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  1. Minor Country equipment such as Austria would be awesome to see in this game. I know that there is already the iconic Austrian Glock 17, but I would like to see more, like: The STG 77 MG 74 (Also used by Germany) Patches Cosmetics: Austrian Military Helmet (Perhaps make variants of helmets and have this go under Fritz) So yeah... I would LOVE to see minor country equipment in the game, especially the Austrian STG 77! ALSO PLEASE have more BODY cosmetics with LONG SLEEVES the short sleves or no shirt at all is kind of eh. (P.S. The reason why I'm focusing on Austrian equipment is because they have their own equipment such as the STGs and Steyrs unlike other countries with the imported M4s or AKs... plus their history is one of the coolest and tbh Austria is a cooler version of Germany )
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