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  1. Have the ability to Roll a Grenade, like if you are on top of stairs. or something.
  2. Got the 0.4 update, played a couple of runs (some lag still) Slight artifacts in rain. But this happened. Build ID 3544746 windows 7 64 16gig corsair ddr3 gtx 980 TI
  3. A game loads, then crashes. Steam VR always starts up after starting game. Windows 7 64bit Core i7 3.4ghz quad. 16gb ram corsair vengeance DDR3 GTX 980 TI.
  4. After my game loads second round, this round, this happened.
  5. I keep having similar issues to what i had when the game first came out now. When match loads, i'm stuck in deploy state, i click deploy, or respawn in options menu, and game music just restarts each time i click it. Massive lag now. Getting kicked out with no warning on bottom of right screen "connection issue" like used to. Specs are Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Intel I7-6600k 2.4ghz quad. GTX 980 TI 16gigs Corsair Vengeance DDR3 Update 0.3 (fix as well)
  6. STEAM VR starts up every time i play. I click World War 3, it loads, and then Steam VR pops up.
  7. New Patch, non-PTE Core i7-2600k Windows 7 Signature edition 64bit GTX 980 Ti
  8. I go to customization, and choose AP ammo as an alternate, but when i hold R in game, nothing happens. When i choose my secondary (Pistol,SMG) it works though.
  9. Here is the Minidump file. UE4Minidump.dmp Specs Core I7-2600k 16gig ram corsair vengeance DDR3 GeForce GTX 980 Ti Windows 7 Signature Edition
  10. Im new here ,and just got this recently as well. Was running smoothly then it happened while i was live on Twitch.
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