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  1. So like its been months and AMD still gets no love on this game I mean 156 fps in the lobby 35 fps in the game. Whats the status for a update geared to AMD cpu's if any or should we just uninstall the game ?
  2. So I have AMD fx 9590 and a R9 390x I'm finally not dipping in the 30 fps in warzone large I am getting 80-115 fps are any other AMD users doing better now?
  3. yes this needs to be looked into.
  4. i run amd fx 9590 and i get 80 plus fps in 1080p
  5. i get 80-90 fps in 1080p with some dips from time to time in the 40's everything on ultra accept anti aliasing , shadows , foliage
  6. I hope the game gets good sells on black friday.?
  7. MY PC SETUP PC SPECS: CASE: Corsair 750D GPU: MSI R9 390x MOTHERBOARD: Asus Crosshair V Formula Z CPU: AMD FX 9590 @ 4.7ghz PSU: EVGA Supernova 850 G2 RAM: 32gb Evga SuperSC DDR3 (2400 mhz) SSD: Scandisk 120 gb / OCZ 100 240gb HHD: 2Tb Seagate / 1Tb Seagate COOLER: Corsair H80 Liquid Cooler / 6x 120mm Corsair Purple AF Fans 2x 140mm Corsair Purple AF Fans OS: Windows 10 PRO HEADSETS: Logitech Artemis Spectrum G933 MONITORS: Benq (x2) KEYBOARD/MOUSE: Corsair K55 / Logitech G602
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