killed several times beacuse of this: When you heal yourself with the syringe, and inmediatelly after, press the shoot button, the character will not shoot, no matter how much you maintain pressing the button. You will need to release the shooting button and press it again to succesfully shoot. You can imagine what will happen if an enemy appears when you are healing, and you wait until the animation finishes to inmediately press shoot, only to stay aiming at the enemy without firing a single bullet. I haven´t experienced this after using other gadgets but it will very likely happen as well with them. BUILD: 3310758
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