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  1. Seems that most players do not know how to enable Voip. It was mentioned multiple times on steam reviews and twitch. It should work just by pressing y (without other config) or be well explained/communicated.
  2. As you can see my original post is from before recent Zeus crash. This happened on many occasions in NA. E.g. the very same day 0.6 landed on PTE, I came from work to check out new maps and what is waiting for me? Crashed servers worldwide till EU daytime. I just strongly suggest to improve on servers monitoring and have an oncall rotation so that devs get paged at night if server crashes. It's should be big priority before any free weekend or marketing action.
  3. It does not make much sense to divide clients by region (EU, NA etc.) with such low playerbase. As we have server browser now, let's just allow people to select by ping and region from the server browser. This may people from NA can actually find a game without a need to go explicitly to EU.
  4. And no response here.. And servers were down again.. seriously guys, where is your server monitoring ? @Ragir
  5. Did I write that PTE servers are in EU? My point here is that if servers break during Polish night time you do not have any support to fix this before daytime in Poland. Which causes problems for gamers in e.g. US. Moreover you don't seem to have server monitoring as the PTE server remained broken till I reached out to Farm devs directly. This situation happened for both PTE and live NA in the past, but it's not realm specific. Its general problem with your monitoring/support. Again what are the plans to avoid this in the future? I can easily see you releasing godly good 0.6 only to see servers down in NA while Farm is sleeping. Thanks.
  6. cuba

    0.6 bugs

    1. Crashes at start of the game. 2. Still no sound on collisions with barriers, signs, trees etc. 3. Windows (also in cars) seems to be bulletproof (at least in Polyarny). 4. Almost no indication where map ends (at least in Polyarny). You only know once the screen gets grey.
  7. STILL (since 0.3) no sound when hitting obstacles (trees, concretes, other vehicles). Please fix. It really breaks immerssion.
  8. Hi guys, Again today servers crashed after release of 0.6.1 on PTE just after EU daytime and remained broken for whole evening in NA timezone. It happened multiple times in prod as well. Today I pinged one of devs and he restarted servers in 3mins. But it was already 11.40PM in NA and my excitement about new maps went down the drain. What actions do you plan to take to avoid this in the future? These are huge blows for the game image. Monitoring, pager with server notifications, night oncall rotations. There are myriads of ways to assure server stability, but none of these leveraged here. Guys, this game is international, not EU only @Ragir
  9. - When I spawn on mobile spawning vehicle I got multiple times marked as being out of game zone and needed to left vehicle to not die. - M4 has only 60 bullets at start. - Server crashed twice and bring back to main menu. - After selecting new granades (all three types on different loadouts) I can not join a game - hangs during loading. - Regarding AJAX - all vehicles feels very similar. Maybe look for a way to differentiate them instead of adding more and more of the same? Other than that this update is SUPER NICE! New spotting system is top notch. You really optimized this game with this patch. Heli is just great addition - I think it's well balanced already - easy to kill but very deadly itself. Mobile spawnpoint - great idea. Also like two new weapons - M4 is one of best rifles now.
  10. I don't think you should reset all players profile with every update. I understand its an early access etc. etc. but this is just waste of time to configure it again and puts people off. I think you should have a script to detect invalid profiles and reset those only (or fix)
  11. Guys, did you just wiped out all the loadouts in 0.5? Please restore it. Also, on customize screen, weapon disappears while soldier is holding it.
  12. Maybe time to bar raise internal testing? In the end it was a patch to fix heli shooting issues..
  13. Heli drone does not seem to shoot at all when you select Zuo luni 10 rocket pod. (maybe other as well).
  14. I think you need to add some real differences to tanks and lights battle vehicles (like Ajax etc.) as currently they don't differ much. I mean all tanks feel very similar and don't have any special abilities. Same for light vehicles. With your superb customization you can make them almost the same. I don't see a big incentive to earn money for new tank.
  15. When you enter area which is not permitted with vehicle the time after which the vehicle gets destroyed is super short. Practically once you make this mistake you die together with your precious strike. I think the time should be extended to allow to return to permitted zone. It's especially visible with heli drone where you can leave allowed area very rapidly.
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