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  1. DESCRIPTION OF BUG Prone Bug on C2 Berlin GAME BUILD ID: 3428619 STEPS TO REPRODUCE While capturing C2 on Berlin, I stood near the edge on the tracks next to the stairs. While in prone, I fell through the map.
  2. Don't know. Since the 0.3 patch, I think.
  3. Nope. No editing. First time on a server for two weeks and at some point buggier than before. First round, I could not use gadgets... Had to restart the game...
  4. DESCRIPTION OF BUG Respawn Bug on B2 Berlin GAME BUILD ID: 3428619 STEPS TO REPRODUCE Spawning on B2 on Berlin leads to this bug (almost every time, sometimes I could run and fell through the ground after running some meters)
  5. Yeah, I know the problem. First three month, I ran like hell. Then, the "normal" duty started... Maybe our soldiers should be the same - first three months of game sprinting like hell, then becoming slower and slower.... JUST KIDDING
  6. No, rozumiem. I chyba się z tym zgadzam. Także nie chciałbym lecieć od jednego punktu do drugiego przez pięć minut tylko aby dostać kulę w głowę.
  7. Hi guys, I updated yesterday my NVIDIA driver (GTX 1060, 6GB) and since then I cannot help, but the whole game looks darker now. While playing on Moscow yesterday, my primary weapon went all black while indoors. When outside the Kremlin, it was normal. New feature oder simply a bug? Then, I saw that my player's avatar looks darker now, hardly to see (looking at my K/D, it seems I'am the only one :D). Cheers
  8. Ktoś pamięta system wytrzymałości w BF2? Sądzę, że to był naprawdę dobry system: nie mogłeś biegać sprintem bez przerwy, ale żołnierz z sprzętem lekkim zawsze dłużej niż z średnim a średni dłużej niż z ciężkim sprzętem.
  9. Devs could apply a stamina system as it was in BF2. You cannot sprint forever, but light can sprint longer than medium and medium longer than heavy. This was one thing that fucked my up from BF2 to BF3 altought I liked the gunplay in the latter.
  10. Nice job on the patch. In my case, it has improved the performance a lot. Currently, I have vsync on and it is stable at 60 fps - at least at Warsaw. BIG THUMBS UP!!!
  11. Same here. Since the patch, I have frame drops (especially in fire fights as well as zooming in) and rubberbanding. This was not a problem before the patch. Specs: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 GTX 1060 6GB 8GB RAM
  12. While proning on A2, in Warsaw, this is what happened. I had to respawn.
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