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  1. Would very much like to see this in-game: Cheytac Intervention M200 Though I think it's gonna be hard to balance it considering its bullet chambering Other than that, I think adding semi-auto sniper rifles is not a good idea since F51 has implemented the damage system based around the ammunition type (tochnost, chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO, can 1-hit kill to the unarmored torso area (the gut) and the head).
  2. Most of the players would rather shoot at them with RPGs or other anti-tank projectile than being brave/stupid enough to run up to an enemy tank to put down satchel charges on it. Not to mention the tactic that was stated above doesn't always do 100% damage, so it's pretty high risk with a very low chance of a meager reward (<1000BP approx). So, yeah, a hard-kill APS is much more useful than a jammer.
  3. I know what your point is, just take that comment as a joke. Unfortunately, as much as most of us hate it, there're always people like @Boursk mentioned no matter how much the devs (or any of us for that matter) try to police it. I've met my fair share just by playing the game normally.
  4. This post shouldn't even be in this thread. There's no relevant idea he's trying to convey.
  5. Try playing the game without crouching once for a whole match (warzone mode specifically). Would really like to see you do it (record it). In all honesty, T-bagging in this game is pretty much little to non-existent since what's the point of it if the player you killed can't see you doing it after he/she died.
  6. It means it has your comment on that post
  7. Feel like this topic should be under bug reports since this can be heavily abused. @weedtime thoughts on this?
  8. Idea seconded. Since it does a lot of damage to ground vehicles, it doesn't make any sense why it shouldn't take a heli drone down in 1-shot (heli drone compared to tank armor is like papier-mâché). It's already hard enough to land a shot with an RPG if there're any arguments made as to it's gonna be too OP against helis.
  9. My 1st suggestion would be that the MGs should use explosive rounds that should deal a lot of damage to infantry only. Using it on APCs (and by extention, MBTs) would only damage optic sight, RCWS, armor plates and only those, doing little to no damage to their main health pool. That should at least make them more viable, but then again i feel like it could be abused. My 2nd would be turning the MG pods into MG turrets that is positioned under the nose of the Heli Drone. Since it would only load 1 turret, the BP cost on it should be reduced significantly. That would make the equipment slot a necessity to compliment your drone loadout.
  10. That's practically the reason. Running the game on SSD is a lot smoother and loads faster than running on HDD.
  11. Though, this isn't as extreme as the previous glitches that were in previous versions of Warsaw or the current glitch in Berlin C2.
  12. If @mardell & @waltran think that an AR & SR pair build is OP, they've never seen the darkest side of WW3. Seen some people running around with a MG5 & TOR build back in ver 0.1 days. Or even worse, Vepr 12 & RPG (back when those 2 weapons were really OP). Not to mention there were no weight restriction in place, so wearing the heaviest armor doesn't make too much of a difference than the lighter ones in terms of movement speed. I get that being killed by a unseen camping sniper is frustrating, but it's also part of the learning curve (map wise). On the plus side, those campers are probably not helping the team a lot (if any) other than provide cover or spotting the enemy. If you think that there's a sniper covering, let's say an open road in Berlin, just run and slide or throw a smoke down the lane to provide cover (basic concealment tactic).
  13. Neither should russian 7.62 . The NATO caliber, however, would be plausible 2 steel walls+passenger compartment... I doubt it
  14. @weedtime worked But I dunno if it's caused of the recent hotfix patch or cause of your help (profile reset). Either way, thx for the help
  15. Sorry, can’t check it for the time being (on vacation ?). I’ll let you know once i’m back on my desktop (using my phone right now).
  16. Wellp, that didn't work. And I'm not taking any risk of redownloading the game or deleting any of my game settings file (.ini). Guess I'm getting the short straw and wait for the next patch to go live (and hopefully fixing my problem).
  17. I think it's something like this since this is happening to me too after updating to 0.6.3. It's like 0.1 v3.0 all over again ??
  18. Completely agree with you there. Another solution would be to revert the customization system back to 0.1 with a little bit more heavier penalty (literally) for those who intend to go with a heavy loadout. That way it would practically fix the heavyweight equipment balancing issue. I think that would bring back the old issue of gunplay not being balanced, but I can't seem to think of other solution for the current problem. What do you guys think?
  19. Seconded. Especially point No. 2
  20. Did update into 0.5 and the game just went full 0.1 for me (with a different slogan). So... i had to reload the previous version for it to work ?
  21. For some reason after updating to the latest version, I'm getting this in the loading screen and can't get into the main lobby. An explanation and help would be much appreciated.
  22. @HALCON4 Or maybe, make the upcoming Carl Gustav M4 to be capable of destroying the drone (all types, not just the heli combat drone) much more easily than the RPG-7 (Fast travel time, in exchange for a lower damage per shot). Adding the FGM-48 Javelin into this game might be a little bit too much (or not useful at certain situations), especially since most vehicle engagements in this game are close quartered (though it looks pretty wide, yes i know)
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