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  1. Radeon menu gives me this: Driver Packaging Version I have 16gb DDR4/3200mhz system memory. Think our systems should perform pretty similar.
  2. Same here! Running on all AMD system: ryzen 2600x, 16gb and rx580, 8gb. Smooth sailing... no fps issues whatsoever. I run the game at highest settings. Didnt even install the game on my SSD. Not saying this to annoy... just to let you know it’s not AMD drivers in general that cause issues. The R9 290 should still be a capable enough GPU. Assuming you have 8gb on the card and 8-16gb system memory... you should be good. Less memory might be a bottleneck (as it would be with other games). R9 290 does run hot... especially with age (paste might be deteriorated). But that can be adressed! Since the game is not really optimized yet, it is probably stressing your card to the max. Did you check the temperature?
  3. @Borreh So I finally had some time to test AR ballistics in the game. First off: well done. I spent a lot of time shooting real AR... and in general the weapon behaviour/impact patterns in the game make sense to me. I see the essential mechanics are in the game. I do have some suggestions though. Some of them I also wrote somewhere above here... but now at least I know they definitely are not in the game already. I made screenshots, but I guess you don't need them since you programmed the weapon behaviour! Added one anyway, just in case someone else is curious what I'm talking about. The picture shows the difference in impactpattern between 15x full auto from standing position unaimed versus aimed at roughly 20m. What I tried was: prone 5x semi, 15x full auto unaimed, 15x full auto aimed - standing 5x semi, 15x full auto unaimed, 15 full auto aimed. Main observations: -Full auto: the spread pattern difference due to aiming (=tighter gun grip) / not aiming makes sense in general. The gun climb is nicely simulated, as is gun shake. -But to be specific: the improvement from aiming in the standing position is too big. Almost all horizontal spread is removed and only gun climb remains. -5x Semi: when aimed it's a very tight group, unaimed it get's messy within a realistic spread diameter. Seems right! -There is no difference between prone and standing in impactpatterns, horizontal and vertical spread remains the same. -There is no difference in firing/POV animation between any mode of fire/body stance. They all look (therefore 'feel') the same. -Full auto seems a bit slow, but it's hard to count. Are you using real firing rates? Conclusion and recommendations: -Crouching should slightly improve the impact pattern, prone should improve it drastically. Climb can be controlled better in those stances. Now there is no reason to go prone ever. -The standing/full auto/aimed pattern is a bit too tight. Introducing a bit more horizontal spread (roughly 50% of unaimed) would make sense. -The prone/full auto/aimed pattern could be as tight horizontally as the standing/aimed is now. Climb could roughly be 50% of standing. -Consider more 'impactful' animations especially for standing full auto (both aimed/unaimed). Now only the gunmodel is shaking at the rate of fire. Makes the gun feel like a stapler. -Maybe the playerview itself could be affected by slight shake/blur/tunnelview. I have zero clue what that would look like and if it would lead to an acceptable player experience. All I know is that I loose track of what's going on around me when firing full auto in real life... whilst I don't when I 'control' the fire in semi. A few separate things to think about: Regarding iron sights and aiming: they give you the clearest FoV. That is the only advantage I see in real life, and should be the only in-game advantage. They shouldn't be faster to aim with… a red dot is faster (the dot is on the target before the sight is fully aligned with your eyes). As long as the grey dot is still in the game, non-magnification sights are pretty screwed up anyways. When not aiming you already have perfect aim because of the grey dot, but your weapon is inaccurate... so you only aim to improve weapon behaviour, not the actual aim itself. I also did a very, very quick check for sniper rifle. Now it get's a bit weird! There seems to be a difference between standing/unaimed and prone/unaimed! Prone seems to be better (as it should be). Is that correct? Other observations: -Sway is implemented perfectly! Big sway when standing, almost zero when prone. -The difference in impactpattern between standing/unaimed and standing/aimed is way too big. Standing/unaimed seems quite real (it is almost useless). At 20m bullet impact was almost a meter off the grey dot sometimes. But as soon as I aim from standing position, the impactpattern reduces to almost 100% lethal. That shouldn't be the case. It's too unreal and promotes running around with sniper rifles in CQB, as is the case right now. -I think prone/crouch should be the main sniper firing stances, but it will slow sniper gameplay down. Definitely not everyone will like that...
  4. Holy crap… after 2 seconds I was already convinced. That is pretty beautiful map design. I have seen quite some army training areas in my life... and this easily matches (and beats) them. No time to go on PTE server this week, but after that… you will find me in Smolensk, definitely. Time to put on the woodland camo (or maybe a desert/woodland combo for this specific map). Thanks for posting!
  5. I was talking about real-life RPG in the first part of my post. Since the topic starter implied they are only used as AT weapons, which is not completely correct. If you don't mind, I'm not going to try out your tip in real life ;). But I will try your suggestion in the game. I almost never play with RPG so I'll do some experimenting with them soon .
  6. Shr!ke

    new patch

    Woops! I should stop speed reading ?. Oh well... in that case it's just a matter of waiting for a fix of the patch. Probably won't take long!
  7. Shr!ke

    new patch

    Not sure that's the case. Seems he is reporting he was only able to play for a few hours since the open beta started. That should not be the case... the last patch was pretty stable. If you report your specific problems in the 'help center' section, you might be able to get some assistance. There is tons of reasons why the game might not be running well on your system, a lot of which can be because of factors outside of the game. My setup is an average gaming system and the game runs smooth on highest settings. I haven't had a single crash or connection issues since the last patch. It's open beta. The game is not done yet for a long time and that is made pretty clear on the steam page.
  8. By just clicking random through some topics I see a lot of issues that are being worked on (coming from dev comments). That makes me trust the game will make a leap forwards within a few patches. It is pretty impressive how much work is being done. Just some upcoming things that make me really happy: better player/loadout indication, woodland map, better audio effects, ongoing weapon balancing, shooting range, new ways of offensive/defensive play… Things that are going well also deserve mentioning! I'm pretty sure that when the game is ready for it, a bigger player base can be drawn in. For now I don't mind playing in quiet maps sometimes… that also gives the opportunity to try things without being shot at ;). Keep up the good work! Edit: patch 0.3 just went live. Lots of good stuff & even faster than expected. Can't wait to free up some time.
  9. RPG is actually a horrible anti-tank weapon (depending on the version and warhead). It is also often used to engage defending infantry. Insurgents actually even use it in an offensive way, like a grenade launcher. Realism is not really a reason for banning RPG from TDM. Having said that… I agree that RPGs kinda ruin the fun. If a few players with RPG pack together in TDM all skill goes out the door and it just becomes chaos. Everytime you defend for 2secs a flock of RPGs come flying through the hallway. I kinda also have this gripe with snipers in TDM. When too many are in, the gameplay slows down a lot because they tend to hide (as they should). Maybe the amount of players with RPG or sniper at any moment should be controlled? So you just can't select that loadout if 3 guys in your team already selected it... Another solution would be to take at least 30 health from a player who fires RPG near to a wall (like within 2m)… and to stun the player for a second when firing indoors (similar to stun grenade)! Backblast from a rocket propelled grenade is a bitch... Edit: just saw Ragir's post. I also agree RPG is really ineffective at the moment. I don't use it a lot, but tried it yesterday and noticed that you can't kill infantry with it if you are alone. An assault rifle is always faster. Not sure yet wether thats a good thing.
  10. Cool, I learned something new. Didn’t know the recoil of single shot was so low in comparison to full auto already. That percentage actually sounds about right! Burst is too low though, should be 50% or so. But this should mean the spread mechanics in the game are also roughly correct. I’m still curious whether they take firing stance into account... Got it... that makes sense. I agree that more improvements to semi would make it too deadly. It is how it needs to be already, low recoil and highly accurate. That doesnt change the fact that full auto is too easy to handle and releasing the trigger after 7-10 rounds or so is not really promoted. I think what is missing is (more) visual weapon climb, visual weapon shake and camera blur. Full auto should feel so violent and go so fast, that you really dont want to fire a full clip at once. Especially when standing. Harder to control full auto, should lead to shorter bursts. Roughly the same would go for firing a sniper rifle standing. Maybe some more sway could be introduced when standing? And when firing violent backwards and upwards movement plus motion blur should be seen, also affecting your accuracy (the gun is already moving before the bullet leaves the barrel). When prone those effects should be almost 0. Crouch somewhere in between. Edit: gave it some more thought. The motion blur could be the critical thing here to make guns 'feel' powerful. Firing heavy recoil weapons (rpg, sniper) from a standing position could have an effect a little bit similar to the stun grenade, but not as bad: smearing your view just for half a second and dampening/overpowering other sounds. Auto fire when standing could give the same smear and sound effect, but for the duration of fire. It would be a simple way to simulate what these weapons do to you (if you are not stabilizing by going prone or crouch). Don't know how that would look in the game. Might be that it sucks ;).
  11. Let me try and put an end to this discussion. Fighting in Afghanistan has nothing to do with how WW3 will look (or how any big war looked before). All tactics were adapted to fighting a very specific enemy: dudes with beards, wearing gowns, with no body-armor, but crazy fast and a lot of RPG, rifles and some machineguns, zero tactics, but excellent knowledge of the environment and who had no artillery or armor. A lot of casualties would not be acceptable, so fighting had to be adapted. And even for fighting in Afghanistan these videos are really not representative. In CQB as is mostly played in WW3, five attackers will die for every defender killed. In woodlands the rate drops to 3:1. Every attacker will have 10 magazines, so 300 rounds. Resupply is always unsure… so every shot should count. Full auto is not a common firing setting. You won't hit shit. Suppression is only briefly done with AR, and should be taken over by LMG/HMG... that’s what those things are for.
  12. Think you are replying to the topic start... I agree it is doubtful wether that specific suggestion is a useful and a good addition to the game. I was just looking for a way to improve gunplay and promote more realistic use of weapons. At the moment it is not as varied as it can be. Full auto firing, firing sniper rifle when standing and iron sights… at the moment they all give advantages they shouldn't give, making them way overused. Initially I thought improvements to other modes of fire could help balance this out, but now I think the modes I mentioned just need to have more realistic downsides. Halfway this thread there is a summary of other suggestions, that came from the discussion. And thanks for giving me the credits for worst idea on this forum. That's an accomplishment. Sorry only just now saw this question... The game has two standing stances for firing: without and with looking in sights. I’ll try to translate them to the real world. When you look in sights, you grab the gun tight with the stock against shoulder to catch recoil and pull your head down a bit. Your cheek near the gunstock You can walk like that, but not run. You also cannot keep it up for more then a minute or so. Without looking over sights is much more relaxed, the gun is roughly in the same position... so it never takes long to bring it up. The sights are not limiting your view. If you fire from this stance the first shots are being fired while you are simultaneously tensioning your muscles and moving your head to look over the sights. That is why firing is less accurate like that. There is some movement going on in your body and you havent grabbed the gun real tight yet. Also you are not looking in your sights yet, so the aim is just a general one... based on feeling. If you fire full auto in a reflex, you are not prepared enough. You can’t control the upwards movement of the gun because that happens faster than you tightening your muscles. Full auto is way more violent than semi. Combined with an already general aim, you will hit nothing. That’s why single (=semi) shot is used, it gives you time to adapt to whats going on. Normally the first two shots are inaccurate but very fast. By the time you fire the third one your stance, grip and aim are good. In this way you can control your firing. It is also not common to keep firing unaimed. Aiming your muzzle on feeling alone is not enough, 1 cm at your end means you miss the target by a meter or so. You will not hit targets over 50m away like that effectively. Iron sights only work if you exactly line them up in front of your eyes. Thats why they suck. Actually red dot was invented to be able to fire accurately without having your eyes and the sights aligned. The red dot is also on the target if you look in your sights from an angle. Thats a pretty cool invention, and the reason why they are used in CQB a lot. They give a huge advantage, because you can aim without having the perfect stance! /Please use multi-quote, thanks.
  13. Wow! That is a nicely curated list you made. Well done. What do you guys think of underslung 40mm grenade launcher for AR (M203)? Should it also be on the whishlist? I think it should be included, with only a few rounds to carry and a quite some weight. Otherwise it will be used too much. Never mind: just saw M203 is already on the list in the 'explosive' category. I actually expected it under 'attachments'.
  14. Don’t worry, I don’t get mad that fast. Just don’t pull this off topic. I never said it was tough for me to hit other players... I find it too easy to do it standing, full auto with AR. Im not a FPS noob. Let me help by explaining my perspective. I just don’t want to make weapon choices purely based on game mechanics as they are right now! I have a lot of experience with real handguns, AR and machineguns. I understand the game is not meant to be a sim. Realism is not priority one. But... at some points the game mechanisms are really off, leading to weird player behaviour. A bit of realism can help to balance the game. Just copy some of the balance there is in the real world! Every gun, firing setting and body stance has its place. But now some are really overused in the game, because they offer supercrazy advantages. Examples: iron sights, firing sniper rifles when standing, looooong full auto AR when standing. Since this is a testphase... it can be changed. But I know a lot of gamers are already really competitive and don’t want to see any changes. I think it would be fun if more varied playstyles are encouraged by the game mechanics... and that shouldn’t mean you have to switch to a shotgun or sniper rifle. That would dumb the game down to having three classes with each just one main way of playing. You looked into recoil and spread. Was barrel length the only issue you found? Barrel length shouldnt have a huge impact on gameplay IMO. Bit higher effective range and slightly improved accuracy. Did you find more?
  15. Thanks so far! To spare Borreh a lot of reading... I'll try to summarize it all into specific suggestions (mainly written for Assault Rifles): Pretty sure a lot is already in the game (tough to see the mechanics while being shot at ;)), but maybe these comments help balancing: 1 Maybe test a LMB hold mode for semi-auto (replicating fast 2-stage trigger firing). That allows the control of RMB at the same time (increasing aim while already firing). 2 Bit heavier camerashake for full-auto, mainly when standing (players will interrupt bursts to regain situational awareness). 3 More upwards movement of gun for full-auto when standing, harder to correct with mouse countermovement (that will reduce the length of bursts too). 4 Per stance the spread should increase: prone, crouch, stand&sights up, stand. Is that in the game already? 5 Per firing mode the spread multiplier should be different. Semi-auto firing accuracy doesn't decrease as badly as full auto firing accuracy when you go from prone to standing. For example, a simple spread multiplier ranking: prone semi (1), crouch semi (1.5), stand+aim semi (2), stand semi (2.5), prone auto (3), crouch auto (4), stand+aim auto (5), stand auto (6). This means if I shoot a 15cm impactgroup at 100m prone semi, I will shoot a 90cm impactgroup at 100m standing full auto without sights up. On top of that gun climb, mainly for full auto and not aiming. For example 15cm climb (at 100m) per 3 rounds. So typically after 9 rounds, at least half of your impactgroup will start shifting off target. These amounts shouldn't be frustrating (not hitting target due to randomization)... and decrease the 'god of aim'-easy kill feeling some players are reporting in the last patch feedback topic. I think those feelings mainly come from full-auto being Fortnite easy. Oh and I'm still curious what the mechanics are right now..!
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